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May 07, 2005


Tim Sumner

While I'd never condone racist activity, we also need to be mindful of the free speech issues involved. And the press has a responsibility to not just report on the few who are motivated by racism in their protests and discussions on this issue. If it fails to adequately report on the far more many of us who discuss immigration reform as national security matter and who are routinely prejudged as racists for doing so, the press unfairly paints us with the same broad brush, by omission, as the few who are motivated by hate.

Sara Loton

Free speech issues my eye. I think the mayor made the right decision on closing the library and the news reporter covered "the few who are motivated"properly. Tim I'm sorry but you sound like your one of those wackos yourself.


They misrepresented themselves when they reserved the room at the Library. It's a big city, no one has a god-given right to a specific space in a municipal building when they're going to be disruptive and they're dishonest in their dealings with the city.

Calling your group "White Revolution" and coming to town to protest a Holocaust memorial is not an indication that you're interested in respectful discussions of "immigration reform."


exactly my thoughts. it was a decision based on two things, honesty and safety. the residents around School Street were notified of the group's intention to hold meetings in the area, the folks using the public library had the same right to know if the public space was intended for use for the group on that day.


hey britain33! this isn't england. here, there our rights are not god-given! our rights come from the constitution. and since when does the mayor decide if some group can't talk about the weather if their application for a room said the meeting was about farming? you have a lot to learn about this country, and why we fought to be free from people like you.


Nick, do you live in Somerville?


yes, i moved here from belmont, but before that i was in cambridge. this is a nice city.


Look of course if it was about Black Pride or Gay Rights or Women rights they would have kept it. Liberals control America!!!!~


Liberals control America? GH, what country do you live in? If liberals control America then how is it that George Bush is in the White House and the US Congress and Senate are the most conservative we've ever had. Look around. Liberals do not control America.

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