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August 15, 2008



At lease one person in the article got the point - no matter what your immigration status if you are a criminal you do not belong in our community.

In general we separate criminals from society by putting them in prison. If someone does not belong in the country in the first place and they need to be separated from society there should be no issue with returning them to their country of origin.

Saying this is about race is foolish. The comment does not even make sense there are millions of immigrants of every race:
“It's not about where we come from. It's a racial thing and it needs to stop,” Juarez said through a translator. “Our struggle will continue until the authorities will allow us to become permanent residents here and accept us as citizens of this nation.”

I believe that this country was built by immigrants (who came legally) and needs to continue to embrace them while enforcing the rules to enter. I also thing these rules should be reformed to account for todays reality... but that takes time and will not be accomplished overnight.


Americans are "speaking out" in pol after poll after poll...75%+ demand that our illegal alien laws be enforced NOW and in the future. Democrats should just TRY and pass an AMNESTY for illegal aliens when the unemployment rate is approaching 7%.

They'd be wiped out next election. Find illegals and deport them.


"...80 people with criminal records and open warrants throughout the greater Boston area, according to ICE. Among the arrested were 52 gang members..." - need there more proof that the cops should be helping ICE and not playing nice with the illegals? I read a recent article about crime stats in 2 counties in VA - one where they started enforcing immigrations laws and one where they kept the welcome mat out for them. The county that enforced immigration saw a decline by 58% of crime across the board. The one where they continued to welcome them saw a 110% increase in crime. I wonder why?

Enforce the laws of the land and toss anyone who comes here illegally back to their own countries. Report all suspected illegals to ICE.

Together we can - get rid of all these criminals.


1) Americans want a compassionate solution to the immigration issue. About two-thirds of us American citizens say (in poll after poll) that we want a compromise that includes a path to citizenship (combined with border security).

2) America was built by immigrants-- both legal and ilegal. The idea that only Hispanics came illegally is a myth (not to say it is a racial one). In fact, since immigration laws started restricting who could come... Italians, Irish, Poles, Greeks and many other Europeans came illegally. Many of the descendants of illegal immigrants don't even know their own history.

But the point is that Americans aren't cruel, and most of us aren't extreme. We will find a solution that both meets our national needs, while offering compassion and understanding for fellow human beings.


I find it very tiresome to continue to hear these 'activists', non-citizens, and illegals whine about how we run our country. Mr. Juarez is so anxious to be an American that he has not found it necessary to learn the English language! Look at the immigration laws of Mexico if you want to see what we should be doing. They have extremely stringent laws and punishments for breaking them. And for those who are worried that ILLEGALS are being separated from their families, those people should take their families and return to their home countries. The separation is caused by their own refusal to follow our laws. Look at the Mexican thugs who EVERY DAY are assaulting our border agents in California and other states, throwing bricks and cement over the border fence! We need not only to enforce our laws, but we need to go back to the pre-Kennedy (1965) days and be a little more selective in who we allow to immigrate. Maybe then we'd be importing fewer drug dealers, criminals, and people who have no respect for our laws or our culture.

Deval supporter

Anyone who is interested in getting rid of immigrants should read about the native born thugs assaulting people in Davis Square. THOSE are the folks we should be running out of town.


These raids are just part of enforcign the law, you idiots. But it's good that these people come out like that. They have targets painted on their backs, it'll make the job of ICE much simpler! Exactly, go back to Mexico and bitch about their own immigrantion laws if you don't like it here, Mr. Juarez.
"American": Americans are not cruels with people who play by the rules. With cheaters, like all illegal aliens are, Americans have no pity.


Whining, that's the way they used to talk about the Irish.


It occurs to me that cops may actually want to keep these illegal aliens around BECAUSE they commit crimes. That justifies keeping their own ass around as well. Just a theory.


Pastor Luis Morales says that "the ICE agents are 'invading the city'"????

Federal law enforcement officials "invading"???? Is this lunatic out of his mind? It's illegal alien-identity thieves-fake document peddling squatters that are "ivading" our schools, hospitals, and workplaces.

Unemployment is now the highest it's been in a while. Approaching 7%.
There will NEVER be another AMNESTY for these illegal alien lawless
people who have the gall to come here and break our laws and then try to dictate what they want. Time for a SMACKDOWN. The amnesty crashed and burned last summer and the RAGE of Americans has only gotten hotter on this issue.

Just TRY to pass another AMNESTY Democrats and your head will be handed to you on a political platter.

POLL after POLL after POLL says over 75% of Americans want these scofflaws OUT immediately. They've had it with theier (and their advocates" psychotic DREAMWORLD of lawlessness and attempts at demographic social engineering.


And remember that Obama, if the fool gets elected, has said that he would provide free health insurance to all illegals. Free. We're paying through the nose, but these criminals will get free insurance.


Recommended reading to make an informed decision this November: "The Obama Nation" by Corsi. It's on the NYT bestseller list and can be had at Amazon. I picked up the book to better understand Obama and see if there was anything with him that would get me to vote for him. The answer is NO!

Get informed. Read this book!!! Obama is left of left of left. He wants to tax us through the ground to pay for illegals and other lowlife programs he supports.


I have no issues against immigrants who come to this country on a LEGAL basis, learn English, work a legal legitimate job for a living and are NOT criminals.

My issues are with those who come here ILLEGALLY, don't learn english, commit crimes and live off of our welfare system.

I sit here and wonder if these immigrants are aware of the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL?We'll be happy to discuss it with them! We are a nation of laws that everyone needs to follow.

Texas Veteran


Somerville n00b

Lori, illegal aliens are NOT immigrants. That's a word these criminals and their supporters have used, to confuse people.

Somerville n00b

Oh, Obama Nation is a ridiculously stupid book.

Somerville n00b

I'm confused. Gonzalo Juarez says:
"Our struggle will continue until the authorities will allow us to become permanent residents here and accept us as citizens of this nation."

What is Gonzalo's immigration status? is he here on a VISA? If so, is he allowed to work? Somebody should check. I assume he's not so stupid to be illegal (otherwise, he should keep as low a profile as possible).


The illegals are playing the system, and should be deported. They need to be told the difference between "illegal alien" and "legal immigrant"!!
What do they not understand about this???

Texas Veteran, I am Boston Irish, born & bread, and have seen plenty of my own deported by immigration.

I also have several relatives in Ireland who have been waiting as much as 25 years to immigrate to this country LEGALLY. A couple have died waiting.

Ron Newman

So Lori, what about the ones who come here illegally, but do learn English, don't commit crimes, don't live off welfare, and do work hard at a legitimate job?


Moonbats, your boy (aka "the chosen one") just got his ass handed to him by John McCain. It may be time to roll the HildaBeast back out as your nominee. At least she can think.

Did Obama say anything beyind "Uh... uh.... well.... I'll talk to Mom.... maybe my wife... uh!!" That Obama guy is quick on his feet. LOL! President Teleprompter!!!!


Ron, you stupid inbred, moonbat - the issue is they came here ILLEGALLY!!! The second they stepped through the fence or came of the plane they were criminals. If they want to work hard, learn english and immigrate then we have LEGAL processes for that. They need to follow those.

You must have fallen off your tricycle one too many times that you can't get that through your fat head. Amazing. Oh, and "the chosen one" (Obammy) got his ass whipped last night. Polls show him now trailing by 3.


Beware- Imux is actually reading a book! Although, it happens to be one full of lies and innuendo, like most of his "sources." But if it helps him feel like a big boy and lets him sleep at night feeling that he is right 100% of the time, maybe he'll drink less... lulz.

Seriously- please list exactly where Obama has said he wants to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants. I'll be waiting. And a quote from a talking bobblehead like Hannity or a site like Red State doesn't count. They tell the truth as much as you do.


Anyone here illegally should be deported, plain and simple.


Craig, B. Hussein "I need a damn teleprompter!" Obama has said repeatedly that, "I am going to give health insurance to 47 million people who are now without coverage in the country."

Today, about 1 in 4 people without Health Insurance (~ 12 million) are here illegally. It's a fact. By all counts about 35 million AMERICANS are without any health insurance (and there are programs in place to address that), so who are the other 12 million "The Chosen One" intends to cover with his big tax increases? You're a big girl now - you do the math.

Anyone else see the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) interview Obammy did where he threw a little hissy fit? It was right after John McCain handed him his ass last night. It was a hoot seeing the community organizer - who thinks he's the Messiah - get all bent out of shape in front of an audience that was not a majority of Godless, treasonous, moral-less, elitist socialists. He ain't used to being in front of real people without a teleprompter. He wet his panties on national tv. Try and catch the little elistist throwing his temper tantrum. I love it.

You moonbats ought to really consider bringing the Hildabeast and hubby, Bill, back out as your candidate. Hillary at least can think on her feet. This guy, Obama, not so much.

And speaking of morons who bend over for illegals; did Carl ever punish his dog for eating all those signatures? LOL!


I-Hole, the only "poll" that really stands out right now is the one sticking out of your butt!

Ron Newman

CBN, Pat Robertson's tv network? Yeah, that's really got a lot of influence here in Somerville.

Somerville n00b

Imux watches CBN!? I had not realized that heartless bastards watched Christian programs! You know, "Christian": War is contrary to the will of God; God calls us to be advocates for those who are most vulnerable in our society; Christians have a biblical mandate to welcome strangers; Those who follow Christ are called to heal the sick.

Yup, sounds like demento Imux!



He's never said that. Once again, your argument is without premise. Want to try again?


Craig, who never said what? Are you babbling about Barry Hussein Obama's comment on 47 million uninsured? Yes, he has on just about any and all of his stump speeches. In addition to his usual mutterings of " Michelle? raise taxes...uh..uh...above my pay grade...uh".

Somervilleb00b, you do realize that being Godless is also a religion (athiest)? It's the least tolerant of all and the one responsible for more killings/destruction than all other religions combined during the last century. (see Hitler, Lenin/Stalin, Mao, Cambodia for more details).

Time for a quick quiz!!!

Q: What is another thing that Obama and Osama have in common???

A: They both have friends who have bombed the pentagon!!!

Nice company Obammy keeps!


Ron, this may come as a surprise to you, but not everyone in this city is Godless and moral-less like you and your friends. There are lots of us Christians left that do believe in God/morality and have influence. You just got to get out of Davis once in a while and meet us. We're everywhere. We really are.

Somerville n00b

Ahahahah! I-Hole a Christian! What a joke. I-Hole is clearly pro-war (War is contrary to the will of God); I-Hole has repeatedly argued that the most vulnerable in our society should be basically treated like cattle (God calls us to be advocates for those who are most vulnerable in our society); and i-Hole has stated that he would want to run down homeless individuals wit mental problems (Those who follow Christ are called to heal the sick).
A true Christian, no doubt about it.


I-hole: (thanks, noob, for taking it on!)

Still waiting for the statement. The one time where Obama said he wanted to give all illegal immigrants free healthcare. Haven't seen it. Quoting those great sources of unbiased information like Pat Robertson doesn't do the trick.

Do you even have an original thought? Just wondering.


As a resident of Somerville. This is crazy, these raids are outrage me... WHO DOESN'T WANT ILLEGAL murderers in your backyard who just busted out of prison? I want my kids raped and my asshole enlarged by people who just took my job for 1/200 of the pay.

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