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June 20, 2005



Just wondering............ What is this guy's credentials, does he have a professional job? I never see him at church or community events or anything of the sort.. Secondly, he plows streets in the winter. Do YOU WANT ANOTHER SNOW PLOWER on the streets? Ask not what you can do for your self, ask what you can do for fellow citizens.


WOW! Look at the size of that head.


"Fundraiser At The Old Magoun Saloon"

Go Figure, That doesn't suprise me! Lush

Strong voter choice

Sorry but, Im with Sean O'D!


Sounds like a great candidate to me. Maybe SeanO will spend more than $500 on this campaign. Yea, like SeanO and Joe boy supporters/operatives never visited the Magoun Saloon? They lived at the Pub in Ball Square for 20 years. Mr. Sullivan’s credentials are very simple. He has candor, energy, and doesn't quit. Sounds like something that is missing in Somerville politics today. Today's current administration has this philyosphy. Don't ask your constituents; just do what I can to help myself!


Hey!if you want a guy that is for the city,John L Sullivan is the guy.He has energy that won't quit,he gives his name for the little person.He will fight
for your rights.He is honest,trustworthy and dedicated guy.If you want the same old "lets show up(maybe)and collect the paycheck guy,then don't vote for John.VOTE FOR JOHN L if you want change,
he will bring in fresh new blood.I know he will do good for the city.

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