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May 30, 2005


pete smith

holy moses! this would be huge if it happened; to former friends go to blows ... with dot gay and lafuente probably helping denise and joe a certain to lose. wow.


I supported Denise in the past. I am upset that she would even think of challenging Mayor Curtatone for the Mayor's seat. I am horrified to hear that she has fallen puppet to Tony Lafuente. Tony is a closet Republican and is using Provost for his own agenda. I hope that Denise doesn't fall for Tony Lafuente's sneaky tricks. Tony's Lafuente and his puppets shouldnt be trusted


Provost for Mayor???
That is the dumbest statement I have ever read in my life. Almost as dumb as Donald Norton & Billy Touro buying a newspaper together!


It looks like Lafuente might be smarter then we all think. I love how he bates provost to run for mayor so he can try to slip into an Alderman at Large seat. He knows that she would loose big. I am shocked that Provost would actually take Lafuentes advise and BANK-ROLL. I guess money makes people do strange things. What a sucker Provost is for listening to Tony Lafuente. The only good thing about this is that we wont have to listen to Provost talk foolishness during board meetings anymore. Tony Lafuente would Bank-Roll anybody to get one step closer to the Mayor's seat.

rex trailer

es-plain to me why a smart, rich guy who lost by 700 votes to a mayor now spinning out of control would finance someone else to get the job he wants.


Answer: To be a smart rich guy who may now win with 700 votes!

The Mole

Pete, Sage, MTC, Jim, Henry and you too Rex, have no clue as to what Lafuente will be doing. You all think when someone goes to dinner or gets together for a little talk, BAMM..... something sinister is going on.

Does one think that when Joe meets with Richie De, estranged brother-in-law Gino or others at the cAfe on Highland Ave?

You all "wanna be" spin doctors are ridiculous. You want to pit anyone and everyone you can to turn the tides. This is similar to the magicians slight of hand. He makes you look everwhere but at the real target. That is just what is happening here and it is all this Administrations hands that are moving.

Broadway Islands that are now flowered by PRIVATE DONATIONS rather than City money. Yes, the City is starting to fail in paying their bills. Home Depot $40,000 Ricky's Flower Market, $4,000.

When the regular citizens see what they see on the islands, everything is hunky dory. Perception is the second best slight of hand trickery. Notice that all the schools in the district "ARE NOT" planted with flowers this year! I wonder why. Maybe because it wasn't post election time. Look at me, I flowered all the schools, as the new Administration beats their chests. Not this year. You saw it once but not twice.

So take a seat all you "Wanna Be" spin doctors. There is pleanty of time for those that wish to challange any seat in the City. Letting out your thoughts so early can do harm to your health. Chill out, take a pill or two.....

Planter's been raining for a month now. All the schools and islands are slted to be planted this week. So MOLE, I guess you don't have all the inside scoop you think you do. Ricky's Flowers? 4 grand? That's nothing, the flowers haven't even been planted yet, it takes time for the bills to come in. Mole obviously equals WANNABE.......cuz you know stuff, but not the right stuff or the inside stuff. Anyone can take a half-truth and hope everyone believes it. Virginia is gone, one down and 5 to go.......................Are you next?

The Mole

Gee wiz Planter, I guess you don't have a green thumb. Take a ride around the Ville. You will see flowers at the Vets Cemetery, on the islands on Broadway Trum Filed and other places.

I think your waterlogged from being out in the rain...


Tony Lafuente attempts to align himself with Provost to make himself look more progressive. Maybe he needs to soften his Republican Image. "Beware" Atasca's Resteraunt in Cambrige is where Tony sets up all his victims to fall puppet to him. If Tony offers to take you to lunch or dinner at Atascas its a set-up. Its clever how he operates. Tony knows that Provost can't beat Mayor Curtatone. He also knows that Provost could be a future threat to him if he decieds to run at a later date. Tony is persuading Provost to run for mayor so he can use her as a pon and see how close she gets. This would give Tony a true indication to how strong Joe really is. Not to mention, it would make Joe use some of his campaign funds. Denise needs to lift her head up off the ground and stop looking for syringes. Wake up, Tony Lafuente is setting you up for the big plundge. Lafuente is never to be trusted!

Putting the Horse Before the Cart

"Multiple sources tell the paper that Alderman-at-Large Denise M. Provost is considering a run against Mayor Joesph A. Curtatone."

This statement means absolutely nothing! Who are these sources? The guy who works behind the counter at CVS? Do these sources know Provost? Has Provost spoken to them about this?

My guess is NO! This is just another stupid rumor with zero basis in fact. Already the rumors fly about puppethood. Its Crazy. Why don't we wait to comment when we actually have news rather than make this paper into a vile rumor mill for people to spout their hatred based on speculation in comments.

Who cares what Tony LaFuente does or thinks? He is no one. He is a guy who ran for Mayor and lost. He is a guy who has no chance of ever being elected Mayor or Dog Catcher in Somerville. He can align himself with the left or the right, and it doesn't matter. He can spend tons of money and it doesn't matter. Tony is not a puppet master. He is a bitter man who ran for Mayor and Lost. End of story. Why would anyone even want his backing if they were running for office? The answer...They don't if they are smart. If everyone who is against him would stop writing about him, I think he would just fade away as a forgotton memory.

I don't know if Provost is running for Mayor or Running for Alderman at Large, but until I hear an actual legitimate announcement, I'll assume she is running for At Large.

Scrap Provost

Scrap Provost is one of the best slogans that I ever heard. I love how people say that she has a shot being the next mayor. I wouldn't vote for her if she was the only name on the ballot.

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