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May 31, 2005



Isnt this the same guy who praised Walter Pero a week ago with a posted comment in the story about the citation that Pero would not sign? I'm confused! Even new candidates are back stabbing each other in Somerville before their even elected! Wow, that didnt take long. He must of took a good look at Peros track record and woke up. Or he proberly figured that The Somerville news ruined Peros chances to get re-elected.

Domingos R. Santos Jr.

Dear “confused”:

I am the same person who defended Alderman Pero when he was attacked on this web site. The authors of the comments attacked Alderman Pero.

For example, “Fred” stated, “From what I have read about him he his [sic] a two-faced ingrate. …. By not signing that certificate it just confirms that Walter Pero is a big looser!” “Shelly” stated, “Ya,after hearing about this guy not to long ago in your newstalk, he sounds like a weasil!”

As I stated in my comment, “[i]t is important to criticize our elected officials on policies they develop and political choices they make; however, our democracy is not served by childish name calling made for want an intelligent criticism of an elected official.” If residents are concerned why Alderman Pero did not sign the citation, I suggest they engage in the political process and ask him. His contact information is available on the City’s web site ( and he does, in fact, respond to resident concerns. As my comment points out, Alderman Pero and I have worked on two initiatives since I moved to Somerville in June, 2004.

I am looking forward to my campaign and I respect my opponent. The residents of Ward 4 have two committed community leaders that wish to serve, but only one can hold the office. It is my job to persuade my fellow residents that I can make the City of Somerville, and specifically Ward 4, a better place to live through the implementation of my policies and my representation on the Board of Aldermen.

Very truly yours,

Domingos R. Santos Jr.
Candidate for Ward 4 Alderman
80 Grant Street, Apt. # 3
Somerville, MA 02145

not Confused anymore

Well Mr. Domingos R. Santos Jr.
their is only one thing that I can say to you is that you have my vote. You sound like you care about the cause and can really make a difference. Good luck!

count your days

Rumors are flying that Laurie Foley might be pulling papers to make a run for Ward 4 Alderman. "Watch your step Wally" I hope that she does run. Walter knows that Santos doesn't have a shot at beating him but his biggest fear is Laurie Foley. I hope that the rumors are true. Walter Pero is such a fake!


Don't know much about Foley but has to be an improvment over that fraud Pero!

Ten Hills

Pero might be a fake bit he's a good one. He beat Bill White in 95, Chairman Sean Sylvester in 99, and after 3 years of retirement incubant McCallam in 03. Santos even said he was doing a good job for the veterans. Papers are for the pulling.


At least we all agree that he is a fraud. I wouldn't go as far to say he does "alot" for Vetrans either. Lets make something clear. He exploits the "Vetrans thingy" to his advantage. Pero, does a good job making sure his bread is butterd. He doesn't do a thing for anybody unless he gets something out of it.


You hit the nail on the head. That loser is nothing but a user! He's all for himself.


Dear commentors,

What have YOU done for the city lately? Perhaps YOU should pull papers and run for office if you think you can do a much better job. While you are at it, why don't you run for Mayor Too!


If Jimmy McCallam, Domingos Santos, and Laurie Foley were smart they would join forces together and finish off Wally Pero for good. They should draw straws to see who would wins the chance to challenge Pero for that seat. If Laurie Foley, Santos, or McCallam were willing to knock on each door in Ward 4 any one of them could beat Walter "the Fraud" Pero.


Hey Mouth, I am pulling papers you smart ass! At least if someone passed a citation to me to sign for a worthy cause, I would have the brains to sign it without a second thought! What a fool he is. And they say that "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree". After reading your comment you must be related to the loser!

"Winter Hill Posse"

I can't believe that anybody would actually expect Walter Pero to do the "right thing". Why wouldn't he sign a citation to honor somebody? Answer: He probably wasn't going to get anything out of it. Walter Pero is a self-centered Royal Asshole! With a capital "A"

Temple Street

Walter Pero has done nothing for Community Development in this city. Can sombody name one positive thing that he has proposed since he has been on the Comittee for Housing and Community Development? How about I go a little further and ask the same question for Traffic and Parking? He has contributed zero. Keep up the good work Pero!

Lower Hill

Walter Pero played an integral role in getting the Cambridge Health Alliance Building on Broadway (across from Star Market). It was going to be a Wendy's, but Pero fought for something better. The Health building is one of the best looking buildings in the City. Now, if we can get just get rid of the Winter Hill Optical facade on Broadway. Whoever allowed or approved that should be banned from City government.


Actually, I think Bickfords was going to be a Wendy's and I think we could have gotten something better from Wendy's than gross Bickford's.

"The Other Side Of 93"

Nice Smoke Screen. The real players behind stopping Wendys was Bill White and Denise Provost. Pero diddnt know what direction he was going in when he heard that Wendys was coming to Broadway. Lets not allow Mr. Pero to get any credit that he doesnt deserve. I am no Provost fan but I will call it the way it is. Bill White had to step in because Pero was ready to fumble the ball. Thank God For Bill White!

On a different note the only time we ever see Walter Pero on the other side of "Route 93" is when he needs signatures. I dont know if Laurie Foley is really going to pull papers or not but I sure hope she does. Santos is too new to Somerville to really understand how this game is played. At least Foley ran for public office before.

Domingos R. Santos Jr.

Santos Launches Campaign Website
Domingos R. Santos Jr., candidate for Ward 4 Alderman, has launched his campaign website located at The Somerville Vision, Candidate Santos’ legislative agenda, is currently being drafted so visit the website often for updates.

Candidate Santos has been collecting signatures in Ward 4 and is grateful for the support and the warm welcome that he has received.

Candidate Santos is committed to
- making our streets safer by hiring more police officers and establishing a policy of strict law enforcement;
- reforming our government to improve city services and maximize efficiency by implementing a City Manager/City Council form of government; and
- restoring equity to the landlord/tenant relationship by passing the Certificate of Habitability Program, the Somerville Community Stabilization Act, and the Condominium Conversion Control Act.

“I look forward to speaking with residents in Ward 4 and earning their vote on November 8, 2005,” Candidate Santos said.

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