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March 16, 2005



This green line meeting showed that Somerville will ride and improve this city. I spoke at the meeting, I am a Roslindale resident but always concerned for my fellow people for better transit. I said at the meeting, " Poeple are leaving early because they have to catch lousy buses. You did it in 1959 when you used a train bed to give Newton light rail. You gave South Boston waterfront a new service in hoping to build up that open area, why not do the same here. This city was the first to build a subway, a subway under a waterway, the first to have a major scale of electric trolleys, the first to build a new streetcar line after WWII ( riverside) So many other cities have looked to us as guidence on building new rail systems in Houston, Dallas, St. Louis, Salt Lake, Portland OR, and more. We need to move forward. So many transit friendly people have faught hard to keep what was theirs. You took the A Watertown away, the Arborway away and the Washington Street EL away, it's time to give something back to the people. I have riden the new waterfront silver line many times on Sat. & Sun. many times I'm the only rider. Five minute headways for one rider. I can tell you one thing, the people of Somerville/Medford will be riding in full force on the weekends. Gentleman, if you build it they will ride!"

What I forgot to mention was... Your talking about improving polluition impacts, look at East Somerville and Sullivan Sq. since you took down that overpass everyone has to go through the Sq on the ground. The traffic is out of this world crazy, pollution has increased because trucks/cars just idle in one place and it has become a nightmare for bus riders. If anything your trying to make Somerville worse then better.


Thanks for making the trip to Somerville to speak on behalf of the Green Line.

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