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April 27, 2005


A Wanna Bee

That is just what Mr. O'Donovan is, "A Wanna Bee". He wants to be anything that is open in polictics. What's the matter Sean, Somerville not good enough for you? Is it getting too hot in the kitchen?

What will you do with all your brothers on the City payroll? Can you find the type of jobs in the politicial job(s) your seeking? Your time is up in Somerville politics. You won't be re-elected as Ward 5 Alderman because now your constituents know how rocky your dealings are?

And, by the way, who is that developer that your so friendly with now that has been doing work in the City....... Should we tell all the citizens who it is?

Who's Running?

Hey WBee, are you running for the Ward 5 Alderman Seat? Because unless someone runs against Sean in Ward 5, he will win and even if someone does run against Sean in Ward 5 he has a good chance of winning because I don't see any other viable quality candidates lining up to run for this seat.


What are you talking about? If you have something to say, why don't you actually say it instead of making shady references to things no one understands?

If you have information about O'Donovan, spill it. Otherwise, it just sounds like you're drunk and have a personal grudge against O'Donovan.

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