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March 20, 2008



It absolutely boggles the mind that someone would equate losing their driver's license to a "death sentence". No, killing someone with your car is much more analogous to a death sentence...

Obviously I don't know all the facts, but can't his wife drive herself? Can she find a closer doctor? Can he find a closer church? What about taxis? Bicycles? Busses? Trains? The T? Friends? Walking? Running? Rollerblades?

There are thousands of people in this city who don't drive, and amazingly, they live full and productive lives.

I guess not being able to drive himself to a charity event is enough of an inconvenience to deter him from going entirely? Wow, what a caring, generous individual!


Unbelievable... This fat bastard thinks we are all idiots. Emergency? If he was ready to pay 4 M to the family, this idiot can spend some money to hire a taxi, or to have a driver on call. How much does a cabbie make these days in Somerville? Just pay that, if you are worried about emergencies. If you need to go to the hospital on an emergency, it is advised to call an ambulance, anyway, dumbass. And if you are having a stroke, you are not gonna drive to the emergency room. These types of slimiy morons really piss me off!
Is this guy supposed to be from the same country where Leonardo da Vinci was? I doubt it!!!

Yabada Do!

Don't they both look like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble in that picture!
Love Snowflake

Church twice a week?? Ya right!

People let's not be fooled regarding Mr. P's many charitable contributions! He has to make these contributions in order to receive a huge tax break off set so that he doesn't have to pay the government it based on his profits! Every dime that he has ever spent on a charity it was twice as less that he would have paid for taxes! So the next time that you hear the song "Oh' Diana" or the song "Spanish Eyes" just remember Mr. P made money on it some where and also he got to eat for free watching it sung!


With his money he come have a chauffeur!


Upon further questioning Privitera defined the term 'emergency' as a time in which the Ground Round holds its all you can eat buffet.


Come to think of it, both Frank P. and his lawyer look like Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble in that front page picture of them in Somerville court! I wonder if Frankie Avalon knows the lyrics of the "Flintstones"? Yaba daba do!


In these pictures Frank always looks so angry. What the hell is he angry about? a sweetheart deal? did he lose a daughter?

Well Well

He comes from the same place as Joey Cakes and Cean Genie, sorry guys no more free suppers.

Ron Newman

"“And then I go to charitable events and give money that offers people help and relief."

That may be true, Frank, but it doesn't erase the fact that you KILLED SOMEONE WITH YOUR CAR.


Ron you hit the nail on the head. FP's charitable givings and any good works would be mitigating factors to be considered by a judge during sentencing if he is convicted of a crime after trial. They are not releveant at this point in time.


Here is why the judge was perfectly in the right not to accept the "Emergency" clause (in addition to the obvious problems already pointed out in this thread). With that clause, if caught driving, he could have always said it was an emergency. Heck, perhaps he has unbearable canoli craving! Isn't that an emergency? Sure it is. Or he could always argue that he had a terrible pain in his chest and he was rushing to the hospital (of course, he was off-course because he was confused by the chest pain). You know? It's funny to see these guys who think of themselves as above the law to go down because of their own stupidity and arrogance. The lardball could have just kept his mouth shut and gotten away with it. Instead...


Did the Somerville News use a photo from his last day in court or is he wearing the same suit and tie?????????


FP's judgement won't come from a judge or jury, however, it will come. The sins of the father are delivered upon the sons. Watch out junior, your father has put out some bad karma into the universe. FP should hit his knees every night and ask forgiveness for cutting down a young promising young woman. His selfish, ridiculous focus on having his drivers' license taken away shows me what a waste of humanity he is.

Cheap Bastard

That cheap bastard used the same jacket and tie. You can even see the same canoli stain, if you look closely.


The only one who thinks this guy goes to church twice a week is Uncle Sam.


My family once fell victim to Mr. P's schemes after much abuse from him as a landlord many years ago and we were forced out into the streets due to one of his greedy deeds! Now I have a place that I call home for the next six years and can't wait until he gets here!


INMATE introduce Frank to "marriage Massachusetts style!" and don't worry about sharing him with others as there is plenty to go around!

Fond memories of those who don't forget!

Only if Frank didn't stick it to so many of us here in the Ville, he possibly wouldn't be the center of attraction on this website! But memoires going through his head will rind him of what certain events that took place causing such a chain reaction of hate through out the years for him! Not even a simple phrase of "I'm sorry to any of his victims! Oh well! And here we are now! The only phrase that goes through my mind is "Paybacks a bitch"!

First Attorney

What happened to his first attorney J. Albert Johnson? He must have bailed ship knowing that his client was a scumball.


why would you bring fp jr into this? bring it to the other son phillip, who works with him, if you must bring it. but who are these people who have so much hate for sr. did you not pay your rent? so now your angry that you got evicted? i have an idea, pay your f#@king rent you losers! i'll agree with you,frank is an arrogant bastard, but it has nothing to do with money, its an italian thing, and no he is NOT from the same part of italy as jc, as a matter of fact jc doesnt like frank at all. you posters have no idea and you watch too many movies.hardly any of you know both jc and fp yet you lump them both together, they are both italian so they are the same.what im hearing is a guy who doesn't want to break the law if there is an emergency at home. you all have 25% of the information yet you post as if you know it all. you are all so innocent, you never took advantage of anyone.the civil case is settled with the family, and we are not hearing from them,yet we are hearing from you all. mind your business you pussy winers and post when you know what you are talking about.


Thenose, you are a stupid loser. The reason why this canolivor beast demanded that the judge allow him to use his car for emergencies is only because that way he could weasel out of the punishment. He could always claim it was an emergency, were he caught driving (he had terrible pain in his gigantic belly). Payback time!!!

the truth is

So you mean that Frank was an asshole to "renters" as well? Oh my goodness! I would have never guest! Hey "thenoseknows"! No, most of us are not "renters"! We are just nice folks that Frank one time or another touched our lives and we're just showing our appreciation for the fat arrogant slob! You know that! He is a fu$%ing jerk to everyone! So #$%^off and get over it!
Ps: As far as "other son phillip", I heard he's been taking a bit after his dad as well! Now that's too bad! I also know that the little tite prints these post for dad so that he can read them! The apple don't fall far from the tree! Enjoy reading Frank! Yaba daba dooooo!

HL Menken

FP has earned the bitterness that so many feel by spending his life hurting others to pursue his greed. He has few friends, but a bunch of wall plaques that he bought with a one-time contribution of $5,000.

Here is one chapter in Frank’s story. During the 1970s, Frank bought a lot of property in his wife’s name, using money fronted by Pete Limone. Pete was a made Mafioso. He was doing a life bit for a murder he didn’t commit, at least not that one. He was set up by FBI Special Agent Connolly, who himself is now behind bars. Pete got regular furloughs.

Frank would make a lot of improvements in the houses that he bought, using local tradesmen. He never paid the tradesmen, so they put mechanic’s liens on the houses. Frank would let the houses go into foreclosure. When the bank takes a property, the mechanic’s liens are wiped out. Frank’s partner then bought back the properties. They got hundreds of thousands of dollars in free work and ruined many an honest working guy. As he demonstrates every time he posts to this site, the nose doesn’t know.

By the way, is the guy sitting down in the picture Elmer Fudd?

And by the way!

And by the way as PL helped Frank purchase all those properties in his wife's name like said PL was here on furloughs running the evil empire at the same time under the front name of APEX Realty! It was a nice gig and still remains as of today! But pulling the wool over so many eyes in the past made Frank and PL happy and very wealthy! Lies all lies and promises their whole life! And for me, oh well, just say I was their bitch for the longest time being put out front doing stuff so that they wouldn't be seen in public! Thanks for the memories Frank! Now I gotta go! I hope you get what you deserve!

Don't the same rules apply to all?

I'm just a bit curious about how the City of Somerville, with a moratorium in place since the Capuano administration, against having Cellular phone towers installed in and around our city, how some people are getting away with it? The multi unit apartment building located on 422 Mystic Avenue allegedly owned by Frank Privitera has been the home of the not welcomed antennas for a few years now! With more talk going around town about Mr. Privitera wanting to have the same kind of antenna units installed on top of another one of his multi unit apartment buildings located at 88 Beacon Street in Somerville! Don't the same rules apply to all? Does anyone know if his deal went thru?


This guy is FILTHY rich !!!! He can hire a driver. He is trying to become the OJ of Somerville by getting away with murder. What a disgrace.

Memory Lame

FP almost ran my son an myself over while speeding around the Powderhouse Rotary.He was driving a huge car with the liscence plate FP.
He nevere slowed down .


To "HL Menken" or "and by the way" or whoever you were a bitch then and you are a bitch now.

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