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January 13, 2008



Shock horror, Winter Hill has enjoyed the benefits of the dreaded "gentrification" (translation = community improvement).

I am sure the progressives we be lamenting the good old days when crime and poverty blighted Winter Hill and people born and raised in Winter Hill could afford to live there for that very reason.


"And today a Brazilian Social Club sits across the street from the auto body shop the gang once called home."

Wrong, it's the International Soccer Club, and it is owned by a man of Portuguese heritage.

If people.......

only realized what really went on during those days instead of getting their information from that dwarf Carr, then they would really be surprised. There's a lot more to this story then what you have read in the local rags.
A couple of tidbits:

Winters was the only one not to "rat".

Bo Bo Petricone (small time bookie), aka actor AlexRocco took off to the west coast when all the shooting started.

Frank Bucca

I have lived in Somerville all of my life.[same house as several generations before me]

Myself and some of my buddies were in the drinking/live entertainment establishment at 318 Broadway-[now the Winter Hill Bakery--at that time the premises at 318 Broadway made an "L" shape exiting out to Marshall Street]-the night that Buddy Mclean was gunned down in front of the movie theatre that stood where the Star Market shopping center now stands.

I also had a High School friend who joined the Winter Hill gang; he was killed in the 60's gang war with Charlestown

We had left the place earlier that fateful night. McLean and his bodyguards stayed till closing. By the way, his killing ended the gang war between Charlestown and Somerville.
Well over sixty guys, total both sides, were killed.
All started over a dispute over a girl.

In regard to comments on this thread about the high presence of neighborhood crime and poverty in the immediate vicinity at that time....don't you believe it.

Sure, the Winter Hill gang did their "thing" within their closed circle. But, street crime, punks, gangs, that permeate the area these days were virtually non-existant when the Winter Hill gang was around.

Don't get me wrong.
I am not saying I approved of the W.H. gang's activities.
What I am saying, they were the reason why street "bad-persons" didn't come around...if they did,...their intrusion was short-lived.

Women could walk the streets at nights without fear.
3rd world gangs didn't exist.
Store and property owners were at ease.

Poverty was no worse or no better than exists today. Povery mostly centered at the Mystic Avenue projects.
Residential areas were plentiful and well kept-up. Blue working class people were the norm. life was basically good for private citizens and families.

I recall when some neighborhood punks were giving my Mother a hard time; trespasing on our property; vandalizing properties in the neighborhood-[we lived over a mile away from where the W.H. gang hung out]--I personally approached one of these punks and told him if he and his friends didn't back off, the Winter Hill gang friend of mine would be "advised" of the problems he and his punk friends were causing.

Guess what??....No more problems with these punks!! Never had to solicit help from my High School friend....the punks got my "message"!



What really pissed off Buddy was when he caught a guy trying to strap a bomb to his car. Buddy took a couple of pot shots at him and the guy ran away. It was Buddy's wife who was supposed to use the car that day!

There was no turning back after that.


I own the copyright to the picture displayed om this web site!!! It was registered with the library of congress in 1997.

We will be in touch.


Lighten up Dave. Buddy's family should own the copyright of the picture. Do the right thing and sign it over to them.


Was Jerry the Pole part of the Winter Street Gang?

Fortune Teller

Where's Whitey?

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