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August 23, 2005



A tip of the hat to the Somerville News for a well thought out endorsement of Joe MacKey for State Senate. Joe Mackey has experience as a Legislator, a record of success for the District, a 96% Labor voting record that includes passing a minimum wage increase and being part of the successful campaign to defeat repeal of the state's prevailing wage law. Joe understands that responsible development isn't about wishing for a project to appear - its about working with the community and developers to protect neighborhoods while creating much needed job and tax revenue.

Too often the debate has been reduced to name-calling and attacking opposing candidates. The Somerville News endorsement rose above that and provided sound and valid reason that Joe Mackey has earned the votes of Medford, Winchester and Woburn residents along with his strong base of Somerville neighborhood folks.

john caruso

joe mackey will be the best state senator for all of us
on aug.30 vote for joe mackey for state senator

john and fred caruso

we new joe mackey and his family for a very long time he is a person who cares about every one in this city so on tuesday aug 30th 2005 go out and vote for joe mackey for state senator for the 2nd middle sex dist. and i just want to say a big thank you to the somerville news for endorsing joemackey for state senator
john and fred caruso


hahaahahah. the most hilarious endorsement i have ever read. casey has a crazed howard dean? hahaha. you should watch his insane, inane cable show on wincam. total lunacy. anyone know what the cnc papers are going to do? anyone know if the globe or the herald will endorse in this race? just curious.


Jehlen Wins Money Race

(Somerville)—The Office of Campaign and Political Finance reports for the special State Senate Election in the 2nd Middlesex district, filed yesterday, showed Rep. Pat Jehlen to be far out front of her competitors in the race to raise campaign funds.

Pat Jehlen raised significantly more that the other candidates in the race. Jehlen raised $113,450, excluding candidate funds, since she declared her candidacy in late April. Joe Mackey raised $75,544 over a similar time period. Rep. Paul Casey raised $50,505.

The candidates’ cash on hand, as of August 12th when the filing period ended, shows and even starker contrast heading into the final crucial weeks of the election. While Jehlen had $58,894 in the bank, Mackey had only $21, 885 and Casey filed with $17,657 on hand.

Pat Jehlen’s campaign manager, Georgia Hollister Isman, attributed Jehlen’s fundraising success to her broad base of support. “When you have a legislator like Pat, who has been working hard for families across the district, people know it and they want to support her,” said Hollister Isman.

Both Jehlen and Mackey made loans to their campaigns. Jehlen loaned her campaign $20,000, while Mackey loaned his $27,300. Hollister Isman explained that candidates often loan their campaigns money as part of their personal commitment to running for office.

As of the filing deadline, the fourth candidate for the 2nd Middlesex seat, Michael Callahan, had not filed a financial report.


whynot jehlen?

an odd endorsement... no reasons given NOT to vote for Jehlen after listing her numerous positive attributes.


caseysucks, the Globe already endorsed Mackey.


I find it hard to believe people take Pat Jehlen seriously for such an important position.

Pat likes to talk the feel good game- but the record is clear:

1. She took $400 from Tom Finneran, and $500 from Bill Bulger while pretending to be offended by them. That's what we know about- I'm sure there is a lot more behind the top layer.

2. She has raised twice as much as anyone else. From who? Not people who live and work in the district. People with an agenda that could care less about Somerville.

3. Pat introduced legistlation to legalize marijuana up to 1 ounce. And, it was for any reason- not medical. Do you think she was thinking about the children of Somerville when she sponsored this bill? Or was it to appease her friends from Cambridge and Amherst?

4. She has been in the State House for 15 years and cannot get a bridge fixed in her district- kind of tells you the respect she gets from her colleagues.

5. In sum, Pat talks the feel good I care about you game- but acts quite differently... and has no real substance. As 1 of 250 in the insigificant House of Reps ...Somerville can probably live with this luxury ... But not as 1 of 40 in the all important Senate ... Somerville cannot afford the luxury of having Pat... and they cannot pass up the opportunity to have a respected, intelligent, and progressive leader like Joe Mackey


The recent endorsements of Joe Mackey along with his strong showing in all of the debates are going to have a significant effect on the undecided voters. He has displayed in the debates that he is the best candidate to take the important issues of our district to floor of the senate.


It appears that cooler heads are beginning to prevail. Joe Mackey is unequivocally the best of the pack out of the Democrats. What makes him so appealing, in my opinion, is that he has the ability to move toward the center of an issue rather than hanging on to the fringes and then allowing gravity to draw opinions more in line or to at leat find common ground. This is called consensus building-a skill that Patricia Jehlen has never mastered. It seems that people are now trying to lay the "progressive" label on Joe. To some extent I agree with this, but he is MUCH more of a centrist.
The point is also well taken with regard to the size of the Senate and comensurate importance of the individual members. Pat has been able to hide out to some extent in the house, being relegated to the aforementioned committee on coffee breaks. This won't fly in the senate.
The only item I take issue with Joe Mackey on is his stand regarding the rollback of the state income tax rate, which was mandated by referendum a number of years ago. This is a wash though, since neither the house or senate leadership will ever allow it to get to the floor. My guess is this will die a quiet death after the election and probably not get resurrected. I doubt CLT or anyone else will lobby Joe about it should he prevail. Further, it will be interesting to see the difference in a more mature and probably somewhat less idealistic Joe Mackey. If he is successful against Bill White.
On the other hand, Pat may get the democratic nod. Then all bets are off.


"It seems that people are now trying to lay the "progressive" label on Joe."

It isn't "people" who are now trying to lay the "progressive" label on Joe. It is the Mackey campaign itself that declares him a progressive.


OK Joe, I'll give you that. But, as a cursory review, I said: "It seems that people are now trying to lay the "progressive" label on Joe."

Then, you said: "It isn't "people" who are now trying to lay the "progressive" label on Joe. It is the Mackey campaign itself that declares him a progressive."

Then I said: "To some extent I agree with this, but he is MUCH more of a centrist."

And that I believe. He or his campaign can call him anything they want. In a realistic sense, he's probably more of a "progressive" than Pat Jehlen will ever be. I cite his early efforts to bring reform to the House rules when it wasn't in vogue with Speaker McGee (what ever happened to him by the way?). That took guts. So, too, is Bill White as far as I'm concerned (a progressive). Just because he happens to have an "R" next to his name in this non-local election doesn't mean he's a cypher for either W or Willard.
Whatever the case, I hope this dialog encourages people to get out and vote.
For now, I have to get some sleep.


Here's something else for the Jehlen supporters to think long and hard about. Why not take the best of both worlds?

If you vote for Mackey you still have Pat as your Representative.

If Pat does win, then guess what Sean O'Donovan will be your next State Rep.
If you think that's progress then you must be a right wing Republican.


Somersetter, good point. That's been in the back of my mind all along... wouldn't progressives be best served by having both Jehlen and Mackey representing them on Beacon Hill? The only way this could happen would be with Jehlen in the House of Rep's and Mackey in the State Senate. Otherwise we could end up with only one, if not neither, of the two. Does this make too much sense?


A vote for Mackey is a win for Somerville democrats, progressives, centrists,families,gays, straights, elderly, minorities and youth. He has a proven record as both a legislator and a citizen. Joe Mackey understands what it takes to be effective on Beacon Hill. Let's get it right voters and vote Mackey the one person who we will all be proud to have represent us.


There is no way that ODonovan can win that state rep seat so please dont believe the hype that the Mackey campaign is trying to deliver. Progressives own that seat and if Pat leaves it another will replace her. They will not let someone like ODonovan in that seat and they have the candidate and organization to do it. Imagine if this was a Somerville only state senate seat, Pat would easily win. Same will be true for that rep seat.

Joe as Rep

As far as the best of both worlds...How about you elect Jehlen to the Senate and then Joe Mackey can run to replace Her in the House.

O'Donovan is going to have to put a lot of energy trying to keep his Alderman seat. That isn't going to put him in a very strong position to win the State Rep seat. Sean has never run city wide and there are plenty of other people who can run and beat Sean for State Rep. Sean may think that he is destined to be State Rep, but I think that the voters will think differently.


That seems like a lot of shuffling and doesn't make a whole lot of sense considering Mackey has the momentum in the Senate race and (in my obviously biased opinion) can do a lot more for the district than Pat ever could in the State Senate.

Ron Newman

Does Joe live in Pat's district? I know he once did, since Pat took over his seat, but district lines have been redrawn since then. (I don't know where to find a ward and precinct map online.)


Hey somersetter, you've been posting the exact same thing on multiple threads with the same inaccuracies and distortions.

I've addressed the Finneran money question before... her campaign last year received a $400 contribution from the Finneran Victory Fund, which distributed nearly $65,000 to dems all over the state. Her campaign then promptly re-donated the money in $100 incriments to 4 other senate and house candidates who needed it more. You can look all of this up at It's a pretty handy site, especially if you plan on supporting your "where did she get the money" accusation. Oh, and I was unable to find any record of a donation from Bulger. If you can, please let us know.

Marijuana - there's a difference between decriminalization (which takes the matter out of the court system, frees up police, and costs the city less while resulting in equivalent punishments for offenders) and legalization. Look it up.

And this is a nit-picky detail, but there are 200 state reps, not 250. I'm sorry, but if you can't do just a little bit of homework before you start throwing around accusations, then don't waste our time.

Ron Newman

You're both wrong. There are 160 state representative seats.


Hah! Oops. I did the total house + senate. Makes me look silly, huh?


Eury I see you as a blind follower. You accept the double talk as long as it comes from Pat.

You admit Pat Jehlen took $400 from Tom Finneran. Frankly I dont care what she did with it. The taking of it was the wrong decison. Unlike yourself I dont keep a list of records- Suffice it to say she accepted and spent the money from Tom Finneran. And, if you think Tom was the only one she accepted money from your either niave or just plain dumb.

Under the logic she spent it in the right place. Then that tells me she will be grabbing money from anyone- which a very dangerous approach in politics. Eventually everyone pays the piper- even Pat. Which gets me to your early post celebrating Pat fund raising be twice everyone elses. Where did she get the money? And, now who does she owe?

You can couch the argument on marijuana any way you want. As a parent I don't want this drug to be made more accesible than it already is. If you dont think Pat's proposed law (which was laughed down by her colleagues as asbsurd) will put more marijuana in Somerville High School... then I suggest you put stop smoking that pipe of yours. Pat's proposed law was the height of being irresponsible toward our children and our community.

You also ignored my comment that Pat gets no respect and nothing done at the State House. How can you justify not having the Lowell St Bridge open for 5 years? And, she has be an instigator in the delays at Assembly Square- simply for political gain- not for the good of Somerville.



There's a difference between a $400 personal check and a democratic fund working to re-elect democratic legislators.

And I'm not keeping any records, I'm looking them up, because I actually want my posts to be factually accurate and not full of baseless accusations. You want to know who's giving her money? It's all right there. Find something in there you don't like and we can talk about it.

The city of somerville has (I've been told by residents) 1 gang officer and no domestic violence unit, and yet you'd have the cops spending their time showing up at court hearings for relatively minor drug offenses. Decriminalization would allow resources to be put where they're actually needed WITHOUT CHANGING PUNISHMENTS FOR OFFENDERS.

And you want to talk about Assembly Square? Mackey was on the committee that gave the contract to the low-bid company with the stipulation that construction didn't have to begin for 7 YEARS! That makes him far more responsible for the delay than anything Jehlen has or hasn't done.

I may be a follower, but I'm not the blind one.


The race has clearly narrowed down to Jehlen and Mackey.

I think if the election where held last month Jehlen would have won, and won easily.

While I hear it's a dead heat in the professional polling... I predict Mackey wins this thing going away.

The Jehlen problem is that she campaigns on the back of people from outside the district. Frankly, we the regular citizens dont care what Bob Reich, Barney Frank, MassCan, NOW, or other groups have to say about our little Senate race. We may (and I do) agree with the position of those people and groups on social issues. But we don't want or need them to tell us "to call Pat and thank her". Our appreciation for Pat has been to pay her salary for 30+ years as an elected official.

The flaw of Pat's campaign, is she made these people the cornerstone of her candidacy. And thinks people owe her something because she votes a certain way. I might feel indebted to Pat if she fixed the Lowell St Bridge. But I don't owe her thanks for pushing a button at the State House.

Also, Reich, Frank, et al have never lived in the District. They know little about the issues-of the district or working people- And it perplexes me why Pat points to them as her basis for why I should vote for her.

You saw it here first, election forecast:
Mackey 35%
Jehlen 28%
Callahan 22%
Casey 15%


Can I ask what professional poll you're referencing? Because the "dead even" thing is news to me.


The Somerville candidates are just too close to one another. I am worried we are giving the seat away to a Medford guy.


I am worried we are giving the seat away to a Medford guy.

And that's why the progressive community has been united behind Jehlen from the beginning.


Let's be clear Pat's financial and political support is based on people who live outside of the Senate District. If she is elected who do you think she will owe? Who will drive her agenda?

Be honest with yourself, don't you think it's why Pat never gets anything done for Somerville? Is it any wonder why she has not been able to get the Lowell St Bridge open? Isn't it clear why she has no influence at the State House?

The following is taken from Pat Jehlen's website...Check it out for yourself:

Pat Jehlen has received the endorsements of the following groups and individual

Robert Reich, former U.S. Labor Secretary

Congressman Barney Frank

Sen. Harriette Chandler

Sen. Susan Fargo

Sen. Pamela Resor

Sen. Susan Tucker

Rep. Ruth Balser

Rep. Deborah Blumer

Rep. Tony Cabral

Former Rep. Paul Demakis

Former Rep. Carol Donovan

Rep. Gloria Fox

Rep. Anne Gobi

Rep. Jay Kaufman

Rep. Kay Khan

Rep. Steve Kulik

Rep. David Linsky

Rep. Barbara L'Italien

Rep. Liz Malia

Rep. Jim Marzilli

Rep. Anne Paulsen

Rep. Doug Petersen

Rep. Byron Rushing

Rep. Tom Sannicandro

Rep. Ellen Story

Rep. Frank Smizik

Rep. Bill Straus

Rep. Pat Walrath

Rep. Marty Walz

Boston Teachers Union

Cambridge-Area Democracy For America

Citizens for Participation in Political Action (CPPAX)

Clean Water Action

Coalition for Social Justice

Commonwealth Coalition

Democracy for America

Freedom to Marry Coalition of Massachusetts

GALLAN (Gay and Lesbian Labor Activists Network)/PAW/AFL-CIO


Humane USA Massachusetts

Mass. Clean Water Action Vote Environment


Mass Federation of Teachers

Mass NOW

Massachusetts Nurses Association

Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists

Massachusetts Peace Action

Massachusetts Teachers Association

Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts

National Association of Social Workers/MA PACE

Neighbor to Neighbor

Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts

SEIU Local 3, National Conference of Firemen & Oilers

SEIU Local 509

SEIU Local 615

SEIU Local 2020

Sierra Club


UAW Region 9A

Medford Dem

Oh that's a great smear gilman! So, according to you, MY district has no Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Union Workers, Gays and Lesbians, People who care about Choice or the Environment?!?!?!? Maybe you should visit sometime.

And by the way, you managed to get Marzilli and Donovan in that list, but you seem to have missed Carl Sciortino (my rep) which is funny because you seem to have just cut and pasted the endorsement list (I wonder how that name just vanished). Gosh, when you add it up, Jehlen + Sciortino + Marzilli is more than half the senate district.

And I'll just help you with this since clearly you don't like math -- Mackey raised more than half of his money from outside the district while Jehlen raised less than one-third from outside (I got these numbers from the Winchester Star, by the way).

Maybe you should spend more time fact checking next time. Or, does that prevent you from writing what you wish were the case... like your prediction. From what I understand, every campaign's polling has Jehlen in the lead.


Medford Dem, we get it, but apparantly you don't.

No one has access to everyone's polling. And, based on your assertion it clear that you don't have access to any.

Take a look at Pat's web site. It may be OK for you that Pat spends more time worrying about endorsements from people outside the district, than the people she represents. But it's not for me. Sure there are a few District people sprinkled in- but her base is not Somerville, Medford, or Winchester.

And, what you dont get is that to show her appreciation Pat files bills like the one below- which in my opinion are detrimental to the kids in Somerville, Medford, and Winchester.

H.B. 2392: A Bill Relating to Imposing a Civil Fine for the Possession of Marihuana
Bill sponsored by: Patricia Jehlen, (D) Somerville

Summary: This bill would make possession of up to an ounce of marijuana punishable by a $100 civil fine.

Status: Died in committee

How many parents who have kids at Medford, Somerville, or Winchester High Schools would vote for that bill? If Pat had put similiar energy into it, I think the Lowell St Bridge would be open after 5 years.. how about you?

Medford Dem

Um, didn't that appear on a ballot initiative and get like 60% of the vote in this Senate district? So doesn't that mean that MOST of them did? And, wasn't Charlie Shannon the Senate sponsor of it? What do I have to sit around all day and point out that you make things up?? Get your facts right.


MD. Come on, stop making stuff up as you go along. You made up the polling data. And you making up that Senator Shannon signed on to this bill. Perhaps you are "confusing" it with the ability for doctors to write prescriptions using marijuana which I think most people agree makes sense- but which is radically different from letting people walk around with an ounce of marijuana.

If you dont see the difference, I guess I would suggest you put down that pipe your smoking.

pot bill

Ok.... the issue with the marijuana bill is not about drugs as much as it is about prison.
One ounce of pot should not tie up our court system, it should be punishable with a fine. Why crowd our prisons and our courts with petty crime? So, please, enough of this "jehlen is a hippie pot head" talk, have you met the woman? She is not a pot head.


obviously pat jehlen is not a pot head. she is well educated and she seems to have a good head on her shoulders, which can only make one scratch their head when she proposes legalizing a gateway drug in a school district already struggling to control drug use, dropout rates, gangs, etc.
a move like this has special interest groups in mind, not the well being of our schools and children. i was unaware of this proposal by jehlen and i will certainly take it into consideration next tuesday. thanks for bringing it to my attention.


A few comments on the comments...
Looking down the list of Jehlen endorsements, I see only a few with direct Somerville connections (and I realize that Somerville isn't the only city in the 2nd Middlesex Dist.). But there do appear to be an inordinate number of endorsements from outside the area and from people who, I agree, are probably not as in touch with local issues as I'd like to see.
I agree also with "gilman declaration" regarding the percentages with perhaps a little more tightness among the top two. This owes to the spoiler effect that I think Casey will introduce to the slate. I see Mackey winning. Perhaps not a total walk-away, but it will, I feel, be his name on the ballot carrying the Democratic Party flag come September 23rd.
As for the percentage of money raised from "outside" the district, MedfordDem remarks that Mackey raised half while Jehlen only a third. That may be true, but Jehlen raised considerably more total money, thus 33% of, say, $100K is more than 50% of $60K. But those are nitpicks as far as I'm concerned.
Also, I have an observation to make regarding "pot bill's" remarks; Pat Jehlen is, indeed, not a "pothead" as far as I'm concerned. It's just that she's incapable of functioning effectively within the body politic. That's a PERSONAL opinion though.
FWIW, it is estimated that nationwide, nearly 50% of the prison population is incarcerated for drug-related offenses--most of them non-violent. That does, in fact, tie up a tremendous amount of law enforcement resources. I've never personally indulged in pot, or any drugs for that matter, altho while in high school and jr. high pot was quite common and apparently readily available. That was during the period from 1971-'77. It wasn't being openly smoked of course, but it was there. Little has changed since. The fact of the matter is, if we can't keep drugs out of the most secure parts of our prisons, how can we be reasonably expected to keep them out of Somerville High School? Therefore, I don't "blame" any politician who raises the issue of legalization or de-criminalization or whatever one wishes to call it. Actually, doing so could be called "re-legalization" since canabis, opium and cocaine were all legal over-the-counter substances in the early 1900s. We went to a wedding in the Czech Republic earlier in the summer and flew in through Amsterdam, then rail to Prague. During the brief stay in the Netherlands I saw, firsthand, some of the effects of the open and legal use of marijuana. I must admit that the only usage in any real excess that I observed was among the American kids. Even among Dutch youth, abuse rates are declining. Perhaps there's a message in that or perhaps there isn't. That's up to individuals to decide.
FWIW, when I ran against Pat Jehlen in 2002, the Somerville Journal endorsed her, remarking that my "libertarian views" made me "a difficult choice for the Journal". I have worn it like a badge of courage ever since.


DM- enough of the distortions and cry baby behavior.

I never insinuated in any way that Pat Jehlen was a pot head. I have seen Pat in action for 30+ years as a pol. I think she is very well intended in her approach- and I'm sure she is a nice lady as well.

If she took a poke now and then, that would not offend me at all- But I have no knowledge she does nor would I ever suggest it even if I did.

My issues with Pat are two:
1. Her judgement concerns me. Allowing 1 ounce of marijuana to be treated like a traffic ticket is poor judgement in my opinion. Particularly when you think about the possible negative impact it will likely have on kids and their access to this drug.

2. After 15 years in the State House, I think its very clear Pat is not able to get anything of meaning done. So, why would we want her promoted to a more important role?

The way I see it- voting for Joe Mackey provides the best of both worlds. Pat keeps her podium to do her work. And, Joe goes to the State House and delivers things for Somerville. Sounds like a win-win to me.


Casey won't break 10 percent.

It's interesting that none of the CNC papers endorsed anyone. I wonder why.


Ahh but you are wrong....Casey won't get 5%..and..The Somerville Journal endoresed Joe Mackey Today.

Ron Newman

I looked for the Journal editorial online but can't find it. Did the Medford Transcript or Winchester Star endorse anyone? What about the Medford Mercury?


It was in the print edition


While the Journal's endorsement was pro Mackey, it was, in fact, directed at the claim that Pat Jehlen has been ineffective in her years as a Representative. Or am I the only one to read this much into it?

Carey Theil

The Somerville News should be ashamed of the cartoon on the front page of yesterday's edition.

Setting politics aside, publishing a cartoon that depicts any one candidate as healthy, trim and racing towards a finish line while depicting the three other candidates in a derogatory manner is irresponsible. In fact, it is close to yellow journalism.

It also directly contradicts the editorial itself, which states in part:

"Throughout the campaign we observed, with a surprised admiration, the candidates' devotion to honest public service. We examined each for the slightest trace of fraud or incompetence. We found nothing."

The News, their editor, and publisher should apologize to all four candidates and the voting public.

In full disclosure I support Pat Jehlen, although I don't think that is relevant. Even Joe Mackey should be offended by this tasteless display.

Carey Theil


The Journal endorsement... yes it says that Pat is ineffective. While it also says that Mackey is everything she is in a liberal leader, only productive. And after years of Vinny and Pat we need production around here.


Funny how people throw around accusations but when one or two people come back with actual, checkable facts, they just call him a liar and ignore what he (or she) is saying.

It's like arguing with the Bush administration here...


All the endorsenments are a great lift to the Mackey campaign. Momentum is important in this election and the Mackey campaign has it right now and the ground attack to make it happen on Tuesday. The progressives would be wise to reconsider their vote on Tuesday to ensure that the progressive with best chance of winning is elected. That is Joe Mackey.


does anyone have a link to the journal endorsement?

James Norton

Hey Carey Theil -

Why don't you get a life. Your comment is exactly why I regret not putting up the new website yet. Your inane and pedestrian little commentary didn't even have a lucid point - let me point out why so you don't think I am just picking on you.

The endorsement was a "to the point" and fair column compiled by a number of people who own and/or work at the newspaper and it was written tastefully. It did exactly what it was supposed to do.

At the same time, the cartoon did exactly what it was supposed to do - be a visual, satirical lampooning of the race, the candidates and whatever else the artist had in mind when he created it.

Here's the big picture - there was no contradiction because they aren't meant to convey the same message. Aside from that small detail, I doubt anyone other than you saw anything wrong with the cartoon itself.

Well it looks like you've received your attention for the day so you're clear to take your afternoon dose of Haldol and drift off to sleepy land again.

Now where's that number to the new web hosting company...

Brian Melanson

Mike Callahan is the Winner!!! Yes you heard it here first.No one in this field has done more for the everyday person.Furthermore Mikes legislative skills are second to none.A large Somerville vote carries him.


Hey Carey Theil -

Why don't you get a life.


Well it looks like you've received your attention for the day so you're clear to take your afternoon dose of Haldol and drift off to sleepy land again.

Ah, another dose of professionalism from The Somerville News...

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