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August 24, 2005



Why does the mayor care about the most cost effective way to get the ac's in at assembly square? He should clean up his own messes and stop playing construction worker


Yes, I agree with the above post. Why does the Mayor care about the cost of the installation of air conditioners? Will he be at the Armory on Highland Ave for the ac installation when they try to convert the building into a 400 person function hall? Why is spending his time/Somerville tax dollars supervising this operation?


You people kill me. We finally have a Mayor who CARES about EVERYTHING in Somerville, and makes a point of being absolutely EVERYWHERE where there is something going on that directly affects the lives of his constituents and yet you nay-sayers still complain. Move to Cambridge.


It *shouldn't* be the mayor's responsibility to micromanage logistics. (It makes a nice photo-op, I guess.) I believe we should thank the hypercritical Mystic View folks who claim to know what's best for all of Somerville. Going forward, I bet the mayor will have to do a lot of hand-holding, signing-in-triplicate, and other resource-draining bureaucratic fun for Assembly Square development.


Like it or not, your mayor is right. Rotary-wing aircraft are the answer to everything, especially for lifts like this. By the time they bring in a crane suitable for the job, set it up, test it out, do the lift, break it back down, and send it home, the eggbeater can fly in, have 20 of those ac units in place, and be back at the tarmac for lunch. And they don't affect traffic or emit as many greenhouse gasses as the ground-based crane would have. Only one question... did they play Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" as they were coming in? That's what I would have done.


I'm sure the Mayor had very little to do with the decision making process. More likely he showed up for the spectacle and took advantage of the microphones to explain the reasoning behind the choice. If he's working overtime as the foreman on the project then there are more problems with Assembly Square than we realize.


That 'Ski H-34 is probably older than most of the people in Somerville! Last time I was in one of those was over a rice paddy in 1968.


"did they play Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries" as they were coming in?"

LOL. Bill Kilgore for Alderman?


Eury13 is a very active campaign supporter of Pat Jehlen. Interesting he/ she is taking shots at Mayor Curtatone. Very interesting.

I guess its no surprise since Pat seems to disapprove of our good Mayor quite strongly.


Geez... is that really what you got from my comments?

Some were asking why he was involved in the decision to have helicopters. I responded that he wasn't, but took the opportunity to make an appearance. Basically what any politician would/should do.

And for the record, I haven't heard Jehlen speak one way or the other about Curtatone.


And frankly my comments are the least negative re: curtatone of all the ones here!


Thank God for Curtatone who is trying to be truly progressive in the dictionary sense of the word. It has been YEARS and Assembly Square could and should have been a gleaming gem by now. These angry, reactionary bolsheviks in the MVTF are so to blame for the stagnation and holding back of Somerville. How about we move forward now?

Ron Newman

In what way does a Christmas Tree Shop represent progress?

Ron! You are nothing but a tree hugging pain in the ass!

Hey Ron, it's a store! A business! Somebody sweat blood to build a business like that! Who the F$#@ are you to dictate what the owner of a business can or cant do. You are nothing but a tree hugging pain in the ass! Look at your own life and stop sticking your jealous ass nose in other people's business! That's the problem with you liberal tree hugging morons. You people thing your in charge of everybody's affairs! So why don't you climb down into your frigin spider hole and assume your granola crunching position and wait around for your boyfriends!


I don't know about progress Ron, but my wife, my mother in law, my 3 daughters, 8 neices, grandmother, mother and all of our friends CAN'T WAIT for the X-Mas Tree Shop to open. They freakin LIVE for that place. I actually like it too. I got a nice tool set at the one in Salem, NH for like $20 there that's saved my ass a couple of times. Its a fun place and a nice crowd that shops there. We used to get stuff at Salem NH for the PTA fundraisers there. Now, at least instead of having to drive to the Cape at the rotary on Rte. 3 or Rte. 1 in Saugus or to Salem, they can just drive 5 minutes to Assembly. That should save gas and time and emit less greenhouse gasses and bring commerce to a vacant lot. Maybe not the best possible use of the area, but it'sbetter than nothing. Sorry Ron, but i don't really see what can be bad about that. I don't know if you're married or not, but believe me, if something makes your wife AND mother in law happy, AND saves gas, AND saves tme, AND saves money, THAT'S PROGRESS!!

Ron Newman

I'm not sure what "tree-hugging" has to do with this, since the choice at Assembly Square is between different kinds of development, not between development and trees.

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