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March 17, 2005


sophia rokakis

I would like to have more information on my Great uncle George Dilboy. We are investigating our family history. thank you

it *is* funny

Sophia -- you might try calling the Somerville Museum. I gather they had an exhibition about his impressive career. Also, google is your friend.

Richard Rozakis

I have done extensive research on my family includiong George Dilboy. If you send me your parents and grandparents names or any other info. you may have I can tell you what the relationship is.

Ron Newman

I suggest calling the Somerville Museum at 617-666-9810 on a day they are open (Thursday, Friday, or Saturday). Ask for Evelyn Battinelli. She pretty much runs the place, and can tell you more about their recent exhibit on this subject.

sophia rokakis

mr rozakis
my great grandmothers name was maria dilboy, george was her brother...pls email me at

Somerville Resident

Ahem, sorry, but that looks like a gigantic blue condom... Man...

sophia rokakis

I went to the site last weekend,it was beautiful to see what has been done for him. We his family are very proud. Any info i can get would be very nice. -- -- thank u

Ron Newman

Was the museum able to help you?

sophia rokakis

The museum was closed until september. We will make an other trip in the fall....thx

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