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April 22, 2005


Baseball Fan

Who really cares? I heard Mr.Sntangelo really stepped up to the plate for Little League this week. I know he had a plethra of men and machinery on Conway Park all week to assure that the donated scoreboards were installed and operational for today's opening day ceremonies. Frank had the giant steel posts donated by Central Steel and arranged the boys from Carli Fence to donate some of their men and equipment to core deep holes for the beams in the field at absolutely no cost to the city or the children of our little league teams. His DPW guys stayed late at night on their own time each night and never once asked for OT all week. If Frank is a bad guy, we need more bad guys around here that can get stuff done for a change like he does. As far as I am concerned FRANKIE ROCKS!

Native Somervillian

Why didn't the Somerville News cover that?
Are they that corrupt that they only cover negative news? Why no pics of the opening day festivities or the big clean-up at the boathouse on the river today? There was some good stuff going on in Somerville today. Positive things. I guess that isn't good journalism. I give you guys 6 months and this paper will be gone. Cover everything! The good as well as the bad. We like to know everything. I guess you can't take a personal vendetta against someone one day and then praise them for all the good they do for this city the next. Remember this........What goes around comes around.

News Fan

First of all, I'm not sure how this story got on here, because as anyone can check for themselves at, the somerville journal has not removed the story from the site... second of all, don't dis the News so quickly... you mention the big cleanup at the Boathouse yesterday... they were the only local paper to brave the weather and check out the cleanup firsthand.

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