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August 30, 2005



I'm glad to see you guys are reporting on Rebekah Gerwitz. WHAT's going on with the Senate race? I thought you guys would be on top of things. Are the voters getting out?? How/What are the candidates doing? Anything??


Not too busy at my polling spot in Somerville. I voted for PAT JEHLAN.

Dominic Santos

55 votes were cast in Ward 4, Prec. 2, by 11:00 AM. I voted for MICHAEL J. CALLAHAN.


Nice job!!! Glad to hear about what's going on. It looks like 1000 votes might win this one!!!


1,000 votes will not win this one


Yest it will!!!




400 votes by 5:00 PM in Ward 3, Precinct 1. Lots of senior towers nearby, afterwork rush yet to come.

Getting ready for November

For everyone involved in this fall's Municipal Elections, here's your chance to 'meet the candidates'. SCAT pre-recorded 3-minute messages with all interested candidates and will start running them this weekend. You can see them on Channel 3 Sunday 9/4 at 11:30 am and Wednesday, 9/7 at 9:00 pm. This is a good way to get a sense of what each candidate is about.

Vote Glines and Martinez "Boston Street"

I am casting my ballot for Martinez and Glines for Alderman-at-Large. Out of all the canidates both Martinez and Glines sounded the most intelligent and passionate about the upcoming At-Large Race. Its time for some new blood and fresh faces. Both Martinez and Glines appear to have the best grassroots organizations and vision for the progress of Somerville.

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