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April 19, 2005



This is fantastic!! Are you going to follow the boat around the whole city? Make sure you have your life jackets on. We don't want anyone to get hurt during this process.
Good luck, maybe you'll find Mobey Dick while you're at it. Please continue to keep the city posted(and amused) on this boat and/or any other yachts stored in municiple buildings as it makes it's fantastic voyage through the wonderful city of Somerville.

The Skipper

Hey Little Buddy! Are you ready for a 3 hour tour?
SS Santangelo leave Richland Ave at high noon!

Keep it positive

Has anyone noticed that Frank Santangelo has actually done some good deeds for the city? For instance, when he spent hours upon hours planning and implementing with staff/ planting flowers up and down Broadway, thus
making the residents and non residents feel more welcomed? Frank Santangelo has done plenty of positive things for this city and never asked for anything in return, that is his job, and he does it well. He
should be praised for his countless efforts to make this city a better place to live in!

The Mole

Come on Frank, we know you did the flower thing because your boss made you do it. The fact the the tulips, daffodils and the other flowers were paid for by City funds to a tune of $21,000. Remember the big stink between Boss Hog and the Mayor as to when to plant them? One said the ground was too hard while the other said, break out the jack hammers and plant the darn flowers. Those flowers did look nice when planted but the cold weather made their livespan a tad shorter. Well, those plants were purchased from the vendor who has diversified his assests, and is one in the same as the company that installed the water works on the islands on Broadway. Boy this stinks Frank..... Let's tell the truth here....


Oh Tuckley Buckley can you at least tell us about the people that would board this vessel? If not can we at least learn about the BIG HOG's voyage?

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