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July 26, 2005



I thought the general election was September 27th... has this changed?


there have been at least 4 polls and all have different results.
in one its a three way tie with jehlen/callahan/mackey another shows mackey
1st and casey/jehlen tied for 2nd.
all the polls say one thing more than 50%
of voters are undecided.
this article clearly shows baised towards jehlen since her campaign was the only one allowd comment- poor journalism


You think The Somerville News is biased toward Pat Jehlen? Is this your first week reading this site?


All we hear on this site is Mackey this, Mackey that. Every single endorsement he gets, no matter how small is written up, and Jehlen wins bigger and bigger endorsements daily, but does The Somerville News ever report it?

Sean Carberry

First, disclosure - I am Pat's former campaign manager. I left at the end of June because I am starting graduate school tomorrow, and I am no longer on paid staff, and the staff is not aware of my posting a response to this thread.
Second, in terms of polling data, I have no idea the source of the poll that was presented to the Somerville News.
Third, I don't know who you are gocasey, but I'm curious how you know the results of all these other polls (especially since none of them are public) - I'm an insider here and I haven't seen the data you claim to have.
I can state that given my knowledge of the dynamics of this race, the polling information I have seen, and my experience with polling, that no reputable poll would have Casey and Jehlen tied at this point (in any position), and no respectable poll would show 50% or more undecided at this point. Plus, I don't believe any straight-up poll would have Mackey in the lead (not without some pushing going on).
Would you care to discuss futher the polling information you've seen, and how you have access to it?

Sure you quit

In the interest of disclosure, perhaps Mr. Carberry should let everybody know that he was fired. That's a fine excuse - starting school. So what, you took a job for six weeks. PLEASE

fake left pass right

"sure you quit," you must be a Republican. You've mastered the Rove-Bush tactic of completely avoiding the facts and assertions stated by Mr. Carberry and instead launching an ad hominem attack with nothing to back up your claim. Nice work. You've got a great future in the GOP.
Still doesn't change the fact that Pat Jehlen is polling ahead of the field and is going to win this campaign.

Hey she's progressive



Well, she's clearly doing something right. She's never lost an election in 14+ years as a state rep, and she won last year with 81% of the vote. So I guess you could ask the residents of Somerville why she's soooooooooooo (sarcasm intentional) popular.


this is awesome news ... especially that buffoon casey is in last place. i hope that jehlen - or even the three others - can mount enough of a campaign to humiliate this idiot.

Sure you quit

That's funny being called a Republican by a Jehlen-ite. Wake up, Jehlen does not do anything - she gets nothing done. Her politics may be spot on, but she is pretty much useless as a legislator. Name a few of her bills that have become law and helped working people in Somerville?
I don't know about you - but I would like a state senator who gets things done - not an ineffective mouthpiece.


We all know that a progressive in Travaglini's State Senate is position to get a hell of a lot more done than a progressive in Finneran's House.


Another sign of the apocalypse. I'm not even sure you can call the Somerville News a newspaper for posting this garbage. An anonymous source telling about a poll and this is news?

Here is a kick in the pants to the Somerville News: There is only one private industry protected by the Constitution. You know what it is? Ever hear of the First Amendment? The Founders of this country regarded the value of the press, the media, so highly, they wrote it into the Bill of Rights. This is how you repay this trust and honor? This is rumor or a rumor about something inconsequential (a poll). Do you even know how polls are done? What is a margin of error? What is a sampling error?

Rather than following the mob, why not try to lead it? You should be contrasting these candidates, giving us insight rather than trying to play American Idol.

James Norton

FourHorseMen, we can't figure out what your point was in your brief but rambling little comment.

First off, I can recall a few of the most important news stories in the last 50 years were based on anonymous sources (Deep Throat ring a bell?).

Secondly, what's with the little civic lesson on the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment? Are you that foolish to think that anyone here needs a pedantic rant from someone like you? That was truly a great nugget of knowledge you picked up from Schoolhouse Rock, thanks for sharing.

Thirdly, yeah we know all about polls - some of us have been doing polls and involved with politics for the better part of our lifetime, so don't even bother to entertain the notion that you might have us on that as well.

I guess the bottom line is that a newspaper reports the news that it has access to - and sometimes it will be from people who wish to remain anonymous. Any good newspaper will report the news to the best of its ability - sometimes it will hit and sometimes it will miss - that's life.

It's not American Idol, and there's no agenda, so get over it Simon.


Mr. Carberry, I opened the Somerville Journal today to find a campaign letter you had written in response to last week's Speakout section of the paper. After an individual (who in no way was affiliated with any of Jehlen's opponents in the upcoming election) questioned Pat's merits as a legislator, you took the liberty of blasting back with the following reply to voters: "Well, we knew it was just a matter of time before the attacks began....We know that more of these negative assaults are on the way. That's the only weapon our opposition has against a principled, accomplished, and very personable state representative. Since they can't make the case that they are the best choice for the job, they have to attack the person who clearly is the only progressive choice to represent the Second Middlesex District." While it is apparent that you are attempting to somehow connect Jehlen's election day opponents (Casey, Callahan, Mackey) to one individual's letter, the fact remains that none of the candidates are badmouthing your candidate. The campaigns of all three men have been aimed at highlighting their own track records and what they can bring to this district as a State Senator. Your attempt to tarnish these intentions through such a childish ploy is completely unethical and unprofessional. By all means, feel free to respond to anyone who "attacks" your candidate. Do not, however, use one individual's criticism as an excuse to launch attacks of your own. Grow up, Mr. Carberry.


As a completely undecided voter coming to this website for more information, I have to say that gocasey has almost singlehandedly decided me firmly against Casey through sheer incomprehensible tirade. If you are really so enthusiastic that your candidate win, you should probably stop posting.

Manny Ortez

Don't worry, even if all of the other candidates dropped out, Casey would still probably lose by write-in votes. He's the outsider looking in here, and (someone correct me on this) he's either anti-gay marriage or anti-abortion, one or the other, so he'll do poorly in Somerville, the biggest constituency.

But what we all want to know is - why is Sean Carberry no longer on Jehlen's team, four weeks before the primary? CRY FOUL!

Sure you quit

Because he was fired.

Sean Carberry

"Sure you quit",
Yeah, you caught me - I'm not really sitting in the Belfer building at the Kennedy School right now having just completed my first day of classes in the Master's in Public Administration program. You're good, you figured it out...

Manny, Pat hired me knowing I was going to have to leave early because I was starting school in July. My job was to get the campaign off the ground, and Georgia is the "closer."

union square

he is anti-abortion, which will probably play well in meffa, and also anti-gay, having taken the most extreme position during the marriage/civil unions mess on beacon hill. he is a finneran clone. so, yeah, it is pretty extreme.

i don't know if this is true but i heard that in 2004 the winchester star endorsed casey's republican opponent even though the editor was a liberal. if this is true, is says a lot about how extreme casey is.

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