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August 29, 2005



Will Somerville community access tv have the results

Vote for Marty

Marty Martinez is running for Alderman at Large and he is bilingual. I hope everyone will vote for him so we can finally have some diversity on the board.

I cant believe this article was even printed.

Joe's not diverse? Are you people crazy? In the last 5 weeks I have personally been to a hip-hop/break dancing event that he sponsored, a Brazilian event that he sponsored,an Indian culture event that he sponsored in Union Sq. and he approved the DPW to work for OT setting up the stage at the Clarendon Hill Projects for the Haitian Coalition guy that wrote this article against him for a BBQ last Saturday. Joe doesn't hand-pick the alderman, so if they aren't bi-lingual it's not his fault. Run a bi-lingual person for office. It's not Joe's call. And for the record, Joe himself is bi-lingual! Alot of his dept heads are also. I know a few of them that speak multiple languages, Frankie speaks Italian as well as Joe. This article was nothing more than Dalambert being ticked off because his daughter didn't make the cut for the job with the city that she applied for because she was NOT QUALIFIED. That's Joe's job, to watch our money and make sure it isn't being spent on political patronage, but qualified personnel.

Frankie V.

Joe is very diverse! Just last Tuesday he ate a ricotta cannoli and on the very next day he switched it up to a crème filled cannoli. How can you say that this man lacks diversity?


For those who think that this was a personal vendetta from my father, you are wrong, I did in fact get the summer youth program job. I was qualified and I did work there for 2 1/2 weeks. I left the job to pursue different things. The pay was less than minimum wage $5 per hour. My father has in fact privately and publicly talked highly of Mayor Curtatone. What he is trying to do is remind the mayor of the unmet needs of the community. I myself just recently graduated from Somerville High School this past June, and I feel that the minority population needs to be better represented. Diversity is something we live through everyday not just a couple of events that we attend. From Headstart to Healey to Saint Catherine’s to Winter Hill to Somerville High I have seen and known much of Somerville. I personally feel I was well qualified for a paper filing job at city hall.

Venessa's right, help her out!

Very well put Venessa! Keep on trucking! We all hear you and await to see city hall's next mlove! Good luck Venessa. You sound like a great person.


Good for you Vanessa. I and everyone else in Somerville wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors. But trashing Joe and playing the race card isn't the way to go. You and I both know he'd help you any way he could and the fact that your father even said that is mind boggling. I know you are a good kid and your father is a good guy. That's what I can't understand. Where all this BS from him came from. Joe's not Dot Gay who only hired people whose names began with an "O". His dept heads are "qualified". Not just hired because he needs to fill some certain quota of blacks, whites, jews and portuguese. If you are qualified to servr the citizens of the city, then you get hired. He's a pretty fair guy, I know him well. His bottom line is this........."Do the right thing". He tells me all the time that he'd fire his own brother if he was working for the people of Somerville and not doing the right thing. So, if people think he isn't diverse, talk to him, don't trash him cuz he is 100% for the people of Somerville. And once again, I and Joe wish you the best of luck Vanessa.

Spineless, very spineless! "Joe's not Dot Gay", Hua!

What's the matter "I and Joe wish you the best of luck Vanessa" can't even use your real name? Spineless, very spineless! "Joe's not Dot Gay", Hua!


I think the race issue is not a fair one either. Joe Curtatone could not get elected dog catcher if there was a hint of that in his politics. And, frankly I see no evidence of that in his personal or public life.

Every Mayor will make the relatively few key appointment he or she gets with those who got them there. If you don't then 1 term is your length in office.

It's understood that Somerville has/ is a city with a substanstial and growing minority population.. it ranks among the top 5 cities in the State in %-age of minority population, and 4th behind Lawrence, Lowell, and Chelsea where English is a 2nd language. If you don't thinks so, go to the High School some day and see the new Somerville.

Like their immigrant forerunners (aka the Irish and Italian) the Brazilians and Haitains are finally starting to get involved in politics and will at some point hold their share of the offices in the city.

But to say that Joe owes them jobs is not right. If you want your share of political jobs- get involved and show you can contribute in the world of politics.

Under the thinking that Curtatone should appoint a percentage of Brazilians or Haitains just because he lives here. Then one would argue that city hall should be half low income people or senior citizens since they are also a large percentage.

That said, I have not been impressed by the leadership Mayor Curtatone has shown overall. While one can debate his contribution vs. Dot Gay, lets raise the standard some. Let's compare him to Mike Capuano.

I see Joe as being too heavily influenced by property developers, and I have not seen anything that makes me think Somerville is moving forward and continuing to clean things up and make them better as it did under Capuano. I'm not a supporter of Mystic View, but I was not expecting that the best we could do was a Christmas Tree Shop and a few stores at Assembly Square. Capuano would have had a better solution long ago.

I am not comfortable with the qualifications of many of his appointments, and don't think they are the equivilant of their predecessors over the past 15 years.

For example, I know Capuano would not give a $10,000 pay raise to a guy who parked his boat on public property for the winter. In fact Capuano would have kicked his butt out of the management job he had, and put him back in a much lesser role.

And, why is it acceptable for Joe to make most of his major appointments (DPW, City Auditor, City Solictor, Water, etc.) with non-Somerville residents? And for him to give away $200,000 to a Police Chief because they have a personality conflict?


Is anyone else sick of Salazar complaining because he got canned awhile back. I am not a big fan of the mayor but he is very diversafied. Get a life Salazar!


This goes out to Lawrence Paolella. I would love to meet you at the top of Prospect Hill Tower for a midnight rendevous. We can sip champagne under the moonlight. I can't wait to run my fingers through your curly gray hair. I love you Lawrence!!!

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