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July 20, 2005



Senator Jarrett Barrios! Wonderful choice! We will show up that night especially to see Jarret! Your Website and paper keeps us amused all week long. Its like an addiction, we have to keep checking it every day, sometimes twice or even three times. Love when you guys hammer the crap out of some individuals. That puts them back into place. Keep on trucking! The women of Cobble Hill! Ps could you post the address, time and place of the debate? And where do we buy tickets? Thank you!

Ron Newman

The news item above gives the date and location and says the event will be free. However, it does not give the time of day of the event.

Ed D.

I'm really sorry to see Bob Publicover drop out of the Senate race. He is the kind of caring guy who makes a difference in the many non profits, both elderly and youth that he has helped for many years. Bob isnt a newcomer, like so many here, he was born at Somerville Hospital. We look forward to his annual AIDS fund raiser and hope that rumors the Mayor Joe is going to appoint him to be the Mayor's GLBT advisor are true. Bob was a pioneer in glbt and AIDS issues when it wasnt cool.


I am very disheartened by the fact that Bob Publicover is dropping from the Senate race. I don't know that any of the other candidates exhibit the care for the people in our community, as he does, he has proven repeatedly that our community matters. I hope to see his charitable works continue. I can say with full certainty that he had my vote. Sadly, I can't say that of the remaining candidates.


will mr. publicover ever finish any race he enters? didn't he run for mayor or alderman and then drop out? wasn't he going to run against capuano once and then chickened out? i know he is sick but jeepers, don't waste your time if you aren't going to follow through.

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