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October 20, 2004



Sounds like John Nash is on Crack!


I have found both Pat's Towing and Pat's Auto Body both professional and easy to deal with.

I know it must be hard when they are called in for some reason to tow your car....but that's like killing the messanger.

Ron Newman

What happened to John Nash's comment? It had a legitimate complaint against this business, and was removed.

James Norton

Ron -

Are you trying to be an asshole? How is levelling an accusation of assault by a number of employees anywhere, nevermind one of the publishers of this newspaper's everyday businesses a legitimate complaint?

Obviously since one of my biggest no-nos on here is posting a comment known to be false or so seriously accusatory that it need not be posted here, but might have some forbearance in the legal system, certainly not on this weblog.

And since when do I have to explain myself to you? I don't appreciate being called out like that Ron. I don't find you or anyone else on here to be too annoying, but I would suspect that my patience will run thin if I am to be called out like that again.

Oh and if you're wondering why I took the long posting off by Striker57 - this weblog isn't the place to post reprints and crap like that. Want it printed in the paper? Send it to the Editor - it's up to him whether it gets printed in the print edition or posts it on here. Let's not all try to play Junior Editor here please.



Put me on the list of people who would bring cookies.
Nothing sucks more than seeing your car being put up on the wheel lift because of a parking violation, but if it gets to that point, you probably deserved it. Pats (or any tow company) doesn't go around towing cars for shits and giggles. They usually have a reason. You're blocking a fire lane, it's a snow emergency, or whatever. As many times though, it's to get you to the repair shop or whatever. When it's 10 degrees outside and windy and you're on the side of I-93 in the dark and everyone is blowing by you at 65 mph, guess who you REALLY are happy to see?
I've never dealt with the body shop, but I have needed Pat's Tow's service in the past and they always have come through in spades.
They have a contract with the city, that's true, but they also have the largest storage lot in Somerville. Definitely there are times when people have legit issues about why they were towed, but like the other guy said, its like shooting the messanger to take it out on them. They don't sit around drinking coffee and bullshitting. They're out there busting their asses to keep streets cleared and get people in distress back on their way. These guys work for a living. It's not cheap to do that or to get slapped with a $100 tow charge, but guess what...... neither is anything else in Boston. He has overhead and expenses just like any other businessman.
For the record, I am not in any way related to anyone at Pat's, or at City Hall, or anything else and I'm not a public employee of any kind. I happen to be acquainted with one of the owners of Pats however, and know him to be a stand up guy who is ALWAYS there to help a friend out in a jam.
Just call me a satisfied customer. I know there are more out there too!


Pats towing is simply a company to learn from. I myself own a tow company in the area and when i go to pick up cars at their yard there always there to help move cars out of my way and they are very friendly, i've even seen there drivers jump out of their trucks at a red light in the middle of a snow storm to clean off sumones windsheild. CONGRATS PATS

Juan Camacho

I've been using Pat's Auto Body for close to 10 years now. I originally lived in the area, but moved south of the city and still take my car here despite the inconvenience of trains and buses. They haved fixed my car(s) at a reasonable price and have never looked for extra things to do or to charge me for -- they often want me out of there almost as fast as I do. Despite how much I tried to find someone locally, I still keep coming back to Pat's. Eddy and the gang there, rock! They are busy all of the time and that's a good thing for a mechanic since they do not have the need to rip you off.

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