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April 18, 2005


Concerned resident

To whom it may concern,
Slow news week? Why don't you consider writing about something that Somerville residents actually care about. For instance, revitalizing the city, keeping crime and drugs off our streets and out of our schools, new birth announcements, weddings, engagements. Anything that would make the media look like they actually have to put some thought and effort into their work!! It's a shame that you probably spent 48 hours peering through a window of an empty warehouse. Tough job you have. Are you hiring? I'd also like to spend my time peering through windows and comparing the city to some sort of "Gilligan's Island" sitcom. Must have taken a genious to write this piece.

This is such a poor reflection on the city's media. Get some real journalists to write for your paper.

Concerned Residnet 2

Well that comment by a Concerned Resident must be the same one that use to rent to Frankie on Richardson Street. He may also be the same that had his boat burnt by the DPW, not once but twice. He must be the same union worker that is training outsiders, people looking for jobs with DPW thru Boss Hog, on obtaining their CDL, Commerical Drivers License, on overtime to the union worker. These are people that will soon be driving those green trucks you see about the City. Why not train our own people rather than outsiders that do not work for the City, YET!!!!!
Oh yeah... if you want a great deal on automotive repair, see this individual at the DPW repair garage. A nice side business at the taxpayers expense while he greases his pockets with tax exempt $$$$$. What a beautiful City we live in.....


arent the trucks ORANGE? lol


Dear Concerned Resident 2,

I would be interested to learn more about the information you posted. Please email me at

Your tips will be completely confidential.


Hey newsworthy guy; concerned resident2 doesnt know what the f*** he or she is talkin about. thats petty b*******.i have the real scoop on all the action. i am goin to email you some tips that will blow your ***** off.


Slow news week I don't think so... What do you say Tuckley Buckley? After all word is you knew whose boat that was. Maybe you can tell the taxpayers who else knows. Whats wrong Tuckley SHARK GOT YOUR TONGUE?

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