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July 26, 2005



Geez could you at least get the headline right? Do you even know your facts? The first thing a "good" journalist finds out is when the event happened!
Who? What? Where? WHEN? and Why?
uh duh!

Ron Newman

The headline says 'Memorial Day police brawl' but the article refers to an 'April 20th incident'. Were these two separate events?


These comments in defense two juvenile deliquints are disgusting. First off do these "students" even l;ive in Somerville? If I remeber correctly these are the two same "students" that were deemed ineligable to play by the MIAA and resulted in the Highlanders forfeiting their only victory. Ohyeah and where was the Youth Director when all this happened....oh yeah Tennessee. I guess this is what happens when you give the ex-Patriot keys to the City and let him do as he pleases.

Ron Newman

Looks like the headline was changed after the first two comments were made, and no longer refers to 'Memorial Day'.


Go Mayor Joe: Thanks for banning SDP from ArtBeat. These folks continue to try to bully somerville residents. First intimidating people questioning them outside the T stops, then after losing a democratic vote by the aldermen trying to disrupt city business and now this. When will they get the message that we in somerville don't want this type of group around. Do you think the white supremacy group would have come to somerville a few months back had it not been for SDP. Think again. This is what we are going to be known for. So, thanks Mayor Joe for standing up to this group. Don't support these people or their initiative. Don't let somerville be known as the ONLY city in America to support divestment from Israel.

Ron Newman

What does that have to do with Somerville teens in Medford?

katie m.

Ron Newman: Your mispelled, inflammatory and ignorant comments only reveal the shallowness of your "thinking". What do you know about the boys whom you call "deliquints"? Nothing. Witnesses to the incident insist the boys were attacked for no reason by police who seemed to have nothing better to do that afternoon than corner these unarmed kids, who were minding their own business, and beat them and hurl racial epithets at them. Get the facts straight.

Ron Newman

Katie, I did not write the comments you are responding to. "hannahslegacy" wrote them.

The name of the poster appears below the post, not above it. This has caused confusion on quite a few comment pages here.

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