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August 18, 2004


A friend of bowling

There used to be a kid back in the mid to late 60's that used to bowl there named Ed Keefe. He was quite a bowler and ballplayer to boot. Does anyone ever know what happened to him. Last I knew he went into the Navy during Viet Nam returned and disappeared.

Rita J. Burnett

I want to purchase candlepin t-shirts.
There is only one person I know who sells
them (even personalizes).

Person doesn't have a picture variety of
candlepin bowling for the t-shirts.

I've been trying for months. Can you

rhea septer

i would like to purchase duck pins and candlestick pins, used is fine. Where can i find quite o few of these pins. thank you rhea

Ron Newman

This isn't really the best place for such a query -- try eBay or Craigslist.

However, we should be glad that Bowl Haven is still with us. Urban bowling alleys are becoming an endangered species. Just last week, Lucky Strike Lanes in Fields Corner, Dorchester, suddenly closed after 67 years.

Phuc Truong

We are the new owners of the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley. Just thought you
might want to know what we are reopenning it this Friday March 17 from

There will be a free hour of bowling. We will keep it open for another
year until we get the permits we need to build the condo project we want
to build. Please come by if you have the chance.

Mitch Bonder

Does anyone know of any bowling alleys in the NYC metropolitan area?

Liz Moore

If you are looking for candlepin bowling shirts, you should go to Paramount Industries in Medway. They sell all sorts of Candlepin bowling products and they also embroider. They may have duckpins also or know where to get some!

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