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July 14, 2005


Dominic Santos

I agree. Michael Callahan is an honest and hard working individual with moderate views. With the diverse political views of the 2nd Middlesex District, it is important we have a Senator who welcomes conservative, liberal, and progressive ideas. Some candidates in the Senate race espouse extreme liberal views that raise genuine questions as to whether they will consider the more conservative views of some of their constituents while on Beacon Hill. Michael Callahan, a moderate candidate, will certainly receive my vote on August 30, 2005.


Dominic, if you work that up into a press release and send it in to the News, you can get yourself an entry on this website. They already have your photo!

What an extreme liberal view?


What are extreme liberal views?

What's an extreme liberal view?


What are extreme liberal views? Nobody that I have seen in the race is an extremist. Please do not make accusation about without backing them up. While I agree that some candidates are liberal and others are conservative, throwing around words like "extreme liberal" sounds just as bad as calling someone a "right wing nut" just because he or she is a conservative.

Dominic Santos

An extreme view whether it be conservative or liberal is harmful to our representative democracy. What I mean by "extreme" in this context is a mindset which believes that a certain ideology is plainly wrong and rejects any idea from that side of the aisle. When I state that some candidates in the Senate race espouse such a view, I speak only of my own opinion on the matter and do not purport to state such as a fact.

for Example?

I understand what "extreme liberal views" are, but what I don't understand is what specific extreme liberal views You think these candidates have. You did not give any examples of what extreme liberal views these candidates are supposedly proponents of.

Dominic Santos

Example: Choosing to increase the income tax burden on working families in Massachusetts rather than cutting wasteful spending in the State budget.

A candidate for Senate voted to raise the income tax rate to 5.95 % for tax years beginning in 2003. The tax increase would have been used to offset the budget deficit. The measure failed and the State issued bonds instead.

I don’t agree with this result (issuing bonds) either. The State legislature should be in the business of making hard choices relative to our State budget which sometimes means cutting programs. As is too often the case, politicians, in a mission to please their base, seek to keep wasteful spending in the budget and pay for it through income tax increases that will only hurt our economy and adversely affect working families. This vote by a candidate for Senate shows that this candidate is out of touch with the needs of hard working families in the 2nd Middlesex District. The 2nd Middlesex District needs a Senator who can “cut the fat” out of the budget rather than raising incomes taxes to leave it in.

I won’t mention the name of the candidate for Senate who voted this way; however, the information is public and neatly organized on the Mass Scorecard (url:

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