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June 16, 2004


Leisha Tringali

At this point Register John Buonomo can't handle his elected position to maintain official documents. Giving him more power is not in the publics best interest and I will assert all of my information come re-election time this year for Register of Probate. Vote No for Buonomo it does have a nice ring to it.

Leisha Tringali

Born Here

Leisha, that was 6 months ago ! Why not wait a few more days until 2007 to bash John Buonomo. Did Santa bring you a new napsack ?


Born Here, you may want to re-check your math. That article was written in June of 2004 making Leshia's comment over 30 months late.

Born Here

WOW-WEE I just looked at the month, I guess that must have been an "ultra" liberal post !!

Leisha Tringali

Noting how long ago this article was written was recognized (by all means I'm clearly not an idiot). I am a republican not a liberal as an FYI. My actions for this blog is simple, when registered voters look up this particular Register on the web I want them (the voters) to be informed of his incompotence. P.S. I just wanted to start my New Years Resolution early.

Best Regards,

little little man

John Buonomo is a little man with little power. The simple fact is that he clearly suffers from The "Napoleon Complex" and truly an evil little man. Everything he does political is personnel because he knows he is hated. You should look at his new "Outreach Program", state workers hired by him to "inform" the County that he is the Register..... and oh, by the way don't forget the Election next year. You and me and the rest of the State are paying for his bought and paid for Campaign possy. Lead by a $65,000 a year no show Stonham Politician/Constable.


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