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August 20, 2005



Political Patronage???? BRUCE DESMOND has the nerve to talk about patronage....who is he kidding...not only did he not write these editorials...anyone who has ever said more than one word to him knows that...but he comes from a long line of patronage and political favors....thats the kind of person that he is and I will be glad to see him out of elected office once he loses this November!

no way he wrote it

Seriously...who is the ghost writer here? I've had numerous occasions to speak with Alderman Desmond and while I don't doubt his commitment to this cause, I know he is not eloquent enough to have written this. So, who did?


I have seen Bruce Desmond on SCAT several times and see him occasionally around the city. It is an insult to the residents of Somerville if he expects us to believe he wrote that editorial. I am not goig to say that Mr. Desmond is an idiot but he is by no means as scholarly as the true author. Nice try Brucey!!!

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