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May 07, 2005



Why is it that former Mayor Gay's picture is not on the wall behind the group in the photo where it belongs like in tradition? Was it taken down in spite for a reason? If so,can the Mayor's office explain the reason why to us,the people of Somerville? Is it a childish way to stick it to her? If so please explain. I think if this is not answered this paper should do a story on it. This is so much like other games played in and around this by certain key people that work for the city. My husband works for the city and will fill this paper in with all the details in full on more than you can believe, with names, dates, and pictures in about twenty eight days from today.


It does seem petty that her picture appears to be gone- come on, guys, not everything she did was right but she did do a lot of things people appreciated, and she was mayor for 5 years, for crying out loud. Put the picture back up!


What a disgrace! The Mayor and the ENTIRE board of Alderman should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this BULL the happen! Its time for Carl Scortino to call out his troops and make a big change in the city this comming November. Grow up people and put the picture back! She was our mayor and you should respect her for that!


You mean to lead us to believe the none of your city alderman noticed it moved? Put the lady's pictue back! What's wrong with you all?

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