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June 22, 2005



I dont think that this bell can be unrung. This is typical Pat Jehlen politics. She announces her candidacy before Charlie Shannon was even buried and then she tries to exploite his good name in her favor. She is disgusting.


hey no good, think jehlen is a no good opportunist, wait until you truly get to know paul casey. the little poor boy of winchester who almost ran the family business into the ground. the whiny finneran stooge who still lives at home with his mommy. pathetic.


Jehlen is as ineffecive as any politician at the State House in God knows how long -

AN UTTER WASTE OF TAX PAYER MONEY THAT WOMAN - she would rubber stamp whatever it took to be get relected. Ooooh how dare I talk that way about a "progressive".

What the hell is a progressive anyway? Someone who likes progress? Therefore if you are not progressive you are not..........

Granola nut fruity-ass tax and spend libs - ENOUGH is enough!!!!


Ok, lets be honest...Paul Casey is not a little poor boy from Winchester. People know he comes from money. However, he lives in his "own" home with his wife and kids and has never run the family business. Paul Casey has been a dedicated public servent his whole life and would be a fine senator for our district. The real "STOOGE" in this race is running out of Meford!


Folks, let's be honest with one another. Pat Jehlen has an unparalelled record of inefficiency. She has never proposed or passed any meaningful legislation to benefit the City of Somerville let alone any of the other cities she hopes to misrepresent... I mean represent. Her "thousand yard stare" and imbecile grin might make her extremely popular with the facist left, but she isn't going to help the ordinary families that populate this district. Give me Callahan, give me Mackey, give me Casey, hell I'll even taken Casey's mother, but people, please don't vote foe Pat Jehlen. She'll do for you what she's done for Somerville... nothing.


casey hasn't done anything for winchester. not a damn thing. look at his record. in 2004, the liberal editor of the winchester star didn't even endorse him - he endorsed the republican, a carpetbagger from stoneham who only moved into the district a few years before! what does that tell you? plus, paul did work in the family business, casey & hayes moving, for a number of years while going to college. after leaving college, he went to work there full time and started to run the place into the ground! his dad and brother bill were begging him to find something else to do. and yes, he does live in mommy's old house - right next to mommy's new house, on wedgemere ave.! how do i know all this? i know bill ... and i also know what paul does in kenmore square ...


what is all this talk about Kenmore Square???


Who knows, just another idiot trying to make a stand that he can never do himself. Casey is a good guy and deserves a chance to prove himself. Paul if your reading this, ignore the idiot and do your thing! Good Luck! You got my vote!

Kate on Senator Barrios

Senator Barrios has to be one of the fastest rising stars of the political world! He is a genius! With his attitude and ideas he will revolutionize The Office of the District Attorney when he is elected!

Jim for Barrios

Ya, Barrios looks like he will win in this DA's race. Looks like the best possability there is running. Smart Guy

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