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March 15, 2005


Ronald Cooke

It is a sad day when the mayor believes his police dept. can't do a good enough job. He should also get his facts stright about carnivals before he speeks. Out of 60 some ways of moving people, (ie. cars, rollor skates, planes), mobile carnival rides have the best safety record only to eleveators.
How did he get to be mayor?

Mark Mclaughlin

im from somerville and i would like the money and a carnival and i dont care for the mayor but he's is rite, that is gang land.3 out of 4 homicides in somerville happen in assembley square, you also have gangs from boston that have problems with somerville gangs and medford is close enough and its alot safer.

Ron Newman

If Lexington can have an annual carnival every year, why can't Somerville? The mayor should withdraw his objection.


first of all- you can't compare lexington to somerville....
second of all- the mayor did the right thing, and this was before all the mess with the medford carnival this year and their "police force."

Ron Newman

I'm a Somerville resident who enjoys visiting the Lexington carnival each year. I haven't noticed it causing any problems for that town, and would be happy to patronize a similar event here.


I think with a strong police presence that it would be great for the city of Somerville to host a carnival for the kids as well as us adults who will enjoy it also. Somerville should not let the worry of trouble deprive us the right to enjoy a carnival. That would be like saying don't fly because of terrorist are out there. That's why we have police and we are Americans. Mayor Joe don't give in to fears of trouble. Have the carnival for the people and lets not live in fear? Thank you!


Are you people for real? Don't you remember what happened at the last carnival in Medford? Joe doesn't want to put his constituents in jeopardy. It's his job to ensure all of our safety and that's what he is doing. If you want to see a carnival, go to the one in Medford and hope the gangs don't get you. We don't need the Shi* here in Somerville. We have plenty of other community based, SAFE events that Joe is putting on for us. The fireworks,Family Fun Day, The Sunsetters etc. A carnival is NOT the kind of "trouble-attracting" attraction we need to have a good summer. Things are better than they have been in Somerville for YEARS. Let's step back and see that the guy at the helm is actually looking out for all of us. Do you think he wouldn't LOVE 100 grand for this lean budget? Of course he would! Is it worth the risk? Absolutely NOT!

Manny Ortez

Anyone who tries to compare Lexington to Somerville needs to get their head examined. I highly doubt that the lawyers, doctors and MILFS in Lexington cause much trouble. Somerville, however, has a slightly more diverse demographic, as we all know, and a carnival would indeed attract an unsavory element.

Ron Newman

What happened in Medford? I usually try to get to their event each year as well, but missed it this year.

Marcus Peterson

If you can have a 4th of July show why cant you have a carnival??? Explain to me someone plz. I think the mayor is confused to tell you the truth.


"Pino said that the equipment would have cost $40,000, leaving the city with $60,000 left over. "You can pay a lot of schoolteachers with
that money," he said."

But what about the 6 or so cops that would have to be on detail for the 11 days the carnival is open. That would have to cost at least $1000 a cop or $60,000 dollars. Not to mention the cost of other city services.... So how are you going to pay teachers pino?

Ignorance is bliss

Sticks and stones may brake my bones but the property value in Somerville will always be higher. Stop complaining the fact is that you can not afford to live in Somerville, and that is why your a HATER!

Ron Newman

According to the Medford Transcript, Medford will have a scaled-down "kiddie carnival" this year, at Fellsway Plaza, on Route 28 near Wellington Circle. It will take place from May 31 to June 3.

against it

I wouldnt go to a carnival in Somerville until the city does something about the gang issues we have. I am totally against it having it here, it would cause more problems and be a waste of money. Sure the city is going to get 60k after they pay for expenses btu how much of that is going to have to go to police overtime, ambulance overtime, firemen etc, ect.

William Jefferson Hurst

What makes Lexington so different from Somerville? Maybe they have more trees than we do. Before you answer this, it would be best if your answer is "politically correct". When someone says "Lexington is different from Somerville" I suspect it is a racist and biggoted response to the lack of minorities in Lexington vs Somerville which is more racially diverse.

Kiss of Death

I dont agree often with Joey the boy Mayor but this one he got right.
Carnivals are an attraction for trouble in any city. Somerville has enough public safety issues without taking on 10 days of a bunch of problems that will certaintly end up costing more than the $60,000 the city might net.

I say, go to Lexington and enjoy the rides. Its only 15 minutes up Mass. Ave.

As for the difference between Lexington and Somerville- I dont think its about race- its about the density of the population and the number of kids without parental supervision that the Cities have to deal with. One can hope that one day Somerville will as safe a place as Lexington- but we are not there yet.

William Hurst

Kiss of Death,
So, it becomes more of a matter of how many people per sq. mile that reside in a community and that Lexington parents have better parenting skills than our Somerville parents. Thanks for clearing that up.


I agree with the decision.

WJH - "When someone says "Lexington is different from Somerville" I suspect it is a racist and biggoted response to the lack of minorities in Lexington vs Somerville which is more racially diverse."

Why do you automatically assume that an allusion to our city having minorities is racist and biggoted? It is a fact, that we are racially diverse.

Ron Newman

By the way, this discussion re-started (after a year's dormancy) because someone posted a comment slamming our city as 'Slumberville'. That comment was later removed, so all the comments after it look a bit out of context.


Ruh-roh. Thanks, Ron, I didn't notice the original date.

Kiss of Death


You can close your eyes to the real world if you choose.

But I think you'll find that there are more kids whose and teens with one parent or whose parents work 2 jobs in any city including Somerville- than you will find an affluent burbs like Lexington.

Personally, you couldnt pay me to live in Lexington or Winchester. But lets not close our eyes to our reality.

It would be nice if we invested in things like teen centers, outreach programs, and summer youth jobs- to help alleviate the obvious.

thank you

William Hurst

Re-read my comment, again I make mention that Somerville is indeed more diverse than Lexington. I also know that some people in this are very racist and their not wanting a carnival is based on their ignorance not mine.

Yorktown Street

Kiss of Death, the Board of Aldermen is holding hearings on the budget. Maryann Heuston chairs the youth services subcommmitee. Why not give her a call and say what you said here?

Kiss of Death

LOL. Hueston is a rubber stamp for the boy mayor. She sold out the day her significant other accepted a plum DPW role and has acted accordingly since. What is needed are some fresh faces and ideas from people who are not bought out of the process of being objective.

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