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June 20, 2005


Ward 5

What Pledge is Lafuente talking about? If that was the case, how come did Tony wait until today to announce that he wasn't going to run for Mayor. Lafuente wasn't amused by the rumors that he was running for mayor, he loved every minute of it. Tony Lafuente played along and led his constituents to believe that he might pull papers for the Mayor's seat. The truth of the matter is that if he had a chance at winning, he would of pulled. The more he led people along believing that he might run, the more attention he recieved. If Tony had a shot at beating Mayor Curtatone he would of pulled. Tony waited until the last minute to say he wasn't running because he hoped that Mayor Curtatone would drop the ball. The bottom line is that Tony is all done. What makes Tony think that he is next in line to be Mayor? The next couple of years can bring alot of changes and anything can happen. As of today, Joe Curtatone is doing a great job and Tony Lafuente is nowhere in the picture.

The Mole

Hey Ward 5, better check your view finder. The shutter must be fogged up with all your hot air. Rome wasn't built in a day. This Administration hasn't finished their demise of the City as yet. Watch all the running around and finger pointing when this years budget is over by millions. Just give them enough rope and time, and it will all take care of itself.

If you enjoyed the dog and pony show so far these past 18 months, wait until the next 18 months. I promise you that the dogs and ponies will be all buried, six folds over. They will have new clientele to impress. They get 3 squares a day and some recreation time to boot. They don't have the fancy cars, Suvs or other items as they do now, but they won't need them where they are going... so..... enjoy the Ville for another few and watch and learn........


Looks like the Mole spends alot of time with Lafuente. Mole=coward--Post Your Name! What the mole just printed is exactly what Lafuente runs around the city pouting. "This ones getting indicted, this ones going down, I'm gonna watch him get escorted out of City Hall in cuffs, the feds are in town ETC ETC ETC..." People are getting tired of Lafuente's Smoke Screen. Its all Political Lies and trashing tactics used by Tony Lafuente and his Puppets. Tony Lafuente and the "Mole" should take a good look around. Maybe now they will start to recognize that all his decent supporters are gone. The only people that are left are the HATERS!

The Mole

Gee Lisa, you must have a lot of "frustration" built up inside you. You could reach a point of spewing venom shortly.

To you, everyone is a puppet. You MUST be an associate of this Administration to start pitching the words associated with them. The master of disguise and slights of hands are our current members of govenment. They deflect the issues, twist the truth and cover their subjects eyes with the heaviest textiles on the market.

I will sit back and relax and enjoy the slight of hands and wait for the budget figures to be jumbled back together as in the "Price is Right". DPW will be over budget by hunders of thousands, SPD will come in better than first projected, but still over budget, SFD will be over budget and who knows what the School Dept. will be.

But it's your money and my money spent very unwisely.I dind't need new trash trucks to pick up my street barrel trash but I would have liked a new refurbished school in Ward 1. I didn't need the new front end loaders and new pick-up trucks riding around the city. We didn't need the new water jet rigs or highway hot boxes. These are this Administrations deceptions. They want to have people see how shinny the items are making them nice to have. They plant flowers and shrubs for appearance and votes so they don't need to show how bad the City finances are. There are bills in City Hall that will never get paid by the end of this fiscal year. How much did Carli Fence pay for the Island of flowers? I'll tell you, $1,500 for that strip. It looks great, but is it worth that much? Does it show the City is vibrant? Look and see who is printed on the donations plaques up and down the islands. They all paid a price for those plots. I guess the barren two strips left at Magoon Square are too close to the fire to get adopted. Those haven't looked good for a long long time.

So Lisa, enjoy the show, people like you are mesmerised just like little kids at a magic show. "WOW", "OHHHH" "How did they do that?" You will soon find out and your puppet strings will be drooping because they will have nothing to be clipped too...

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