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Some help for this article's author in regard to "it's" vs. "its": http://theoatmeal.com/comics/apostrophe

I'll take it BUT leave the prisoners. I want to remake ConAir

"it's" turns it into possessive (relocate from the ill building to it's new temporary home). Who's temporary home? The buildings!

So the author hit the nail on the head and is correct.

Janis Denomento

@Janis: "it's" is used as a contraction of "it is" (as in, "it's windy outside"); "its" is the possessive form (as in, "relocate to its new temporary home").

Also: you should have written "Whose temporary home?", not "Who's temporary home."

If you're going to correct people's grammar, please do it...correctly!

Steve, Whose got to get a life?

Janis, Who's your daddy?

If i had the cash I would buy it and house a shelter for the homeless :-)

Quick fix!

Just put a wall around Cambrdge and Somerville and give everyone 3-5

The state should just remodle and move back in! What's the big deal! They are spending ten times in rent today at other location for temp locatins!Eat Cambridge's ecomomy is dead because of the recent move1

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