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January 24, 2005


billy mason aka bart

Somerville and what it has become growing up in winter hill with trum field somerville hockey babe ruth baseball and even the 1980 olympic hockey team being at trum field to show the fans and to the inspiring kids that dreams can come true if you work hard enough and watching the fights at anthonys on highland ave yrs ago. and then becoming a fighter myself as i moved to florida and still today very much enjoy the sport. i just turned 40yrs old and to see my city that i would do anything for just give up on what has been in our family for almost 30yrs is an insult. even to have played hockey with the new mayor of somerville as a young man gives me great pride this is a great city to live in. for the last 15yrs ive noticed alot of changes in the city and to me to have to hear things like gangs rapes drug overdoses of our young kids means there is work to continue in our inner city . we need to get out there on the corners and parks and reach these kids instead of waiting for them to come thru those gym doors cause its not going to happen. so for what its worth respect is #1 these kids today dont have

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