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April 19, 2005



I'll tell you, this is some City of politicans. Now that Sean wants to toss his hat into the Senate race, the City supporters of his are trying to change the final cut off date to turn papers in on other candidate races in the City, such as Ward Alerdman races. I guess this is incase Sean doesn't make the Senate seat as he expects too. Watch and learn folks, this is Somerville at it's dirtiest. Remember back in the late 70's & early 80's when Piro was tossing everything against the wall? Then, Koty was involved in that too as he has been all his life. I can recall that Koty claimed the 5th at the Grand Jury forum back then. I think it was for a total of 23 times..... wonder if that will fall in place again....Only time will tell...

This is your Candidate?

Is this the best candidate the Mayor's Crowd can come up with? Sean hasn't been around much lately. This paper has implied he spent a lot of time in Florida this year. Does Sean think he can be a practicing Lawyer, an Alderman AND a State Senator all at the same time? What are Sean's accomplishments that make him a great candidate for this job? A couple of other Somervillians have already announced. What does Sean have that Jehlen and White don't have? Besides money. Maybe the Mayor should rethink and support one of them instead.




If he wants to be on Beacon Hill so badly, why doesn't he throw his support to Pat Jehlen and then run for her seat if she wins? Somerville shouldn't split up its votes like this just so someone can raise his profile.

"Let it be said, Let it be DONE"

Well if Sean does seek the Senate seat and win, if he wins, maybe his three brothers will then leave the City payroll and go on the state payroll. Brother Jimmy is receiving $70,000 as project manager for nothing. He was given the Capuano School to finish but knows absolutly nothing about building plans. Guess you don't need a builders credential anymore to hold this spot under this Administration. Just give a job to a politicians brother. Then brother number two, Mike at traffic and parking. There is another $55,000 spot letting people get off not paying tickets if you contributed to this administration. But don't forget brother number 3, Kevin, with a $65,000 job at MIS with buddy Halloran. Yup, these 3 amigos costing the City over $190,000 on the payroll. The biggest killer is, Jimmy has to be overseen by another project manager who gets less compensation for his position but knows a lot more. You see, Jimmy retired from the MDC where he was head grass cutter. Why doesn't he just stay retired?

a somerville resident

i have a question for all of those who continue to post slandering remarks about any one of our city's finest politicans. It seems to me that these remarks come from the supporters of Jahlen who don't like anything about the politics currently in the city. Why is it that i never see slandering remarks about the tree huggers as they were so kindly refered to in this newspaper as a matter of fact. (see a past issue of the "donkey punch" which has been now revised "reality bites") I simply think that it is because the politicans aren't wasting their time worring about "you type of people," they are to busy doing a great job running the city!

"Let It Be Said, Let It Be DONE"

A response to Somervile Resident....

You either have to be a relative or someone who has been given a "promise" by good ole boy Sean. Sean would rather be elsewhere during the cooler days where sun if synonymous with "fun".

What has Sean done for this City that would catapult him to the heights of State Senator? Name one item. The Lowell Street bridge has been out for thousands of days. Max Pac is still what it was from years ago. The Brown School will never be transitioned with new technology.

What Sean has been able to do is get his three amigo brothers fat jobs in the City. A total of $190,000 is what I see in the 2005 fiscal year budget. What he has done, is vote to have Assembly Square Limited Partnership, made up of Gravestar and Tarus, make a total of $30 million for deals at 93 Highland Ave. that this and 8 other Alderman voted for. How about all that money lost with a yea vote from the Board to allow the RFP to be acccepted from Cathartes Devlopers, rather than Habitat for Learning. Habitat submitted an $8 million bid along with starting construction the next day. Nope, this wise Board of Alderman accepted Catharter bid, $4 million dollars less and a tax relief for 9 years. But not many know who Catharters Devlopers are made up of. I will name two names, one would be Gravestar and the other Tarus.

Why did they want the City to accept their bid? Well, as you know by now, Assembly Square Limited Partnership just sold that "entire package" for a handsome sum of $64 million. Not bad for not evening paying City taxes on their gold mine. In fact, with a $12 million tax relief in 2004 and another $5 million in 2005, both were under the watchful eye of the Head of Finance in 2004, J.C. and as Mayor in 2005, and both approved by the BOA without an eye blinked. This is the biggest swindle since Piro in the late 70's and early 80's.

Let's wait until the boys get to town to see how this pans out.

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