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October 06, 2004



Why is "openly gay" add to the long list of things you claim are wrong with this young man? How about city officials and workers we all now that fit this criteria and are openly straight and former drug dealers and users?

You do what you accuse others of doing. You need to come clean. take the first step.



John OB

what ever happened with this investigation? it obviously resulted in the alderman being cleared of the charges I would assume, but I have searched and found nothing. Is it so hard for the media to apologize to Mr Taylor and his family>? It's awfully strange to me that we read of the investigation, but no follow-up reports, no explanation? We the people need to know the resolution of this matter. I'm sure we all would like to know what city officials are former drug dealers and users also DONALD? I followed this investigation the best I could, and apparently Mr Taylor has been cleared of all charges or we would have a different alderman now> From what I hear the accuser was bragging that he was going to see a big payday when he sued Mr Taylor, and that the investigation proved without a doubt that the accuser fabricated the story. Is this true? Was Mr Taylor ever cleared? And who are these drug-dealing , drug using city officials and workers?? The people have spoken and we deserve to know, its been long enough. What is happening to our world when the media prints such filth with no further explanation or retraction?

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