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June 25, 2005



Sorry to hear it! NOT!
Where did he go? Back to Russia?

Oh happy Day!

Maybe this News Paper can actually start reporting the News for a change.

Domingos R. Santos Jr.

Good luck Neil! Somerville will miss you.

not surprised

He was probably scared to death that the boat-guy was gonna beat the snot outta him. And for the record, he is still gonna. Even more now that it won't be in the paper.

Braccccce yourself!

Hey you out there! You thought Neil was tough? Huh! Just watch and see what George is gonna do! Have a good day now!


George is a great guy and he will make a wonderful editor at The Somerville News. George knows his way around Somerville pretty good as well as all the major players that occupy and run our fine city. George is also pretty well known around the Medford and Cambridge areas also. I have gotten to know George's work for the past couple of years when he was learking around in the shadows of Somerville gathering his info to write the perfect story. He will be a breath of fresh air for the paper! Good Luck George! Go out and do the right thing!

Ron Newman

Neil, did you take all the headlines with you? After the first five stories, nothing else on the front page has a headline anymore.

James Norton

hey ron et al;

we have been talking for weeks about implementing a new website and expanding our online coverage of the local news. now that we have gone a bit further toward that end, combined with the change at the helm, we are pushing forward rapidly on the new site. in the meantime, there will be little bumps along the way, as i am sure you might expect - we ask that you bear with us during this transition over to a new website and thank you for your readership and input.

thanks -

James Norton
for Prospect Hill Publishing and The Somerville News

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