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June 01, 2005


You know who talking about loyalty. That's a joke.


The Somerville News say’s: “There is no bias or agenda whatsoever on any level when it comes to the reporting of the local news in these pages.”

Did anyone pay attention to the date on that email?

That was 16 months ago.
Who would save an email of a car for sale for 16 months?

I know! Someone who has too much time on their hands and an ax to grind. In what way does an email to offer a classic car to fellow employees violate any laws?
There was No mention of money. For all we know he gave the car away.
To make a gift legal, One must "sell" for at least $1.00

Whose idea was it to put the signs on the boat? That was not biased? How is posting that sign considered local news?

Once again, In a feeble attempt to slander this employee,
The Somerville News has authenticated its own ignorance and remains biased and committed to an agenda that is filled with negativity and “In plain English, Bullshit”!


To the Somerville Journal Fan, I guess when you told the officer about his picture being in the Somerville News web site, brought you back to the days of old.

Remember when you were the one doing all those write-ups on the Somerville Journal web site M.B? You were the cat's meow back then. Telling everyone how to access the site and do what they needed to do. We know your great pals with your ex-tenant. We know it is you bring all the negetivity to this site.

Pitting one against the other and all. Just keep it coming M.B. and you might just make the election this month. I don't think so...........

we trusted you

I just want to thank Joey for being a snitch!

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