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June 28, 2005


Not Surprised

If Callahan hadn't received the NAGE endorsement, his campaign would have been over. Considering he's an officer in the union, they had to endorse him. The real question though is, where does he stand on the issues?


Good luck finding out where this Medford good 'ol boy stands on anything.It really depends who you ask. One group claims he's for gay marriage. And, other people say he's told them that he's against it. Perhaps this old Governor's Councilor been hanging around Mitt too much??? Or maybe he's just telling everyone what they want to hear? At least Jehlen gives you a straight answer.


Why pubshils such a lame piece about this obscure endorsement, and only publish articles about supposed controversial endorsements for Jehlen (i.e., PDS). Why not talk about some of her other endorsements, like:
# Boston Teachers Union
# Cambridge-Area Democracy For America
# Citizens for Participation in Political Action (CPPAX)
# Clean Water Action
# Commonwealth Coalition
# Democracy for America
# Freedom to Marry Coalition of Massachusetts
# GALLAN (Gay and Lesbian Labor Activists Network)/PAW/AFL-CIO
# Mass. Clean Water Action Vote Environment
# MassEquality
# Mass Federation of Teachers
# Mass NOW
# Massachusetts Peace Action
# National Association of Social Workers/MA PACE
# Neighbor to Neighbor
# OutSomerville
# Progressive Democrats of Somerville
# SEIU Local 3, National Conference of Firemen & Oilers
# SEIU Local 509
# SEIU Local 615
# SEIU Local 2020
# Somerville Teachers Association
# UAW Region 9A

real democrat

i may not know were callahan makey or casey are on a lot of issues but i know were jehlen is. she is a tax and spend liberal democrat hiding behind the progressive label. she won't get my vote.


Wow, Pat Jehlen has a lot of endorsements. Too bad endorsements don't vote. This den-mother of the progressive liberals is just a tired, old, grouchy, do-nothing. In all her years at the state house what has she done? Everyone says Pat is strong on the issues, but all she does is vote the way her endorsers tell her to. She has no political savvy or the ability to cut a deal with leadership or anyone else. Maybe that is why she is always jumping on Jarret Barrios' coattails, letting him do the dirty work while she smiles smuggly and takes the credit.


Callahan hates, among other things:
Mitt Romney
The war in Iraq
George Bush
the idea of a constitutional amendement banning gay marriage
coporate tax loopholes
The New York Yankees.

He's my kind of guy. But I still think I'd take White over Callahan.

I'm Voting

Dear Wow,

I think you have it backwards. Pat Jehlen doesn't vote the way her endorsers tell her. Pat Jehlen votes her principles and that is why her endorsers endorse her.

As for endorsements not voting...that is not exactly true either. Each of the groups that has endorsed Pat Jehlen has many many voting members and many many people who will volunteer and work hard to get Pat elected.

Pat has done a lot at the State House and that is why all of these many groups are endorsing her.

Her opponent Paul Casey was a Tom Finneran best buddy. Pat consistantly stood up to Tom Finneran her entire time in the house. Now Finneran is under indictment and Pat is running for and will win a State Senate seat.

Who do you want as your state senator? A Tom Finneran Clone like Casey?

Nancy M

I feel that Pat Jehlen, Paul Casey and Mackey via "The curse of Dot Gay" had and opportunity to do good for the city of Somerville and the Medford. But in reality they did shi# in all their time in elected office. Now they come out of their closets and say I'll do this and that. Yapity yap! Full of crap! Give Callahan the reins and the power and he will do what has to be done as soon as it is before him and not years after he's elected band not just suck up a pay check like the other three did on their free ride for years. The other three had the power and the opportunity to get it done but choose not to do a thing. Don't be bullshitted again by them. Vote Callahan to get it done.

Nancy M

bob j

When it comes down to it, paul casey is the only candidate who is willing to place the gay marriage issue in the hands of the voters. No other candidate in this race wants a gay marriage question on the ballot in '06....i think you and i deserve a say in this important social policy matter, dont you? vote casey

dear bob

Dear Bob: Good thing you werent around when Abe Lincoln was President. You probably would have wanted to have a ballot question on whether or not to outlaw slavery. I thik that was a pretty important social policy issue that didnt make the ballot.

Bob, you should know better

Well, I guess the issue of suferage, segregation and all other civil rights should have been left up to a popular vote! Imagine the world we would live in.

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