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March 04, 2004



Our newest mayoral candidate?


oh, man. this guy has to have cojones of steel.

and a mind of lead.

actually, I know he has a mind of lead since I have spoken with him on occasion. a real moron, if you ask me. and based on his past history (thanks s.o. for digging this one from the dead files), a real SCUMBAG!


So Sciracco was the "host" of the underage drinking party?

Thanks for digging up this old story. Wow.

Mr. White

This guy has my vote! What a clown.

Somerville Resident

Again, I don't know who this Richard Scirocco is, BUT, there is more:

"Boston Sunday Globe
City Weekly
January 2, 2005

Former Little League president Richard Scirocco was found not guilty last month on charges of selling alcohol to minors and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Last February, Scirocco was arrested after police broke up a keg party of about 70 teens at the former Little League headquarters on Medford Street. "The only thing I can say is that the Commonwealth presented insufficient evidence to support the case even going to the jury," said Alan Tuttman, Scirocco's attorney, of Middlesex District Court Judge Jonathan Brant's order to the jury to return a not guilty verdict. Scirocco could not be reached for comment. "

So, NOT GUILTY... Perhaps he was able to weasel his way through... Unclear, but it is suspicious the OP only posted half of the story...

Cached version (if above link does not open):

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