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May 28, 2005



me again
city worker

Hi! I was just wondering how much Frankie was asking for the yellow Chevy truck that was in the parade! I'll wait for his e-mail on tueday morning.


Damn! They made me give it back before I could post the price on the city website! What's this world coming to!?

The Mole

Did you happen to see the dealership that vehicle came from? You should have checked it out. There were a couple of other vehicles from the same establishment. If you want to buy a new, only used once in a Parade in Somerville, go to Liberty Chevrolet in Wakefield. Oh! Is this the same place they bought mmost of the new vehicles from? Is this the place that Mr. Foster works at?? Yup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS, you noticed they didn't trust Frankie driving......


You don't have a clue do you.

The city buys 99% of it's vehicles from the STATE contract. I would be willing to bet a weeks pay that Liberty chevy didnt sell the city any vehicles.

It is public information posted on the internet you dumbass!

concerned resident-taxpayer

Is the mayors office going to do anything about this new surprise? If so when and what?


Hello, I'm looking to list my car for sale. Is this where I go?


No you have to call 617-625-6600 and ask for Frankie in the automotive/marine advertisment department.

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