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September 27, 2005


Yorktown Street

Isn't it a little bit silly to claim credit for breaking a story just because your weekly paper comes out earlier in the week than the other weeklies? All right, I know you posted it here one day before it went into the print edition. So a few dozen people saw it a few dozen hours ahead. Not quite Pulitzer material!


Thanks for the Re-Print SN!

You trying to tell us something? Bill White will be the next State Senator representing Somerville!

What an UPSET!

Thank God! we got rid of Jehlen! She should return to Texas.

Ron Newman

(responding to Yorktown Street)

True, but the Journal could learn something from the News about keeping a local-news website up to date daily. It's silly for them to wait until each week's print publication date to post news.


3 hours left.

needto know!

So who are people voting for? Anyone care to share?

went for Granny myself.


Turnout in my precinct at 6:30 was already significantly higher than it was for the preliminary election for alderman a couple of weeks ago.

Since that primary got the participation of nearly everyone in Ward 3 who even know that Somerville has aldermen, and that's the universe of Bill White's possible support in the district (along with some Republicans in Winchester), it's not looking good for the Republican candidate.


voted jehlen after 2nd try--the ballot processing machine was "broken" when the poll opened this morning. people walked away hoping their ballot would be put into the machine by the election official. they "spoiled" my first vote and erased my checkin. returned later and the machine had been "fixed" by removing a lock from the back. why that wasn't done when the machine was installed? first time i've ever experienced such a thing--can see how easy it would be to disenfranchise voters as there were no observers at the poll to record improprieties.


I wouldn't vote for that donkey (JEHLEN) if you paid me. And the fact that she had that alcoholic TED K call makes it even worse. She hasn't done in a thing since she's been in office, what makes you think she'll change. She;s a carpet bagger!!! Screw you liberals and hats off to white.


Voted White first try no problems!


What Ward are you in and where did you vote? What do you mean there wasn't anybody there watching for cheating? If so, the person who's actually PAID to ensure that no cheating occurs at that site should be accountable. Did you see if the votes were put in after people left?


i voted for paul casey today ... not ... hah! i voted for "grandmother" pat and it was joyous.

Ron Newman

And returning to the subject of 'breaking news' ... it's now the morning after the election, and I still see no election results on the Journal's web site. They aren't on the web sites of the Medford, Winchester, or Woburn papers either.

The Globe buried the 2nd Middlesex election result at the bottom of a long story about Boston's preliminary election. The Herald didn't run anything at all.

For better or worse, if you want the very latest local news, and it isn't a Thursday, you have to come here now.

I just wish the News would put a little more effort into fairness and accuracy. This, for instance, turned out to be wildly off the mark: "Jehlen was expected to win the city [of Somerville] by a more decisive margin and needed to do so to make up for more any losses incurred in the more conservative municipalities of Medford and Woburn." (from a story posted here last night)

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