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September 03, 2008


Ron Newman

Just in case the more serious charges don't stick, why wasn't he also charged with buying alcoholic beverages for minors?

concerned somerville resident

lock them both up and throw away the key for good.


Like it or not wearing a helmet will be a rule so its foolish to continue the discussion with that as the main point. The only way the park would have any chance of success would be if the users of the park enforced the rules associated with it.

The city has officers who focus on youth crime and crime prevention, well a skate park could be a great tool for prevention. (like y? said kids are doing something other than drinking / getting high) Let it be their responsibility to police it. And if kids are not following the rules, fine the parents 50$... these are minors after all. And the officers need to be aware of the neighbors concerns.

Neighbors are going to complain if the park abuts their property if it is being used too late (just like the bball courts) The city need to commit to them that they will enforce the curfew around the park.

In the end, if the park is not successfully or kids get hurt out of not following rules then the park is going to go away. As long as all the kids know and understand this then maybe they will enforce the rules themselves.

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