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October 06, 2004


traci steelman

The more stores the better. I love to shop. IKEA please come to my town soon.

Ron Newman

Ask people in Stoughton whether they like the traffic jam that resulted when IKEA opened there...

Mr. "Bad News" Ron Newman!

"Ask people in Stoughton whether they like the traffic jam that resulted when IKEA opened there..." Ron you sound like a frigin little broad!!!!!!! A little bitch!!!! That's exactly what you are! Get a frigin life wont ya! Stop sticking your crooked Granola crunching nose in other poeples good furtune you jelius little puke!

Ask Shelton?

Ask shelton what he thinks about ikea. Ask him how he liked the hotdogs at the Stoughton store. I bet he enjoyed them.. Nice pics shelton. What a goof. Get a life. Take off that foolish french beret. I dont know who looks more foolish you or lafuentes! Keep whispering in Mcain ears. He should be the last person you listen too.

Ron Newman

To Mr. Bad News: I have no idea what you are talking about.

To everyone else: check out the "Local News" and "Opinion & Letters" section of . Sure, it's another Farm Team paper, but it's the only one Stoughton has. I see no reason to doubt what is published there.

Ron is a bitch

Ron, Why don't you stop rablerousing and pony up some of your own dough if you want to start dictating how people should run there business. You show up at every meeting, hearing, task force and vigil that there is but I don't see you contributing anything worthwhile. You put your two cents in about what will be good for this neighborhood and that square. What the hell do you do for a living anyway. Do know what it is like to take a risk and invest your hard earned money and time into something? I doubt it. Loser!!!

Ron Newman

I work for a living in the computer industry. But this discussion is supposed to be about about Assembly Square and IKEA, not about me. Last time I checked, IKEA was a large Swedish-owned corporation which did not involve any Somerville resident's investment of "hard earned money and time".


So, Ron doesn't think the Swedes are harding working people. That's not very PDS of you Ronny. You should love everyone.


No Ron, he is right! You have your nose into everything and everyone's business! Answer the question! Have you ever invested any of your own money locally?


Hey Ron the Red Sox are looking for a new General Manager!

Hey Ron the Red Sox are looking for a new General Manager! That is a new General Manager of the shit house in the lockerroom! Why don't you apply. Then you can Snif towels in the lockeroom and complain to Right Gaurd Deoderant about thier product! You Dork!!!!!!!!

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