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August 11, 2005



Well it's a no brainer that a lawyer like Mackey would have the best oratorical skill and winning the debate doesn't seem to mean much these days (see Bush Jr.) Knowing the local issues and winning the election I believe is the most important points to this questionaire. Lets face it, Mackey is out of touch in Beacon Hill while Pat Jehlen has been fighting for the elderly, prescription costs, health care and a whole host of other issues for the past 15 years while Mackey has been making oodles of money as a lawyer. Why do you think he retired as a State Rep. 15 years's called making money. He abandoned his district to line his pockets with money after making many connections on Beacon Hill. Now's he back because he made enough money to send his kids to the best schools and pad his bank account so money is not an issue anymore. So now he comes back toting his bottle bill passage and that he started a girls basketball league.
Give me a break!!!


If Mackey got 45% of that crowd last night, Pat Jehlen is in big trouble and she knows it - see "lifelong"'s vicious personal attack on Mackey.

Boy is this Somerville dogfight going to be fun to watch!

Ron Newman

How many total ballots were returned?



You are right he did run and lose to Reilly.
But there were plenty of seats to run for during the past 15 years if someone wanted to make a difference in the community. My observations are not personal or vicious, Joe Mackey is not a bad person and his family is outstanding. I have nothing personal against Mackey except his politics.
Everyone has their own agenda on who to support and I have mine. Simple as that.

Medford Dem

The votes were made by who showed up. The Som News made a very smart decision to have a vote at the end because the campaigns felt they had to pack the place. Not surprising that the two Somerville candidates did the best. I went to the debate from Medford, but I don't think too many others did.

And Andy, I don't think Jehlen is in trouble at all. All the polling I hear leaked out says that she's in the lead and in my neck of the woods most of the liberal-leaning voters and the ones that just don't want Callahan elected are getting behind her -- in both cases because she has the best chance of beating Callahan who will likely be strong.


I was actually surprised by these numbers. I thought everyone in the theater was already a partisan supporter of one of the candidates, but now it looks like only about 90% were (and they were pretty evenly divided between Mackey and Jehlen). The other 10% actually voted based on the debate and the results show accordingly.

But let's not for a single second pretend that this is a representative sample of the district or even of Somerville. I repeat - most of the people there were already supporters of a candidate. These numbers will have absolutely no correllation with election day.


lifelongsomervillecitizen, your attacks on other candidates are unintentionally making your cause look like a desperate one. Do your endorsee a favor and pipe down.

Manny Ortez

I honestly don't see how anyone can be impressed let alone wowed by Jehlen's performance at the debate. It was laughable. She looked confused, responded with little more than scripted stock comments, and at times positively looked like a deer in headlights. Apparently she does, however, have a very strong (read: brainwashed) and vocal group of supporters that will serve her well.



I am a Jehlen supporter and I agree that she didn't do a very good job at the debate. However, I don't think those settings are an indication of whether or not someone is an effective legislator. After researching all the candidates, I still think she is the best choice. I don't think her supporters are brainwashed - I think her 14 years of experience speaks for itself. The fact that so many satisfied residents is why her lead is strong.


why i am not surprised that no one was impressed with the clueless dumbo paul casey?


Well, caseysucks is apparently back, still bitter and full of inexplicable rants. While you don't have to give your name, can you at least explain what it is that ruffles your feathers about this guy? In other words, you claim that Casey has done all of these things, but you offer nothing more than what seems to be groundless accusations. I know Jehlen has been push-polling (which means calling people to ask their opinions on issues to make it look like a legitimate poll, but questions thereafter turn into bashings of Callahan, Casey and Mackey -- I know, I got one of those calls and when I called the number back, some goof answered "Committee to Elect Pat Jehlen"!) and playing other dirty games, so maybe caseysucks is one of her folks. All I know is that this guy needs to identify himself (or give us an indication of how he can know such things) or stop writing in.

By the way, for those of you Jehlen supporters who are complaining about vicious attacks from the other candidates, check your notes. At least from what I hear in Somerville, neither Mackey, Callahan nor Casey have been taking pot shots at Jehlen. Or ask your candidate if she's done anything dirty. You may be a little surprised. Did anyone else get one of these calls?


hey bitter, i was never gone. i have been on this board posting for awhile now. just because i don't post every day, doesn't mean anything. i won't reveal myself except to say that i live in district and have had to deal with that putz. he is a dope. and i hope he loses.

Ron Newman

Could you tell us something more concrete about Casey than that he 'sucks' or is 'clueless' or 'is a dope' ? What exactly do you dislike about him?


you should check out some previous posts. i have listed a whole slew of reasons not to vote for that clown. do i really have to go through them again for you newbies?

Ron Newman


And who do you support?

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