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June 21, 2005



Great cartoon! Keep it going!

Hurt by Mayor Joes power

This cartoon series sounds so true of the Mayor's life. He forgot where he came from and the people who helped put him there. I myself was promised a position. But what do you know, he gave it to someone else. Said I wasn't qualified enough. But I was qualified enough back when he needed my help, support & money and the long sweating hours campaigning for him away from my family all summer long to get him elected. For what? A good fuc#@$% And what does he do? He pampers someone else who did shit for him. Just like all the people that helped support him out there, he turned on them too like a dog in heat. Maybe the power went to his head and effected his memory? Well, IM not angry as much any more. I took on more overtime to fill the void on the job. But I have to ask you this question. Why do you do this to your friends Joe? Stop turning on your friends! If you couldn't help us, you should have told us. Stop hurting your friends. You take care now. Thank You!

I hear you!

Joe he's right. Don't measure your friends on how much they helped you, just remember that they did help you. Maybe sometime you can return the favor. Don't just turn your back on them. If you can help someone, help them. It wont cost you anything. They will be your friends for life and more important they wont become your haters.

Great Fireworks display

Well, tonight Thursday, June 30th we went to see the city of Somerville's Mayor Curtatone firework display and I got to tell you it was one of the most spectacular displays that I ever saw. Hats of to Joe and his staff for a job well done. After the event the chief kept the crowd moving with a plan to avoid any fights or trouble and it worked just fine. Great job guy's. It was a proud night for Somerville!

Bill Tauro

Mayor Curtatone and his administration, who was also out working the crowd in full force has done an outstanding job planning, working and executing the firework display for us all to enjoy. Families and friends got a chance to unite and enjoy each others company while indulging in the festivities that were presented in an old fashion Forth of July celebration style. Mayor Joe and his staffers deserve a big thumbs up for a job well done. A big pat on the back should also go out to Chief Bradley. Under his direction and supervision the crowd's assembly area was cleared out in a short matter of time after the show's finally had ended to avoid an unnecessary trouble that would have occurred otherwise. This event made plenty of people even more proud to be from Somerville. Congratulations, Bill Tauro


I hear Frankie's girlfrind is pregnant. I also hear he asked her to marry him and she said NO! Well, even if it aint true, it might boost this place a bit!


I would love to see a cartoon with Mayor Joe addressing the foreign labor workers at Foss Park telling them to clear out.


I'd like to see a cartoon of The Boss Hog firing everybody at the water department especially the wannabe biker Joe the meter reader Rat fink then having a big lunch filling his face in right front of them. I'd even pay to see that!

Fred Mend

I would like to see more Franky on the boat cartoons. Maybe one Being torpedoed by The Miss Somerville News Boat! Ya now that's entertainment!


Put some Herb V. Put some Tony and his puppet John. And of course a lot of Boss Hog, John B the regigistra and Frankie. Maybe down the road some you can also have a Somerville Stories pageant! I think Boss Hog and Frankie would steel the show!


Create a cartoon of Santangelo and Boss Hog blindfolded walking the plank aboard the Somerville News Cigarette Boat!

W.W.F. of Somerville

How about an illustrated Somerville story of Mike Foley and Stan Koty in a mud wrestling match against Bert Gay and John Bunommo. You can have Mayor Joe as referee and Tony L as water spit can boy! John L and Sean O'D could be the opening act along with Herb Vargus vs Denise Provose and Mike Callohan, the life size Mr. Magoo vs Pat Jehlen! Call it Match of the Fools! Slam,Bam, Thank You Mam! And don't forget the boat captain, good old Frankie Baby and Paul Casey selling peanuts in the crowd!

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