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May 05, 2004


Ann Abramo-Donovaro


What a touching tribute to your dad. I now feel I have missed something special in never having met this "gentle giant," your father.

I feel you have opened a piece of your soul to share your story with all of us. Your dad was a lucky man to have a son who learned to share his love an admiration with friends and strangers alike.

I express my heartfelt sorrow that he lost his battle with disease, and had to leave you and your family. In time you will appreciate and hold dear those last moments, united with family and friends singing at his bedside...celebrating the man and his life.

My best wishes to all of you,

Ralph Funaro


Sensitive, eloquent,& heartfelt.........
well written my friend.
Small wonder why you are such an admired and great man yourself.

Love & peace,

Allan Woolwine

Wayne, I am so sorry to hear of your Dads passing. Our prayers are with you. I only met him a few times but your tribute to your Dad was very moving and now I realize why you are the man you are. As I read on I could not help but think this sounds exactly like one of my best friends. You.

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