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May 29, 2005



You know something, I was sitting there watching the parade go by with my husband when that occured. I thought the cop was part of the show when I saw him yelling at you I knew he was serious. The mayor must think he is a dictator and that this is Cuba. He is a disgrace to pull that stuff in front of young children too boot during a patriotic occasion like this. He must be hidding something from us to act in this barbaric mannor. You news people have been doing a great job filling us in with this monsters little secrets. And it was pretty nice of your guys to put in the float also. You should file a law suit against the mayor and the city. You can put my husband, my son, myself and about five hundred of us down as witneses. Sue their fannys off andhelp find us a new Mayor that doesnt have thugs as adminerstration staff. I will leave our names and phone numbers on your 617-666-4010 news paper number. Thank you. Please print this.

Steve J.

Un-Freaking-believable! This guy runs our city? He should be hidding in a spyder hole like the other Sadam! Whats next, will he take our blond headed male children and recruit them into Curtatone warriors? Impeach him! Repeal him! Get rid of him! Keep up the good work! We love this website. Thanks for sharing the "Not Frankies Boat with us".


He must be taking lessons from Osama and Pero! Joe I thought that you were smarter than this and I have to ask you this question! "Why would you do somthing as stupid as this during a parade in front of hundreds of children? Are you nuts? At first I thought this paper was noting but a bunch of trouble makers tring to make headlines. But I was wrong! They are right about you, Frank Santangilo, Boss Hog and all of your highly over paid pirates! Just take a look at the way that your department heads treat us that work for the city and do a good job. I know we didnt contribute any money to your campaign. Looks like time for a change. They should of been holding up a sign that said "New Mayor wanted Inquire within , lots of perks including free boat storage". You made a big thing out of noting!


I witnessed this incedent. I thought it was childish that the sign was on the boat in the first place. Also, the cameraman on the boat should be ashamed. The officer handled himself professionally. Mayor Curtatone is doing a great job. I truly believe all he wanted was a parade that was fun for everyone with no "baby" games. That sign had the possibility of causing problems and the police ordered it removed. I see nothing wrong in what the Mayor did.


Maybe the sign should of said something about Frankie's fraudulent mortage scam deal! Whats the matter Frankie, didnt you tell the mayor about it yet little buddy! Does he even know about the Special Investigation thats involved in it? Frankie Im glad your getting caught on your own without my testimony! You made your own bed now sleep on it! Nice reporting work Somerville News! Your better than the i Tean!


I just wanted to comment on what a wonderful parade the city of Somerville offered its residents. I am very pleased at the wonderful job Mayor Curtatone is doing with the city. I think that Joe's administration did a great job planning this exciting event. I find it sad that the Somerville News has been targeting Mayor Curtatone and his administration. The city is moving in a positive direction. Joe has been able to get projects like Assembly Square and the green line extention in motion. I hope this site will bring positive energy to the citizens of Somerville. Let's stop the attacks!!!!

Jackey L

Nice try Jenn, you sound like a staffer tring to cover his mistake up! Joe could be a wonderful mayor if he looks around to see whats happing to his adminerstation from a birds eye view. But the mayor still screwed up!


I dont know where you were sitting Pete, but I saw the Whole thing. The cop was way out of line and should be fired by the chief! I cant wait to see if Internal affairs will get involve or are they also run by the mayors dictatorship. The camera man was a gentleman and he was also defening his rights as a American. He was doing noting wrong up there. We saw it all and we are willing to come forward if we are asked to! The entire ordeal was completly childish but it was on the mayors behalf, he created the problem. So Pete when your big enough to buy your own boat, your can print anything that you want on it to. Until them get a life! It's their boat and they can print whatever they want on it. And i'll even bet they pay for thier own boat storage fees! Not like that freeloader Frank that has the city hoff his bill for him and joe letting him get away with it! The only "baby game" that was played was play by the mayor. The parade was fun and we all had a great time! Thanks for inviting us. Cant wait for next years parade.

The Mole

Ok Jenna, let's talk about the positive energy this site will bring back to the citizens of Somerville. Number 1, guess how much this city owes Home Depot? Over $40,000. Know where the $$$ came from to plant the flowers for Memorial Day? Private donations. Did the BOA approve this donation? I don't think so. Just like the other donations for last years fireworks. That was swiftly swept under the table wasn't it?

Number 2,I cannot believe on the show of the week, BOA meeting, that George Landers is suggesting that all of the citizens BUY from this City Administration, speical barrels, that will help in curtailing the rodent problem we have in the City. To even sugest we buy anything from this administration would throw up a flag to me. I know for sure, we would be charged double for those containers and I would fight along with many others.

Number 2, to even suggest having the utility contractors bait holes they dig up saying this is a large portion of our problem. What do we have might mouse picking up those heavy plates on the roadway? Come on, keep it simple. The only rodent problem we have now is on the hill. They have been well baited and they are taking it hook, line and sinker. Wait, just wait. You'll see.

People can see behind the wool being pulled over their eyes that flowers, grass and the like are only surface fluff. This Administration has hired and continues to hire their people, non civil service, placing them in key spots, so when the budget ax comes down, the union people will go first, and then watch and see how the Administration places their people in those just recent vacated places. They've done it before and they will do it again. Parking control officers is the eaisiet place to put them all. Just as they have done these last two weeks. Unfortunately, the SMEA is weak. The move is on to have President Van Steensburg resign, due to a new position under Captain Bradley, due to being non-union position, and have the Union Reps vote for Mike Brown and Michelle Bowler as President and VP. This would make Koty's position a lot easier. This will be a sad day in Somerville if this happens. Watch the papers and the stories coming out of that DPW yard within the next two weeks. It's going to be flowing a different color soon. Everyone will be posturing for position. It's a sad day in the Ville....

You will see how much money is cut from the schools, $2.5 million and then along down the line with Fire, Police and DPW for July. It is going to look very grim. Yet, this Administration is hiring left and right. As Mike Brown the Head mechanic at the DPW. He is the one getting the overtime for training outside people on obtaining their CDL, Commerical Drivers License. Imagine paying someone overtime to train people that do not belong to the union but will be potential new hires down the road? Like I said before, the bait is needed on the hill to get rid of the rodents.


Thanks for all the press........Like A famous person once told me, It doesn't matter what they say in the press because everyone always forgets what the headlines read, but nobody ever forgets your name. Thanks for making me famous and adding 10 grand to the value of the most famous boat in Somerville history! I love you guys!


March Enterprises is coming July 1st.


classic SIX FLAGS

two badge

is your divorce final yet frankie?

how about your girlfriend's divorce?

how the mortgage thingy coming along?


Me and Jean Corey are gonna take this administration down, or get fired. I'll bet on GET FIRED, since Virginia is already GONE.

Charlie Aliano

I didnt write that stuff

Free and single

shelia and Frankie are both divorced and happily having fun with whomever they want...Jealous? Frankie gets more ass than a toilet-seat and Shelia is one HOT babe in the sack! Feel free to give either one of them a roll in the hay..........they are both very single!

a concernd citizin

Whats happening to this city! You cant even enjoy a holiday weekend around here. I think that the feds should step in to run the city and the state police to oversee the Somerville police until we can get an experianced commander in chief to run this city. I thought that we had one, quess I was wrong. Mr Mayor please snap out of it and fix the problems or please step down and let someone else try. Things were diferent before you steped in. Sorry, but its ture.


"Top Ten Possibilities of the Mole's Identity"

1 Elio "Mortadella Head" LoRusso
2 Stank "Cant Be Trusted" Koty
3 Tony "I love driving around in my Mercedes Benz wearing my French Beret and eating at Atasca's" Lafuente
4 William "I love French Berets Too" Shelton
5 Neil "Poison Pen" McCabe
6 John "I never speak the truth" Buonomo
7 John L "The Hack" Sullivan
8 Bert "Gimmie Another Guiness" Gay
9 Charlie "I miss the Good Ole Days" Aliano
10 Anne "Where did it all go" Johnson

OK Tony

C'mon now Tony, you LOST and will LOSE and LOSE and go back to whatever urban town you came from and bring JL and herbie with you.


I though the parade was good. A lot of peolpe also thought the same.We saw the sign on the racing boat. It didn't look like a major problem to us. What's it all about to cause this much mayham. If that little sign ticked the city off that big, imagion what a full front page can do. Gentleman, thats what newspapers are meant for. They inform us of the right and wrong in our world. The city and mayor cant force a paper what to say or not to say. this sounds very fishy and should be investigated by an outside agency for proper justice. I will continue to read papers, absord the news and decide for myself who I want to belive. To se a mayor act like this, IO tell you that I dont belive I him at all. Thank you.


Paul - I was right in front of the incident. I also will come forward but I will tell the truth. Neil McCabe was way out of line. If he printed my entire original posting that would be clear. Neil and Donald are making things bad for themselves. Freedom of speech goes for everyone guys... especially when it's the truth (unlike the crap in these postings). Let's face it Curtatone put on a GREAT parade and it was a fun and exciting day for everyone. The Somerville News tried to be controversial and it wasn't the place.

Cat Powers

It looks like Tony Lafuente has got the Somerville News right where he wants them. It Looks like Neil "Poison Pen" McCabe is Lafuente's newest puppet. It doesn't take much to buy off the Somerville News. John Buonomo bought Neil McCabes "pen" when he pulled the Registry Of Probate adds from the Somerville Journal and gave it to the Somerville News.$$$$$$$$$ It looks like Buonomo is using his position as Register Of Probate to buy positive press for his Agenda. I diddnt think it was that easy to buy the Somerville News. Guess I was wrong!


Just so everyone is aware.. when Neil actually wakes up and reads the last two posts they will be removed. There is no freedom of speech at the Somerville News. Read them now and you will see them edited or removed later. Lafuente, Aliano, Griffis, Lombard, Buonomo, Vargas, JL Sullivan - they are sore losers and people who are afraid of work and accountability


Can somebody tell my why the Somerville News allows themselves to get influenced by hacks, puppets, and haters like John L Sullivan, Herbie Vargas, John Buonomo, Wild Bill Shelton, Anne Johnson, Charlie Aliano, Paula Stewart, Anne Johnson, La La Paoella, Bert Gay, Tony Lafuente, Griffis, and Lombard, just to name a few. I thought this paper was going to speak the truth. Cat was right. There no different then the paper she works for.


You forgot a few names: Joe Hall,Jean Corey & lets not forget the queen------Hussey!


Well said, with this posting.

"Paul - I was right in front of the incident. I also will come forward but I will tell the truth. Neil McCabe was way out of line. If he printed my entire original posting that would be clear. Neil and Donald are making things bad for themselves. Freedom of speech goes for everyone guys... especially when it's the truth (unlike the crap in these postings). Let's face it Curtatone put on a GREAT parade and it was a fun and exciting day for everyone. The Somerville News tried to be controversial and it wasn't the place."


Rumor has it that Lafuente is trying to get Provost to run for Mayor. I also heard that he is going to be BANK-ROLLING her. Tony took her out to dinner at "Atasca's" to persuay her to be his puppet. Good one, Tony! I love how you use people. I am suprised though, its usually you who takes envelopes. I was shocked to hear that you would actually dip into your deep pockets to bet on another horse. You know that she has no chance and either do you. Your setting her up for an ambush. Real Cute!


Tony is "bank-rolling" Provost to run for Mayor so he can run for Alderman at large. Tony and his cronies think we are all ignorant to his main objectives. It is an insult to the people of Somerville the way he sneaks around. Ms. Provost has no chance against the current mayor - none. Mayor Curtatone has done more in the two years he has been Mayor than any other Mayor before him. The city is in great shape. The only complainers left are those that didn't get what they wanted. Jealousy is a powerfull emotion. Mayor, you are doing a tremendous job and now because of you Somerville is the envy of the State.


Tony Lafuente runs all over the city pointing fingers at all of Joe's administration. Stating "This ones going down, that one will pay, this one is gonna do time, that one is being investigated, the feds are in town. blah blah blah, Your true colors are begining to show. Tony acts like he wants to see the best for Somerville. Thats bull! He's an egotistical,power-hungry puke! He disgusts me!

The Mole 2

Lets take a minute and chew on a few things that haven’t been said here yet, but which are well known across the city – for those who don’t already know – and it all starts and ends with this now famous guy “Frankie”.

First this guy runs around with two badges and flashing lights on his new car. How childish.

Then, he threatens the life of this newspaper's editor and one of the publishers for printing a story the other paper already ran with. This at a public event in front of people not known to either party. I was within earshot and everyone knows what happened. Can you say liquid courage?

Then at a fundraiser for the Mayor, he thinks he is funny and puts on a nametag for the crowd to see taunting the publisher he was already lucky didn't press charges against him. How stupid is that?

The guys at the News proved to be stand up guys and they didn't press criminal charges, which even the Mayor knows they were well within their rights to do. Not like the Mayor himself, who had someone arrested because he was a little pissed off over the phone. What a total puss move that was.

Now they're upset over a little joke - a silly little prank much like the nametag thing - I would consider it a fairly equal shot across the bow at the standard bearer/poster boy for this administrations arrogance.

If the news guys printed something slanderous and without merit, where's the lawsuits? None filed.

Is this administration that insane? I have never even seen one negative thing about the Mayor in this paper! Does anyone forget they endorsed Joe, supported him personally away from the paper and even went so far as to direct mail their paper to everyone in the city just days before the final election? How about how hard they kicked the crap out of Tony LaFuente and his supporters? All this because of a misunderstanding between two people. How retarded.

Don't think you're too smart - neither the mayor's crew or the news guys know who I am, but I have personally witnessed the things I mentioned above and oh so much more.

I would imagine that it won't take much more intimidation before the news guys finally call the Attorney General and they swoop into the city just like other agencies who have been here recently. And let me tell you, when they come, it won't take them too long to get to me - and when they do, I will be more than happy to let loose everything I know.

You can dish it, but you can't take it. Too bad the city has gone back to the old days of mafia-style political strong-arming. You guys really better get a life, make the peace and get over yourselves before this grows into something you'll all regret.

pete smith

eh, denise provost can't be bought with a dinner. curtatone: shame on you for getting your minions to post such bile on here. you should be ashamed. i remember when you used to be a champion of the little guy in somerville. what happened to you?

Former Somervillian

No its called Joe is way out of line and I am damn glad I left that city. Joe you are not above the constitution and you violated thier rights I hope in your next election you are thrown out of office.

What the hell was the officer thinking his job is to uphold the law of the land not what mayor joe decides is the law. I hope there are great reprecussions for this.

The Mole

I wonder if some of you have enough time on your hands to play a little game. It's called Knock Knock. Let's see who picks up on the game...

Knock Knock....

The Mole 2

Who's there?

I Spy

In response to the Mole2:

Let’s call a spade a spade,

This whole thing started because Donald Norton's Wife didn’t get the job she wanted working for the city. Donald Norton is the CO-owner of the Somerville News. The Mayor opted to hire someone who actually has the ability and expertise to run that department. The woman who was hired is the Mother of a young lady who dates Frankie. Hmmmmmm.... doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Next, throw into the mix a disgruntled city employee (lets call him Charlie A. to keep it interesting) drops a dime on Frankie to the Somerville news that his boat was parked in the homans building for all of 1 week while some work was being performed in the yard where he was keeping it. Low and behold... the Donald Norton, Neil McCabe exaggerations begin.

Donald, is the real-estate/mortgage broker/newspaper business so bad that you had to make your wife beg for a job that she wasn’t qualified for? Before you start taunting federal investigations you should look in your own back yard. wink wink ;)


Hey, I spy, Someone finally hit the nail on the head! Congrats to you! So far that is the ONLY truth I've seen here! Donald Norton is an evil man, and in the real estate business when it's bad it's BAD. Now is a bad time for that field, he is a broke and bitter man.
The nay-sayers are all in for their due this week so step back and watch them all get their rightful payments. ;)


They didn't know squat about the Santangelo boat until it ran in the only real NEWSpaper in the city, the Somerville Journal.

Nobody reads the Somerville News, but it is great for the bottom of a bird cage!

A proud Citizin

Hey Reem, If knowbody reads The Somerville News like you say, Why is it that your on it now at 6:13am? You Idiot! Sounds like the same crap Curtatone and O'donivan said too. Boy were they wrong! O'donovan had to drop out and Joe is about to get kicked out! SWEET!


Well its a dark day in Somerville when the Mayor himself uses one of us to be his hatchet man in a parade. Joe stoops like this is the reasonyou a going to lose the patrolmans union this week. Thats right I said this week! Whats the matter? Didnt hear the latest news. The patrolmans union is going to vote Jimmy Hyde out,and were going to Jack Lushia in! This way your cant continue to have us men and women in blue as your pupets anymore! Crime is up! House Beaks have tripled since Bradley took over as your "Himmler". You cant blame McClain any more! See you at next years parade in the sidelines.


It's payback time to a guy who forgot where he came from and burnt his bridges. Promises that he cant and definately didnt keep! Count me in to have his campaign defeated and taken down!. "DEEP THROAT 2"

The Mole 2

I knew it would be only a matter of time until yet another relative would post and once again, lash out personally and completely inaccurately. The smiley faces gave you away.

Okay, since you obviously didn't quite understand what I said before - let me be perfectly clear: I am NOT related in any way to the News, Donald Norton, Billy Tauro or Neil McCabe. I'm not even particularly fond of them to be perfectly honest.

I am, however, known by everyone on both sides in this unfortunate set of circumstances and I have personally witnessed everything I have commented on - have you? Obviously not if you're making comments about someone's personal finances and what is motivating them.

To even make such comments about those things is absolutely ridiculous - there is no way you would have that knowledge. The point is, nobody would, and you really are infantile to think that people reading and commenting on here are going to actually believe you or better yet, think that you're being so witty when you make those stupid statements.

The closest thing that done that you can come to caliing offensive is maybe the little sign on the boat the other day. You do know that the Somerville Journal broke the story about the boat don't you?

From my comment yesterday, how did you arrive at the statement that Donald is "taunting" investigation? Did you pass tenth grade English? That sentence doesn't make any sense. And again in case you've missed it, I was the person who made the comment regarding investigation. I also took the time to check myself by stating clearly that "I would imagine..."

I'm not even related to these people and you're pissing me off with the personal crap. You're obviously a relative to someone who feels as though they've been personally scorned by someone at the paper. While you have the right to post a comment here like me and everyone else, you come off as a poorly educated reactionary who doesn't even understand that you sound foolish.

Maybe we all have missed something. If there's something else that has happened to you or a relative of yours that is in some way possibly more personal than having your life threatened, then why don't you either file a lawsuit or stop boring us all.


Somebody just handed me a picture of Donald Norton, in a gay bar, in Boston, with his arm around another guy! I KNEW he had a little sugar in his tank!!!
I love it! Can anyone tell me how to post a picture on here?


cannot believe all these comments. everyone seems to be concerned about mr. maritime frankie,his hot babe thats not all that, believe me captain. we have all experienced her. Frankie are you at all curious?
Question? has anyone ever seen frankie and his girlfriend in action.
Answer: yes i have they are disgusting and vulgar. they hang all over each other,touch each other and are totally gross. now we have made these two scavangers important. frankie why don't you think about who really threw you under the bridge.

Do you know? well captain forget the sea look to land the farm land that is. You may not see it but the rest of us do. we see one big Hog waiting at the shore line. That's right the Big Boss Hog. You should be able to smell him right about now. Stan the Man a/k/a "Boss Hog". Thats right he started all of this and captain you have just hit land and did not see it. so wake up and smell the low tide. "It Stinks" and so don't you and your undesireables.


Who is that former Somerville High teacher and Pat Jehlen supporter who is running around suggesting that BobPublicover is a one issue candidate for State Senate? Has 'Miss Kathy' forgotten that Publicover helped to found the SHS Scholarship Foundation and is its former Chairman? The SHS Foundation has raised over $700,000. for its endowment. Now if thats one issue than THAT'S one issue to be proud of!


Hey, my boat is getting out of the papers and into the water this week. Anybody want to take some pics of which department head is gonna help tow it into the water? That would make for some good bullshit. Ever see Billy Toro's boat? It looks like one of those cars in Chelsea that jump up and down at the redlights. Wha's up with Pat's ow being labeled with a red X on their buildings? I hear the fire chief says the building is unsafe and they won't go there. Hmmmmmmmm..............I guess the old addage is true, YOU CAN'T FIGHT CITY HALL. Virginia is getting fired, and the investigation is continuing. You guys wanna play? You gotta pay? And let me tell you this..............It's time to pay the piper.

The Mole

Sorry The Mole 2, but I was out with an illness and realy cound't get back to our knock knock game.

So to continue, I asked, "Knock Knock", and you responded, "Who's There?"

My response is "N.P........."

The Mole 2

N.P. who?

The Mole

N. P. from Gravestar

Billy Tauro

Somerville's Homeless Coalition's 5th Annual "Ride2Love" went off without a hitch today (Sunday). The herd of about two hundred motorcycles with engines roaring was led by Mayor Joe Curtatone who was doing some fancy riding himself. The ride started out on Franny Road at 10am. toured through the streets of Somerville, up Rt. 2 to Lancaster Ma, with a return ride through various small cites and towns finally ending up at Trum field at 2pm for an old fashion buffet and a rock band playing all afternoon. Frankie Santangelo was also on hand, organizing Trum field for the festivities. We were glad to report that no signs we found hanging from any bikes that read "This isn't Frankies Bike".
Great time guys, Thanks for inviting me!


I think we need someone who can strong arm the other thugs in our community like the recent incident when racist group who tried to hold a meeting in our library, he shut down the library. But in the end, he should know who he ultimately works for, The good people of our community, and he should never be allowed to do this sort of stuff to us!! We have to keep these types under control and let them know they can't cross these lines with a community of people who just know better,

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