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May 24, 2005


Jenn & Fred

I'm so confused with all these candidates saying this and saying that. It would be great if all the senate candidates would post the changes that they would make and how far into their term it would take for them to do so if they were elected! Im sure that they all read this site and we the people of their district challenge them to speak their peace. No guts no glory. Lets see who will be the first. Since this is Joe Mackey's story, maybe he should be first? We await your responce's


Ya, this seems like a good idea. I dont see any candidates reponding yet. I hope this isnt the way they would be if they were to get elected. (Dragging their feet and ignoring the question). Lets go guy's, Lets hear it! You have all been asyed the question!


There senate candidates seem like a bunch of talkers it looks like. They can't even respond to a simple request for one stinking question to be answered. They must be waiting for one of the others to step forward first. A bunch of gutless wonders! Its just like the missing mayors picture on the other web page. The board of alderman another bunch of gutless wonders. Nobody has the guts to come forward or correct the problem at hand. A new breed of politions are needed for this city. Time to clean house and put Somerville back on the map with intergrity!


I am more suprised and Alderwomon Provost and Rep Jehlen for not coming forward and letting these small problems continue to snowball like this instead of fixing them. We thought you both were the new breed of mordern politics. Instead your just like the rest of them. Miss Provost, all you had to do was start an inquiry about the missing picture and Miss Jehlen all you were asked to do was answer a tiny question. Both of you have lost our votes!

Reading Comments

Maybe they don't read the online comments of the Somerville News. Maybe they read the paper version instead. That isn't a crime you know. Perhaps you should call whichever politician you would like to answer your question and ask them directly instead. I think you can get their phone numbers from the city website.

Just looking

Oh, Im sure they read it. Being a formor candidate myself. To be truthful I heard just about every candidate for election or re-election reads this site. I see it everyday myself. Just checking that it isnt about me. Im glad my names not Pero or O,donivan. Good luck!

on-line browser

Well, at least Jehlen has her own website ( I don't see any other candidates posting their positions on the issues or any of their endorsements on-line? Wouldn't hurt, right?

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