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August 30, 2005



The State Representative from West Somerville has won the democratic primary for the 2nd Middlesex state Senate seat.

That's quite a feat, since he didn't even file for the race.

Ron Newman

Pat's victory was announced at her party at Anthony's function hall around 9:05 pm. Joe came to Pat's party and gave a very gracious and well-received speech in support of Pat.

No numbers were announced. I assume that Joe finished second, but I don't know for sure.


By more than 2,000 votes!

Ron Newman

The following are unofficial totals now being displayed on Somerville City Cable channel 16:


Jehlen - 7117
Mackey - 4984
Callahan - 4122
Casey - 2457

Somerville only:

Jehlen - 4190
Mackey - 3109
Callahan - 570
Casey - 278

Robert Mela

What happens with Pat Jehlen's house seat?

Ron Newman

Presumably another special election, date to be determined.

This means Ward 3 people will have to vote in 6 elections in less than a year.

David Attella

Thank God !!! A progressive wins the election. We can all celebrate.


38 percent is a solid win for Pat, with 31 percent of her vote coming from outside of Somerville. That is huge. That means she really got out there and busted her ass in the other cities and towns.

Here is a link to the Winchester numbers:

I've heard rumors that Denise Provost is eyeing Pat's seat.



The wizzard's prediction on Somerville!

Predictions for Somerville now that Pat Jehlen won:

1.Pat win become out next Senator and hire Joe Mackey as chief of staff!

2. Denise Provose will become our next State Rep!

3. Steven Glines will replace Provose as alderman at large!

4. John L. Sullivan will beat Sean O'Donovan after Sean checks into a rehab!

5. Jack Connley will retain his seat and live happily ever after!

6. Lafuente will beat Mayor Joe and become Mayor of Somerville for two years then later
loose his seat to Bill White!

7.Dot gay will continue working her job in elderly housing and will forever stay out of politics!

8. Kathy O'Day will continue selling real estate until she gets fired for incompetence and
Then settle down somewhere in the rookies where cell phones have no reception!

9. Mike Callahan will have a hit comedy series on HBO and become part owner of
The Foxwoods Casino and corner the market on slot machines!

10. Casey will Quit his job as State Rep and become a wrestler for the WWF as "Crazy
Man Casey"!


Well, its a very sad day for Somerville and the Senate District.

Pat has failed to get things done at the Representative level, and now a foolish electorate who votes without thinking has promoted her to a higher role.

In the alternative, we passed up a truly throughtful and insightful leader.

Somerville has a history of making bad electoral decisions. This may be among the worst ever.

Lets be clear the "progressive" groups that cannot beat worst President of our lifetime... George W. ... are celebrating tonight. But the real Democrats have lost another one... and thus the we have lost again...

I feel very badly for Somerville and working people throughout the District. Somerville transients and progressive like to feel like their more wealthy Cambridge neighbors- unfortunaetly the cannot afford these types of mistakes. This one will hurt Somerville for a decade or more.

No this is not a plug for Bill White. He is done in politics. He will get swamped by Jehlen and then lose his BOA seat... and all I can say is good riddance to him.

Ron Newman

Bill White will not beat Pat Jehlen (I'm not convinced he's even going to try), but I see no reason whatsoever that he should lose his seat on the Board of Aldermen.

I voted for Pat. I was not born here, but I've lived here since 1984. That's far longer than I've lived anywhere else. Am I a "transient" ?


i hate to laugh. i hate to kick a buffoon when he is down. but little paulie casey was destroyed tonight. destroyed! shellacked! dare i say it? humiliated!! he had tens of thousands of dollars and barely broke 10 percent.

good for you pat. good for you. you took a beating from everyone and hung in there. you got 59 percent from somerville. you got 30 percent in winchester. amazing. you will be a great leader for our community. give them hell, grandma!

but back to paulie. looking at the link, thankfully provided by "patwins," the humiliating loss for casey is huge. he wins winchester no problem but doesn't even crack 50 percent. the guy couldn't get 50 percent in his hometown, with a decent 24 percent turnout. what does that tell him? message to paul: the lunatic howard dean thing on rightwing steroids doesn't work. stop hanging out in kenmore square and go home to the wife paul. he gets a pathetic 500-plus votes in meffa, where he was supposed to get the help of his "good friends" the sheriff and damato. he doesn't even break 300 in somerville - or 4 percent. pathetic. say goodnight paulie.

now, it can be revealed: who am i? i am just a guy on summer street. i am dave twombly, brother of paul twombly, who lives in winchester and thinks - and knows - that casey is a sap. hence, "caseysucks." see you all later.


Did anyone hear about Jehlen signs which were burned in Medford over near Tufts? There was a post about it on another chat board.


Gilman --

I'd like to hear what you think, specifically, is so wrong with Pat Jehlen. In 14 + years she's been the state rep - don't you think if Somerville was unhappy with her, they'd have gotten someone else by now? And I think that 14 years ago, Somerville was in a much worse situation than it is now. Are we forgetting that the nickname of this place used to be Slummerville? I think things have gotten much better here in the past 14 years and yet Pat still stands very strongly for affordable housing - so while she's improving the quality of the area she's making sure longtime residents can stay here. What has she done that's so bad?

And if you think it's so bad, I hope youv'e told her ... the reason I voted for her was because she listened to me when I had something to say.

Mike Silvia

YEAH -- thrilled to see Pat in the senate seat! I'm also happy to see that Mackey (my 2nd choice) did very well. I hope this means that Democrats will continue to elect more progressive candidates in Massachusetts.

Do you think there's a chance Mackey may run for Pat's vacant seat?

Imported tree huggers are here!

What a Disgrace this city really is! Our own home time boys lost to this imported tree hugger. A Gypsy! A progressive nut that is now going to run your lives the way the progressive think your lives should be run! A sad, sad day for Somerville. I hope you guys like organic foods and lesbians. Because the traveling group of gypsies are coming. Get ready to explain this one to your kids! This is only the beginning. Somerville will soon be known as "Progressiveville home of the Gypsies." Good luck everyone because I'm moving out! Charlie would be turning in his grave!


So Desmond, Connolly, Sullivan, Cardoso, Pero and all of the Mayors staff publicly came out and helped Mackey yesterday....hmmm...its interesting that once again the local political leaders worked hard for the candidate that lost to a strong progressive Democrat (Ciampa/Sciortino being the first example). The winds of change are upon us Somerville, look out board of alderman and school committee, there will be some new elected officials in town come November and I cant wait!


What was up with Ward 3 Alderman Tom Taylor? I thought he and Pat Jehlen were together on many issues? He never came out publically to Support Jehlen and from what I hear has become another lacky for Curtatone. After 18 years I believe it's time for him to go. If it wasn't for the progressive voters in his district, the same ones that voted for Jehlen, he would have been gone a long time ago. I hope all the voters that voted for Jehlen remembers his backstabbing of Jehlen. I can't wait to vote against him!


I don't fault Desmond for helping out Mackey. If Jehlen didn't run I would have voted for Mackey. I am hoping that Desmond runs for Jehlens "old" seat. He is an honest and admirable guy who works hard for the youth of this city. If Prozac Provost runs for this seat and wins I am moving out of the district!!!!


Mackey told the Globe he was done with politics.

Does this election mean the Stop & Shop is going to wake up and start selling free-range chicken breasts? That would be great news, if true. I don't expect they're going to start selling lesbians, but their poultry selection sucks and maybe they'll "get the message."


How's this for a rumor. Joe isn't running for anything again, but his daughter Erin, who managed his campaign, may be considering running for the vacant seat in the 27th Middlesex. She's young, she's smart, she's got a Harvard degree, she has experience in campaigning, is a local born-and-bred and and is a quietly rising star in Somerville. IF she decides to run for the seat, she's got my support! And, by the way, she's got a couple of terrific parents!


Its a sad day in Somerville when a person like Joe Mackey announces that he is done with politics. He is the most honest, effective, hardworking politician this city has known in the the many years that i've followed politics in this city. As for Pat Jehlen the electorate has spoken and given her a mandate to advance her agenda on Beacon Hill. My one concern as I was poll checking for the Mackey campaign in precincts outside of Somerville,I met many poll checkers from the Jehlen campaign and was quite impressed with number of volunteers she had, however of the fifteen or so I met only one actually lived in the district some were from out state. Nothing illegal about that, nonetheless concerning to me. On the subject of the mayors office coming out for Mackey, thats news to me as I was out the city yesterday. The silence from the mayors office throughout this campaign has been deafening. Not sure what the strategy was there. I second the nomination for Erin for State Rep.

Sudden changes in Jehenville

Starbucks, Wild Harvest and Brickbottoms stocks just went up now that Pat won the primary! Lafuente is out buying a Pat Jehlehn style hair piece to fit in. John L. will throw a coming out party next week and do a public announcement that he's gay to fit in! And finally Joe Curtatone is raising rainbow flags all around the city while looking for a male roommate for him and Sean O'Donovan to fit in!



About the pollcheckers, there are a lot of young people who live in Somerville, Cambridge, Brighton, Brookline etc. who are involved in politics and work on local campaigns. Individually they live in different districts but form a critical mass of volunteers who can help out in other campaigns. Since a given district only has an election occasionally, they may never have a chance to get involved locally, but the demands of an election when it does happen can far outstrip the supply of people. I live in Jehlen's district and I don't think I'll care if the person coming to my door in a few months is from Ward 6 (kosher) or Ward 7 (unkosher) or even from Medford or Dorchester. If they can talk the talk, they'll get results, and if they don't bother to learn the issues and respect voters, they'll hurt their candidates. The district does have thousands of voters who are new to the district (new can mean two years or twenty) and want to learn more about candidates and where they stand, and don't care what church the canvasser's mother attended.

I really doubt that more than a few Jehlen volunteers were from out of state, if even that. But people from Somerville and Medford helped on Tim Schofield's campaign in Brighton, and I'm sure people from Brighton returned the favor. Many of them knew her from her work in the House, and many of the issues in this campaign (state aid, education, health care) are universal or are common to urban districts.

I'd be surprised if the Mackey campaign didn't bring in people who used to live in Somerville but have moved to North Reading or Burlington. That's fine, they know the guy and his character and wanted to help out.

Politics is changing and many people in the Boston area are drawn to it because of ideas and policies that they feel affect them, not just neighborhood ties. People move more often, neighbor relationships are weaker, communities change. Yet everyone gets a vote, and everyone should get involved in the community. It takes all kinds. The more, the better.

The best candidates are those who can build relationships with new residents while respecting and working for the people who lived here through thick and thin and built it into the place it is today.


The only thing I can say is "Thank god for Tim Toomey"...The only Somerville state Legislator left that will be able to get things done within the city. Somerville already has two clowns and Provost will make three. Barrios has clout but will soon be your DA.

"Be careful Tim. You know how Somerville likes to push effective politicians out just so some clown can take the most progressive stance on an issue before they even hear what it is or what negative impact it may have on a community."


To say,

"is a local born-and-bred"

When are you people going to get doesn't matter anymore if you are local born and bred. It's a non-issue.

The only rumor you here was planted in your brain. She should start in the School Comm. first and work her way up just like about everyone does in this city. Starting at the State Rep. position will mean another defeat for the Mackey Family. I agree with you that she has wonderful parents....maybe they can talk some sense into her.


To thanksfortim.... Tim Toomey represents a very small part of Somerville and is basically a non-issue for most of the city.
Who cares about him??????

I weep for the future

If Pat has done anything for affordable housing, why are people leaving in droves for Medford, Everett, Chelsea, Malden, Dracut, Methuen, etc.? The schools are emptying out at an alarming rate as families are forced to move out, and too many newcomers have no children. We will very soon be a city of 'wealthy' newcomers and the poor. The middle class (the backbone of most societies) is disappearing quickly. Sad days are coming......


I realize that was a generalization on how Somerville could care less on how effective a legislator can be for the city, as long as they can be as far left as a politician can be. Pat may be a great person and more in touch with the bleeding heart liberals, but how could you not vote for Mackey if thats what you are looking for. He would have been the best of both worlds...A strong progressive voice who would be able to get things done on the Hill...Just like Tim


OK brickbottom, I'll meet you half-way on that. Erin Mackey for school committee. Let's see... she's in Ward 3, so that means she can run against Jehlen consigliere Roberta Bauer and likely carry the vote.
Of course, according to your credo regarding the irrelevance of being locally-oriented, the fact that she went to Somerville Public Schools would probably hurt her.

beating a dead horse?

The following is from the city web site. I know it seems like we're beating a dead horse, but WHERE WAS PAT? It took Joe C. and Mike C. to get involved to re-open a bridge closed for NOTHING! Joe and Mike might regret not getting more involved in this election, their constituents may be very unhappy in the coming months/years!

City Gets State To Re-Open Sycamore Street Bridge

Contractor Dispute Slows Work; City Tells State to Stop Inconveniencing Neighbors While Work Is Halted

SOMERVILLE -- Mayor Joe Curtatone today announced the city had prevailed upon state officials to re-open the Sycamore Street Bridge because a dispute over utility installation has halted work on the structure.

“The state and their contractor have had this bridge closed for no reason,” said Curtatone. “Residents should be able to use this street until actual demolition begins.”

According to officials in the city’s Highway Department, a disagreement between Verizon, Inc. and SPS, Inc. over who would perform utility conduit work led to the work stoppage. When the city officials learned of the halt, they appealed to the Massachusetts Highway Department, which oversees the project, to re-open the bridge. Curtatone said U.S. Congressman Michael Capuano was also instrumental in getting the bridge re-opened, continually appealing to state officials and Verizon to iron out problems at the site.

The two companies have resolved their dispute and the utility work will probably restart in September, according to city Highway Superintendent Joseph Voutour. While this work is being completed, the state has agreed to only close the bridge on an as-needed basis.

“We’re likely to see closings lasting just a matter of hours or for a day at a time during the fall,” said Voutour. “Most of the time, the bridge will remain open.”

The structure will also remain open throughout the winter because demolition and reconstruction, slated to occur after the utility work is done, cannot be performed during the cold-weather months. Voutour said the bridge is likely to be taken down in the spring of 2006 and the new structure is scheduled to be built during the summer and fall. The state originally said the bridge would be rebuilt by the end of 2005.

“Anyone who has followed the Lowell Street bridge saga knows how long it takes the state to get these projects moving,” said Curtatone, referring to the bridge that has been closed for more than five years. “This newest delay on Sycamore Street should be unacceptable but we’re stuck with it. At least we can keep the temporary bridge open until the demolition work begins


To ilikeerinforrep......that sounds like a good idea to me...I can't stand Bauer. Just because I voted for Jehlen doesn't mean I have to fall in line with everyone she associates with. I take my politicians one at a time not as a group. Unlike many folk in Somerville.....who votes as the mayor does or is told to vote in a certain way because a certain politician told them too. I am a free thinker who is not nailed down by one group of like minded people!


To beating a dead where was Shannon during this issue.....God rest his soul?


so where was Shannon during this issue.....God rest his soul?

That's what I don't get in all these examples. Pat Jehlen gets funding for the Green Line into the House budget, it gets taken OUT in the Senate, yet somehow Jehlen is ineffective, while Sen. Shannon enjoyed a strong reputation for getting things done.

I am not impugning Shannon's reputation, which he earned through his work on many, many other projects. I'm calling out one example of how the process worked in one case where people landed their complaints on Pat. It doesn't make any sense to me when the facts point somewhere different. I think that if you dislike Rep. Jehlen for other reasons it's easy to find cases like this and Dilboy Stadium where perhaps other representatives could shoulder some of the blame, but people conveniently point to Jehlen.


does anyone have vote breakdown by city and town, if so can you post them.

Neither Old or New

You know, I supported Mackey and still think he would have been the best choice but I get really pissed off at the dismissive attitude towards the "new", "hippie", "young", "potsmoking" Jehlen supporters and progressives. I don't agree with them on everything but they do bring energy to the City that it really needs and they are not really all that different in their views than many old-timers. Somerville has always been left of center and welcoming. If old Somerville just means people who hate newcomers and want to mock people they don't like, then I can't wait until they all sell their homes for $650,000 and move to Billerica or Haverhill. Like I said, I think Jehlen is too liberal and ineffectual for my taste but she clearly won this race and that's not just because of organization by outsiders.


Congratulations to Pat.

Callahan and similar candidates should learn a lesson--if you send out literature that doesn't even have a telephone number on it, people will know that your interest in being contacted is zero. If you don't have email or a website, you are not a serious candidate in 2005. Callahan lives in horse and buggy days and thought he could win by getting local pols--like Medford's Mayor-- behind him. Ha--didn't work! From emails circulated in Medford about Callahan having no contact information, I think he lost a hundred votes or more on this point alone.

Casey had a website--sort of. But no email. Boo. Besides he is out of touch on social issues.

Mackey would have been a good second choice, even replied to email, but he never could get to any real issues, relying on "I have a nice family, so vote for me."

Pat Jehlen will be a great State Senator.

Ron Newman

Somerville's election results, broken down by ward and precinct, are now available on the city's web site.

spineless bleeding heart tree-hugging hippie liberal with no kids and no money

"If Pat has done anything for affordable housing, why are people leaving in droves for Medford, Everett, Chelsea, Malden, Dracut, Methuen, etc.? The schools are emptying out at an alarming rate as families are forced to move out, and too many newcomers have no children. We will very soon be a city of 'wealthy' newcomers and the poor. The middle class (the backbone of most societies) is disappearing quickly. Sad days are coming......"

Sad day,

Where are your sources on this? I'm not saying it isn't true, but I wonder if that's just your personal experience or if perhaps our nonexistant governor or Massachusetts-hating President doesn't have something to do with the aid that goes to our community. I see the middle class disappearing but I see that happening everywhere.

I grew up in Concord (which must make me a transient) and no, I don't have any kids - YET, which is why I honestly don't know the situation about the schools here. But I'd like to have kids someday and I want to raise them here.

Anyway, Sad Days, it's nice to have someone anti-Jehlen express their displeasure without resorting to grade-school name calling and making baseless claims. I hope you don't share the same defeatist attitude as some of the immature trolls (yes, this makes me a hypocrite) who have posted. People like you will hopefully stay and fight for what they believe in. Without dissent we would really have sad days ahead.


Congratulations to both Pat and Joe for running campaigns that were worthy of the person whose shoes they sought to fill. I maintain that Joe would have been a more effective advocate for Somerville, but the electorate has spoken and I'm good with that. I obviously wish Pat godspeed and good luck going forward. Same goes for Bill White. He seems to have been forgotten thus far, but IMHO shouldn't be. Bill is a class act and probably the most intelligent and focused mind in Somerville city politics at this remove--in my opinion.
It was a rather interesting day at 3-1 yesterday. We had 549 people cast ballots. Among other things, I had the opportunity to listen at length to a couple of Somerville's finest and learned a lot about the issues within the department--and there are many. Discussion for a later time though.
Ron, I suppose I owe you a cup of coffee. Maybe we can get together down at Mike's one of these days. Also, I'm curious whether or not you'll be involved with the historic walking tour in Union Square on October 1. I was invited to be a part of the committee. For now, it's on to the Ward 3 preliminary September 13th. My signs are forest green with white lettering, and my name is third on the ballot. Also, to "Brickbottom", my offer--and--promise stands.
Come what may, at the end of the day, Somervillians we!


Challenging a Progressive

What do others think about someone challenging progressive politicians who are already in office? We now know when there is a vacancy that a progressive can win (and win big). The Ciampa/Sciortino race does not really count, since Ciampa had long ago thrown in the towel. But what about the general election for the 2nd Middlesex seat - and maybe others' seats. Just curious.


To JARfromWard3: First off I would like to know what party you belong to? Is it true that you are a Libertarian? Also, what issues do you deem most important for the residents of Ward 3. I live in Precint 1 and am sick and tired of all the kids hanging out at the newly re-furbished Corbet-McKenna Park late at night. This park was geared to children 14 and under in my opinion and that is certainly not the case nowadays. This park will be ruined within a year if something is not done. I am afaraid to let my kids up there after 5:00pm each night.

I also know what you mean about Somerville's finest and their disgust with Acting Chief Bradley playing politics with the mayor. If Curtatone stopped short he would need a proctologist to remove Bradley from his backside. Bradley is hoping that Curtatone appoints a "Public Safety Commissioner" and that he recives the job. A Chief of Police should in no way be beholden to anyone in political office unless of course that Chief is not doing his job properly. A Public Safety Commisioner would be a lacky for the mayor and this we don't need. The Police station is already called the "house of hate" and Bradley has only made it worse. And I won't even get into the can of worms the Police Officers are going through as of right now with thw old "T" barn being used as a Police station and the "sick building syndrome" that has made many officers hesitant of even going into that building.

Well, that's all for now....when you knock on my door I'll tell you who I am.


Those who think Pat Jehlen has done anything but talk about affordable housing are sadly mistaken. Pat like most thinks she advocates talks but does not act.

I don't agree that Somerville is divided among the "rich" and poor.

In my view, people who moved to Somerville in the last 10 years are the new urban middle class. Many have or should now have some equity- but many are also mortgaged well into that equity- and while they may have gained $200 - $300,000 in equity - that is not rich. Rich my friends are Wellesley, Cambridge, Winchester, and Newton where people's net worth is well into 7 figures. Not many Somerville resident have that distinction. This however, is the most vocal group in Somerville and the one that carried Pat last night. We'll see if they stay for another 10 years or cash out while it's still possible- time will tell.

The second group are the long time residents who bought for less than $100,000. These people are mostly retired and living the nice life. Most where either blue collar or lower level white collar professionals. These are mostly seniors or people in their late 50's and 60's....these people go for Joe Mackey.

Third is the growing group of immigrants in East Somerville and the public housing project. This is a new class for Somerville... in terms of numbers and possible signifigance down the road. Some will buy and stay other will not. These people dont vote- but if they did could in numbers be a strong voice.

Anyways, the people have spoken. Pat Jehlen fools enough of the people all of the time... and it is what it is.

Congratulations to Pat ... my sympathies to Somerville..

democratic voter

the only thing worse than a sore loser
is a sore winner. jehlen won! no need to continue attacking her former opponents
she should be seeking their support for
general election. just for one person's info
i got lit from callahan that had web site-
fax-phone and ride to poll info on it so
lets talk real issues and rally all the democrats to beat the republican on sept. 27th.

Ron Newman

I haven't noticed Pat attacking any of her former opponents during the 19 hours since the polls closed.

Joe Mackey visited her victory party last night and gave a well-received speech, even putting a Pat Jehlen sticker on his suit. Pat thanked Joe for the way he had carried out his campaign.

I don't see any bad blood remaining between Pat's supporters and Joe's. Joe was probably the second choice of most of Pat's voters, and vice versa.

Ron Newman

By the way, I'd like to congratulate The Somerville News for being first to report the election results, and thank you for providing this discussion forum.

The other newspaper in town still hasn't reported any election results on their website! Doesn't make them look too good right now.

Mike Silvia

It seems like a lot of hostility towards Pat is coming from Mackey supporters on this thread. IMHO, both were excellent candidates and both ran effective campaigns. For the most part, it looked to me that this was one of the more positive campaigns. All candidates in this particular race should be commended for this. I heard Casey had a fairly negative mailing, but I don't think it targeted a specific candidate. That seemed to be the worst of it from the negativity perspective.

Whether or not you supported Pat or Joe, they would probably vote the same on every single vote before the legislature. Their styles may (or may not) be very different. I supported Pat wholeheartedly; however, if you agree with Joe on the issues, you still win with Pat. If the outcome of the race had been the other way around, I would have been disappointed, but would have felt very comfortable with Mackey in the seat.

How a legislator votes on the issues is more critical than personalities, perceptions of party affiliation. If you voted on the issues, Mackey AND Jehlen supporters have something to be happy about. Both groups should come together, and reach out to (and educate) Callahan and Casey supporters.


Well, Somervillians we made our bed now we will have to sleep there.

With Jehlen, Provost, and Scortione at the State House- Somerville will be strong on issues but short on delivery.

I understand it feels good to elect people who share our values of fairness and justice. But it would have been nice to have that and a person who had the brains and energy to work the system and bring things home for dinner to.

New Somerville residents live an illussion that our city has changed dramatically and they are the cause. The fact is Somerville has always been a great city- and here's a little secret people who don't live there still don't think its a great place to live or raise kids. They of course where wrong then as they are now.

Here's a suggestion: dont spend that home equity you have too quickly. With this State Delegation the City is in for a long period of declining funding and special projects. And you and I will suffer the consequences.

Paul Collyer

comment: New Somerville residents live an illussion that our city has changed dramatically and they are the cause. The fact is Somerville has always been a great city- and here's a little secret people who don't live there still don't think its a great place to live or raise kids. They of course where wrong then as they are now.

I think the above is the most telling thing I have read today..I do not think all new Somerville residents and workers feel this way but there is a percentage who do and it is wrong...Somerville has always been and always will be a great city...I have fond memories of visiting my grandmother Theresa at work in Davis Square - Fannie Farmers and nana leahy at ole Somerville Trade mother at Sydney Sorrells office in Ball Square...

The Slummerville comments have always bothered me and they do even more today from supposed educated... compassionate folks who use this word in their debate of their worth and contributions.... they really have no idea what Somerville was like in the past..many leaving their own hometowns in other areas of the country for reasons that they now use to dump on many great citizens...who have lived and worked in Somerville for years..

Somerville has always been a great place to live and work in..and it has always been very welcoming of all..those that think that there is no room for newcomers are wrong and those who are new to the city who think that those who have lived or worked in Somerville all their lives are to be pushed out are wrong also..

Lets hope Pat does a great job..she has more responsibility now being one of a very few State Senators..10,000+ voted against her on a day in a week that was ill-timed for such an important she has some folks that she needs to win over...we will see if she can.

Paul Collyer

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