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March 02, 2005


joanne corbett

i too was born there*.. my mother;s dr was dr downey
who had an office on winter hill somerville
and dr sape??? who had an office on highland ave
when we went back to somerville to visit relatives
my mother pointed out dr downey's new ofice building
we had gone to cataldo funeral home my mother also
said that it was once fisher school of business??
*1942 we had moved to reading as my father built a house via GI loan


This is very interesting to me as the referenced artical published in the Somerville Journal on May 4, 1928 is the very day that I was born in the Sunnyside Hospital. I have never visited my birthplace but this could materialize in the near future for nostalgic purposes only. Shortly after this time frame, the nation experianced the great depression and most births took place in people's homes due to monetary considerations, where my only sibling was born on May 28, 1932.

Ken Lewis

I just read an article written by Julia C. Reischel regarding the Sunnyside Hospital. The piece referenced an article written on May 4, 1928, which is the exact date that I was born in The Sunnyside Hospital and the physician was a Doctor Weeks. I would be interested in knowing more about Winter Hill and Doctor Weeks and his immediate family and if there is a dovetail to today's news. This was 83 years ago but it certainly has some interest to me and maybe others born at that time. Ken Lewis

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