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April 07, 2004


Cindy Kortz

We are interested in opening a boxing/tutoring gym.
Can you please tell me how you went about applying for the funding. We are so desperate to get kids off the streets.

christopher keniston

Hello, my name is christopher keniston. I am a member of the quincy, ma p.a.l. boxing gym. I read the story about how the somerville boxing gym achieved a grant to secure the future of their gym. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could contact me and perhaps spend some time via phone, e-mail or even in person to let me know how to get started on the process of receiving a grant. My home phone number is 781-340-3981 and my cell phone is 781-974-7146. Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me.

charles monroe

hi i am intersted in opening a boxing gym,i seen a building in my area that has been sitting for years i noticed in the last few years my neighborhood is declining,i came from a rough neighborhood and i see the kids wanting to hang on the corner and sell drugs with the other older boys.i would like some info on getting this building.i want to help kids stay off the street.and give them something positive.any help would be appreciated

thank you

Rec. Dept.


I don't know about the building, but why don't you give the Somerville Recreation Department a call and see if they are interested in starting up a boxing program.

Pat Gilliland

A friend called last night to talk about opening a gym/boxing to get our youth off the street. He had heard of a program that you would receive $3,500.00 for every youth you could get off the street and enrolled in an athletic program/boxing. Do you know anything about this program?


Dear Sirs,
We are attempting to arrange a fight between a well known boxer and he has asked us to contact a charity to attach himself with . Could you assist me in recieving a contact number as we are in need of speaking to someone in your org. in regards to this.
Thank you,
C. Ulloa


looking for a gym in new bedford ma the one posted on here is unlisted


I'm an employee of a boxing gym located in Joliet,Illinois. I'm very curious of how to get funding as well (to keep our kids off the streets)
also we provide a tutoring program, westling, and
Jiu Jitsu.

Thank you

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