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August 23, 2005



I always enjoy reading count how many bad things can be said about someone in one sentence...thanks editors! But i just wanted to point out that I have seen a lot of activity and action from that young guy who used to work with the schools and kids. I think its Martin Martinez. I have seen him in my neck of the woods several times and have yet to see anyone else besides Dennis. I think some of the current office holder are in trouble cause I sense he is really getting out there.


I agree with Ward3. Marty Martinez has been working really hard. It's a relief to see that Somerville finally has an openly gay candidate running for office. We have been under-represented in the city for quite some time. It will be great if Marty wins so he will be able to advocate for the gays in Somerville. Somerville has an extremely active gay population without a public voice. I do not want to seem like I am making a decision to vote for a candidate simply because of his sexual orientation but it is about time Somerville hands over some power to homosexual individuals. Times are changing and I think the city is moving in the right direction.


Looks like your paper is now racist. The phrase "paddy wagon" is a racist phrase. It is not allowed to be used in a courtroom anymore for that very reason. Wouldn't want to open yourself to another lawsuit... would you?


hey IrishBoy - last time I checked it wasn't illegal to be racist. i'd love to see someone sue the News just because they used that term -- the suit would go down in flames!


Don't forget Kim Foster her Dad has been out working hard for her.


Herbie Foster-Hirsch for alderman!!!! I would like to thank Joe Macaluso and the rest of the housing authority employees for all their help with Herbie's run for alderman.


I am curious as to whether or not Herbert "Butchy" Foster will have to step down from the zoning board of appeals if he does get elected to alderman-at-large. Does anyone know the rule about an elected official being allowed to sit on a board?


I would like to know if the fact that Marty Martinez is gay really makes a difference as to how he would make his decisions as alderman-at-large. Does it really matter who he goes to bed with at night? I would hope he would do what is right for the city and not try to promote some sort of gay agenda. Too many people are hung up on sexual orientation. I think we need to get over it. Its 2005. Gay men can get married and adopt children today. Why shouldn't they be allowed to be an alderman.


i agree with "deeplyconcerned". why is that such an issue in somerville? if this was a greatly homophobic town, jacob would have a point, but as it is this is one of the most gay-friendly towns in the commonwealth. remember joe curatone joining with a handful of other mayors to sue the state to allow our town clerk to perfom gay marriages for out-of-state couples? also, though somerville for years has had a pride-flag raising ceremony during boston pride weekend, curtatone moved it from davis square to city hall this year to make it more official and clear that we support diversity in somerville. now, i'm actually not a big fan of the mayor and most of the aldermen here, but as far as this issue is concerned somerville is one of the best town for gay issues.

and on top of all that, while jacob may make a big deal of marty martinez being gay, marty himself doesn't seem to think it's a big concern in this race. no mention of sexual orientation in his website.


jb, deeplyconcerned,

"Jacob" is pretty obviously a troll who's pretending to be a gay man so he can caricature Martinez's campaign.

Trust me, no one would seriously have written "it is about time Somerville hands over some power to homosexual individuals" unless he wanted to get a reaction like the one he got. He did a pretty good job...

Anne Albion Street

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Steve Glines (sp) at the 4th of July. I was very impressed by his dedication to the race and his interst in Somerville for now and the future. He has one of my votes.


That kid glines signs are everywhere. The other Alderman better get moving or else. It is good to see a newcomer make some noise. I am going to be watching this kid.


I find it hard to believe people take Pat Jehlen seriously for such an important position.

Pat likes to talk the feel good game- but the record is clear:

1. She took $400 from Tom Finneran, and $500 from Bill Bulger while pretending to be offended by them. That's what we know about- I'm sure there is a lot more behind the top layer.

2. She has raised twice as much as anyone else. From who? Not people who live and work in the district. People with an agenda that could care less about Somerville.

3. Pat introduced legistlation to legalize marijuana up to 1 ounce. And, it was for any reason- not medical. Do you think she was thinking about the children of Somerville when she sponsored this bill? Or was it to appease her friends from Cambridge and Amherst?

4. She has been in the State House for 15 years and cannot get a bridge fixed in her district- kind of tells you the respect she gets from her colleagues.

5. In sum, Pat talks the feel good I care about you game- but acts quite
differently... and has no real substance. As 1 of 250 in the insigificant House of Reps ...Somerville can probably live with this luxury ... But not as 1 of 40 in the all important Senate ... Somerville cannot afford the luxury of having Pat... and they cannot pass up the opportunity to have a respected, intelligent, and progressive leader like Joe Mackey

6. If you realy think Pat is great. Keep this in mind. When she loses on Tuesday- she is still a State Rep. If she wins Sean ODonovan will be your State Rep. Now that's "progess" lol


I met glines too and although I agree he seems like a nice guy, he is a little short in the details and facts in our city. Its odd that another lawyer is running for the board (not that we need another to add to the 4 already on there) but one that does not really know the issues in the city. Just cause you have some friends with a name does not mean you can get elected if you dont know what you are talking about.


FWIW, "somersetter" makes some valid points. I found Pat's lack of effectiveness so distressing that I ran against her myself a few years back. Third party candidates in heavily-Democratic Somerville don't usually do too well though.
And I agree that "respected, intelligent and progressive leader" describes Joe Mackey pretty appropriately. I'm glad to see him back in politics and to see his campaign gathering momentum. I changed my designation from L to U in order to be able to take a ballot in the primary this Tuesday.
The down side of things for me is that the special election is drawing attention away from the only Municipal preliminary in SSomerville which will be held in Ward 3 on September 13th--and I just happen to be on the ballot.
Incidentally, there are currently 160 members of the Mass. House of Reps. and--as you pointed out--40 Senators. There were at one time more but it was pared down some years back. Don't get me going on that tho.

It won't be sean

Somersetter, why are you so sure that Sean will be our next State Rep? It isn't going to happen. There are plenty of people who can and will run and can and will beat Sean.

This threat of vote for Joe or you will have Sean as your State Rep is ridiculous.


Who are the other lawyers on the board? Is there secret degrees that we don't know about? We all know that everyone has friends in Somerville it is how we relate to them that counts. I give anyone credit to run for alderman, lawyer or not. Good luck to Steve and I am sure he will do fine.


The attornies on the BOA currently are Denise Provost, Sean O'Donovan and William White. Those are the only BOA barristers I know of.
Steve Glines is from Medford originally. There was, at one time, a Mayor Glines in Somerville who even had a school named for him. Glines is, indeed, an old Somerville name. However, I don't know whether there is any relation between the current At-Large candidate.

Ron Newman

Hi, John!


Some useless trivia. Glines, who served from 1901-1903, was the last of a succession of seven mayors who had schools named for them. He followed George Proctor, for whom the Proctor School (built in 1904) was named. I attended the Proctor from 1965-'71.
Oh, and by the way; Hello Ron!


GLINES IS FROM MEDFORD....who wonder he is short on details if thats truly the case.


Yes, he's originally from Medford. At least that's what he told me the day I stopped by his office to introduce myself (his office is on Highland Ave. opposite City Hall in Ward 3). Seems like a nice guy, but politically speaking I don't really know much about him. I think he said he lived down on Hancock Street or thereabouts.

A happy biker again!

Earlier I wrote about that Boston Harley, the motorcycle dealer on the Revere beach parkway. I bought a used bike off them and the motor went after the first month. "It was later determined a defective motor." Then I put their service department to the test of customer service and quality assurance. We discussed the problem for a little while but after the miscommunication and dust settled Ron Buchbaum, Their general manager rectified the problem. Well, I just would like to let everyone know that they stood behind their product. They installed a new motor at no charge to me. So I am no longer a sad biker! They get a big thumbs up!


You people who spend so much time on this website make me sick. Do any of you losers have jobs. You are nothing but a bunch of do nothing trouble makers. Everytime I check out this website I get so mad I pee my pants.


Go Lawrence Go!!!!


This goes out to Puke. If you read our post that means your on it too. So get a life!


Who the hell is Lawrence?!?!?!


Lawrence is the coolest and most handsome man in all of ward 3. He is originally from Philadelphia and moved to Somerville to start his own yoga studio. He's really into nature and is a longtime member of the National Audubon Society. Sometimes you will be lucky enough to see him riding his bicycle around with that snazzy flourescent yellow jacket. He is also a great swimmer. I'm not sure if he has a last name.


Is he rich too??


He was but he gave all of his money to the Mystic View Task Force. Money isn't everything.


whats his bag? did he do Laconia or Sturgis this year?

Joseph A. Ferry

Dear Newstalk -

I suppose it's a measure of how far the Irish have come in this country that an odious ethnic slur can appear in the local paper of record as a commonly accepted synonym for police van. Put 'paddy wagon' into google and read its ugly history.

I suspect that this will be the only objection that you will likely receive in response to your August 23 column [Downtown causing crime concerns] but I hope it is enough to raise your consciousness and that of your fellow scribes.

Very truly yours.

Joseph A. Ferry

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